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Musician, Galactic Liaison, Animal Empath



Here we present to you a human creature who greatly enjoys having expansive conversations, as well as firmly voicing his opinions, delving into subjects regarding existence, nature, spirit, the cosmos, life beyond our solar system, life beyond death, the future of the world, as well as discovering wonderful music of all kinds and genres. Everything so he can reach out to the unknown, pierce the veil, and come up with concepts and ideas that can be of benefit to everybody. A lot of inspiration activism. 

The search for depth and truth, as well as the search for solutions, no matter how fantastic they may be, are also critical aspects of what he does. Ender's upbringing was heavily focused on spirituality and the value of ancient Native American principles, in addition to the study and appreciation of all religions, and this has of course marked his life. There are also many fascinating people he has had the privilege of meeting and talking to, and this is one of the most fun aspects of his work.

Ender Black is an American musician and singer, songwriter, as well as galactic liaison, raised by his cat Remus, and he has participated in bands at music schools and labs, and strives to recreate an organic sound with no automation, hopefully portraying a way of heart, breath and honesty. Ender has enjoyed being a humble home musician, while fomenting very important cosmic and supracosmic connections. You can find his work on Spotify, Apple Music and every other streaming platform, and for now he invites you to listen to enderemus(demo1), a very lo-fi, personal, minimalist, homemade attempt at capturing emotion, grief, healing, and animal/human partnerships.

He's very busy building a bridge to 'Heaven' (i.e. the higher, massive planets orbiting the central galactic sun) [specifically, Ender is building a bridge to higher dimensional planet Sascagewa] with the help from his cat, best friend and ally, Remus, who moved on from Earth recently, and currently resides on said spirit world Sascagewa. Remus and Ender are business partners since time immemorial, something not uncommon in the higher dimensions of animal and human expression, and not uncommon on our planet either. Now that Remus resides in the heavenly realms, and Ender certainly does not as he is still on Earth, they have solidified a material connection, braking all barriers of cosmic and dimensional limitations. Both Remus and Ender have done this before on previous adventures of planetary recovery, so they are certain a supra quantum link between the lower [further] dimensions, where Earth resides, and the higher [central] dimensions, where Remus now lives, is the key to the success of the mission. It has certainly not been easy for Ender, since he is the one stuck in the lower [further] dimensions {further from universal core}, but he deals with it. On an upside down planet like Earth, filled with confusion and injustice, it makes sense to embrace the beyond with ardor.   ||This is bridging dimensions||

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Melissa Lesniak, host of That Vegan Show

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Contemplation, Yet No Mitigation of Fascination. Elation.

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✪ ♦ ✪ 💫 ✪ ♚ ✪ ♫ ✪♞ ✪

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