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2 hour New Era show, every 4th Friday, 8-10pm PST (Los Angeles, Portland), 11pm-1am EST (New York, Miami) 


Critical information about the new era at hand, straight from the mouth of one of the most well-informed, articulate Gen-Z representatives  +Relevant music.   You'll hear classics of the past, the foundations of the planetary music scene; also instrumentals such as beautiful flutes to raise your vibration of consciousness. Never in short of heavy electric guitars and traditional rock instrumental setups. Folk hearts ready to be indulged upon, followed by at least one raga, one sitar/drum piece. Rock and Pop music from all over the world, then Ender will delight you with his own music and thoughts on everything of great interest. As you can tell, a diverse compendium of auditary feedback awaits you on this show.

Bridging the gap between 1Radio, 2Instagram, 3The United States Government, 4The Galactic Super Nation, 5TikTok, 6YouTube and 7The People.

Great fan of the Kogi and the Hopi Nations, and consider them most apt guides and counselors for the Earth.

Songs to uplift the spirit and untame your mind, heighten your awareness of this moment you're alive and facilitate our mutual triumph in existence.

Thank you for supporting local community radio. It's common knowledge young people tend to not listen to radio that much anymore, or at all unless we're driving and somehow we can't hook up our phones to our cars. Our culture is defined by video, pictures and on demand content, all on our mobile devices that have become appendices to our bodies. The power of talking to each other and have only the audio of the conversation available can be a massive tool to combat social disconnection, able to help young people get inspired by the work ethic and familiarity of their peers who are making their names known and who have crafted their own scenes, while simultaneously achieving success, happiness and a wonderful sense of well being. When the focus is on the voice, the conversation, the monologue, with no images, it's like we close our eyes: we see the person in raw form, unedited, the soul above the overly dignified persona. Squirrels Know is as much about entertainment as it is about inspiration! The times we are living are very different and they signal the start of a new global era. 





Special thanks to the KBOO Foundation and the Marla Davis Fund for making this show possible

Tune in for Roar of the Earth


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Friday JUNE 26th 2020

8-10 PM PST (Los Angeles, Portland)

11PM-1AM EST (New York, Miami)

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