"That Vegan Show" interview with Vegan Scouts

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Fri, 02/23/2024 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
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Learn about Vegan Scouts and the community and education they are providing for kids!

Join "That Vegan Show" as we learn about the new organization, Vegan Scouts! Guests, Amanda and Thomas, share the origins and vision of Vegan Scouts and how it is meeting the need for community and foundational education about animals for children. Vegan Scouts provides an inclusive scouting program for Portland-area vegan kids, emphasizing inclusive community, awareness of and civic action on issues of animal welfare, environment, health, and social justice, and building skills needed to prosper and be a positive force in our changing world.

Amanda Hymansmith is the founder of Vegan Scouts and has really enjoyed teaming up with other committed, creative, and compassionate parents to develop this idea into an organization. She wanted there to be a space for her kids to feel empowered and PROUD as vegans, while also learning and sharing life skills and developing friendships with other compassionate kids. She searched, but an organization like this didn’t exist, so she decided to create one! Amanda’s background is in the environmental nonprofit world, and she has always enjoyed working with kids. Vegan Scouts is the culmination of over twenty years of work in the fields of education and environmental stewardship. Amanda has been vegan since 2006. She lives with her kids, partner, parents, brother, and four dogs in North Portland! Amanda serves on the Steering Committee, chairs the Programming Committee, serves as Membership Coordinator, and is a Troop Leader. Feel free to reach out to her at veganscouts@gmail.com

Thomas Vanderpol joined Vegan Scouts quickly after its inception. Seeking to find a broader vegan community for himself and his young son, the group seemed like a great fit for the pair. He soon immersed himself in supportive roles within the organization including the Steering Committee, Program Committee, and a Troop Leader. Professionally, he has worked in the public sector in HR roles for over a decade. Thomas went vegetarian in 2007 and vegan in 2009, largely through the support of his local music scene in Northern California. Outside of family life, music is Thomas’ main hobby. He can often be found playing drums, refining his record and t-shirt collection, and interviewing bands, and reviewing albums in his spare time. He relocated to Portland in 2019 with his co-parent and is passionate about his contributions to his family, the local music scene, and the vegan community.

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​​​Vegan Scouts | Empowering Vegan Kids for a Better World

​​​​Vegan Scouts Member group | Facebook

​​​Vegan Scouts (@theveganscouts)

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