Comics Take on the News & why we need laws

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Mon, 05/13/2024 - 11:00pm to Tue, 05/14/2024 - 12:00am
Panelist Joe John Sanchez III, Heather Weigler, and Thomas Lundy
Local comedians take on PNW news and make a satire.


 Join us at 11 pm on Monday, May 13th for what is sure to be a chaotic romp through local headlines and unrelated topics. 

This month's panelists include:


Joe John Sanchez III: Joe John Sanchez III is a queer, Portland-based comedian whose style can best be described as manic, neurotic, and unfortunately adorable. They are the producer of Fluid Comedy, Defiant Joy, and Exquisite Nonsense, three local comedy showcases committed to uplifting LGBTQIA+ talent. Most recently, they were voted one of Willamette Week’s Funniest Five and appeared on the Portland Mercury’s Undisputable Geniuses of Comedy. Across the country, they’ve performed at SF Sketchfest, the LGBTLOL Queer Comedy Fest, East Austin Comedy Club, and were selected for Best of Fest at the 2023 Burbank Comedy Festival. Their mother, however, is most proud of that time they were an extra on Gossip Girl in 2008.

Heather Weigler: Heather Weigler is a government attorney who works part-time so she can pursue her passions, which include raising badasses, TikTok, stand up comedy, and laying in bed. Heather fell in love with telling jokes on stage after participated in the Campaign for Equal Justice’s 2015 LAF-Off fundraiser for legal aid services. Since then, she’s performed in shows and festivals in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Las Vegas San Francisco, and Portland.

Thomas Lundy: Thomas is from Pennsylvania- sorry no Thomas is from Florida. He spends most of his free time losing money trading Algerian penny stocks and reporting copyright infringement on Youtube. RIP Tony Soprano, watching him beat the brakes off of gambling addicts gives him a fleeting sense of control in life. Not the biggest fan of puppies. Performed at tree fort music festival one year and met [redacted] who gave him life changing financial advice.

"Spike Lee is overrated." Thomas Lundy



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