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Airs at: Fri, 11/26/2021 at 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Ender Black - Musician, Galactic Liason, Fleet Admiral
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Join Ender Black for a 2 hour New Era show, every 4th Friday, 8-10pm PST (Los Angeles, Portland), 11pm-1am EST (New York, Miami) 


Critical information about the new era at hand, straight from the mouth of one of the most well-informed, articulate Gen-Zers: Ender Black.  ---  Down the rabbithole of Consciousness and Existence we go! --- The primary focus of my audio content since our global pandemic kicked in back in March 2020, is to go in depth with what I have termed The Upcoming Protocols of Galactic Interaction. --- On this show, you will find everything you need to know about **Galactic Awareness**, and specifically about fantastic concepts such as the Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets, or as it is colloquially known, the Galactic Federation. --- Many names for one massive, heavenly, celestial, multidimensional family oriented institution that oversees the protection of this galaxy. A GALACTIC UNION. --- All these seemingly outlandish subjects are entirely rooted in the ancient understanding by many Native American tribes and nations of the existence of star people, our star family, and how they manage all the realms beyond Earth, i.e our galaxy. --- Planet Earth is part of a magnificent galactic union that protects all life forms, first by protecting free will, then by assisting when required. --- We are a big family with the rest of the galaxy; we're not alone. We're part of a cosmic system. There is intention and intrinsic love to our existence. --- Apart from the fascinating cosmic integration of planet Earth with our galactic family, as well as the dynamics of enforcing Galactic Law, and what that will mean for the future development of our planet, you might hear some typical radio content, such as music classics, varied instrumentals, as well as beautiful flutes to raise your vibration of consciousness. Never in short of electric guitars and rock setups!! :) Never short of folk hearts either!!  One raga from time to time is also part of the Squirrels Know prescription. Lastly, after some music, then Ender will delight you with his own music and more thoughts on everything of great interest. As you can tell, a diverse and different compendium of auditary feedback awaits you on this show. If you're looking for far out, here it is!

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Bridging the gap between 1.)Radio, 2.)Social Media, 3.)The United States Government, 4.)Our Galactic Union, 5.)Starseeds, 6.)YouTube and 7.)The Four Leggeds.

Great fan of the ancient councils within Kogi, Zuni, Hopi and Havasupai Nations, and applaud them as most apt guides and counselors for the upcoming processes of galactic interaction, among many other heroes throughout all continents, who lead with a spirit of service, stick to their ancestral traditions, run non-profits tending to the most important things and/or do everything they can to bring light to justice.

On Squirrels Know, we will do our best to play songs that can effectively uplift the spirit and untame the mind, heightening your awareness of this moment you're alive and facilitate our mutual triumph in existence.

Hurray for Earth!! Join Ender as he explores with you the path that has been created to allow galactic aid, assistance, guidance and support so Earth peoples can achieve their entire potential! --- I won't sugarcoat things. This will not be an easy ride; simply because this is the first time that modern Earth nations will be confronted with a primary government in which they find themselves inside of. Not only that, you will be faced with laws that are ancient and encompass all of manifested creation. But make no mistake. We will do everything possible and impossible to bring justice to Mother Earth and provide rights to all beings, human or animal!! We can indeed reverse the massive, global, social and racial injustice, in addition to stopping the ongoing destruction of ecosystems and lifeforms!! Earth deserves the best. Idealism is key. 

Do not underestimate the power of Belief and Focus


With the aid, support and protection of our galactic allies, we will achieve the best possibilities we can imagine. 



Special thanks to the KBOO Foundation and the Marla Davis Fund for making this show possible


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Friday OCTOBER 22nd 2021

8-10 PM PST (Los Angeles, Portland)

11PM-1AM EST (New York, Miami)


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