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Mon, 04/05/2010 - 8:00am to 9:00am
The New Deal Legacy: What Government at Its Best Can Do

Hosts Celeste Carey and Cecil Prescod interview author and historical geographer Gray Brechin and Sarah Baker Munro, Board Member of the National New Deal Preservation Association and author of "Timberline Lodge: The History, Art and Craft of an American Icon." Dr. Brechin is a frequent media guest and public speaker. He is currently a visitng scholar in the U.C. Berkeley Departmen of Geography and founder and project scholar of California's Living New Deal Project. They discuss the New Deal Legacy, reminding those who have forgotten what government at its best can do to promote peace, education, and the common good.


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Imagine your household were in massive debt.  You and your partner and kids have no jobs, and you're hungry!  To solve this problem, you take out a huge loan, pay yourself and your kids a salary to make home improvements, paint a painting for the living room.  And hey, you're eating again!
But did you solve the problem?  This is all the government did, except that they then forced us to service the new debt at threat of prison.  Gee, thanks master.
Please learn about how the government (or rather the private banking cartel the Federal Reserve) caused the problems in the first place, by inflating a massive fiat-monetary bubble in the 20s, causing the later crash (sound familiar?).
What they did, what they continue to do, is not in our interest.
But thanks so much for the pro-state message.  So nice to finally hear this on "community" media.  I was so tired of only hearing it on the corporo-government media.
And if you are still supporting the federal thugs at this point, I do hope you enjoy the coming police state.

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