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Wed, 06/06/2012 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Danbert Nobacon reads from Three Dead Princes

Three Dead Princes”  was written by Danbert Nobacon, founding member of the band Chumbawamba. He describes “Three Dead Princes” as both an anarchist fairy tale, and “an unfairy tale for nine to ninety-nine year olds.” The story is a tale of a 13 year old princess, played by Zoe Loranger, who finds herself on a quest to have her father, played by SW Conser, and their kingdom from ruthless invaders. According to Grahm Storrs in the New York Review of Books, “It has all the usual fairytale elements—a kindly old king, a wise and resourceful fool, a stepmother, a witch, wicked villains, talking animals, hairy half-men, and so on—and the tale unfolds in a perfectly satisfying way.”

Fairy tales can challenge our dominant cultural stories of hierarchy and domination. they teach us about life, fear, grief, and hope.

Three Dead Princes was published by Exterminating Angel Press in October, 2010. On October 4th, 2010 Danbert was reading at the Powell’s on Hawthorne, and a few of us KBOO folks went to the event. During the QandA, an audience member asked about plans for an audiobook, of which there were none. “That’s what we do!” came a silent chorus of KBOO people, and so we worked on making it happen! Between coordinating with publisher Tod Davies, Danbert, and getting a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council, months past, paths were made through untrodden woods and fields, and we began the project in earnest in February, 2012. We anticipate an audio book release party and open house in September, 2012.

Thanks to Our Voice Actors:

Danbert Nobacon -   Narrator / The Fool / The Gricklegrack / The Black Cat
Zoe Loranger - Princess Alexandra Stormybald Wilson
SW Concer - King Walterbald
Emily Young - Queen Gwynmerelda / Gwynmerangel
Rolf Semprebon - Geraldo
John Madden - Jakerbald / Guildenkrantz / Captain Arahab / Mr Holdsworth
Lyn Moelich - Grandma Zilfer
Ani Haines - Grandma Gigi / Tavernmizz
Randall Howington - First Prince
Jodi Darby - Glamour / Sonia the Kitchen Girl

Thanks also to other voice actors that you did not hear: Zac, Chris, christine, nia, craig, jon, mitchell, and zale.

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