Aaron Ross, host of the new "Who's the Ross" podcast

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Aaron Ross and Kanye Westie

Our In Depth guest this evening is Aaron Ross, writer, comedian, actor, and a good friend of KBOO. He’s the host of “Who’s the Ross”, a live on-stage late night talk show that's run for over ten years and 900-plus performances. Aaron moved to Los Angeles, or Ross Angeles as he likes to call it, in 2018. And he continues to host and interview a who’s who of celebrities from the world of comedy, music, movies, TV, sports, and politics.

Aaron recently started the “Who’s the Ross” podcast, featuring interviews he did going back 15 years, along with newer guests. It’s a wealth of material that’s now available wherever you get your podcasts.

Aaron’s visiting Portland, so it’s a perfect time to check in with him, about the new podcast, the live talk show, and his other projects.

Stay Ross-um!

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