Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/04/25 **draft


Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors April 25, 2011


Board Members present: Kurt, Paula, Keller, Mimi, Judy, Hadrian, Erin, Becky, Chris, Nia

Absent: Maire

Staff Rep:Ani, Zale

Public/Staff: VJ Beauchamp, Yvette Marinowski, Crystal Elinski, Crystal Leighty, Gary Lee Betts, Alicia Olsen, Rabia Yeaman, Glen Owens, Chris Merrick, Sue Cipriano, Pete Meyer


Thanks to Paula for bringing dinner.


6:08 Board Meeting Officially/Check-in

Erin will not be at the next meeting.


1. March Minutes Review and Approval.

March 2011 Minutes-no amendments were submitted.

Mimi moves to approved March minutes

Erin seconds.



2. March Board Commitments

Chris and Erin will attempt to contact Maire to see if there are any accommodations that can be made to help her continue to participate with the Board. Erin has not spoken to Maire, Chris sent an email and left messages several times with no response

Erin will send an announcement to the staff and for the bulletin. -done

Nominating Committee will meet this month to discuss the seat left vacant with Marty's passing. -discussed via email

Judy will help with reference checks for future appointees.-done

Nominating committee will have a board orientation with Hadrian and Mimi and the appointee nominated after the next board meeting.-to be done

Finance committee will be working with Personnel on proposed bylaw amendment.-in progress

Chris A will be getting in contact with Sun regarding press releases for the KbrOO.-not done

Paula will send email to Board to poll for informal meeting dates.-done


3.Public Comment.-

Yvette:there needs to be a mechanism for people to ask questions. I've asked questions and not gotten answers.

Hadrian: I don't want to be receiving emails from members directly.

Chris A: i think it' good for people to be able to ask questions, there needs to be some way for people to air without fear their issues

Paula: perhaps this could be something for the board retreat

Keller: i do think this is valid concern

Rabia: suggests a forum on the website, then legitimate questions can be brought to the next board meeting.

Ani- important for members to have board access but not necessary for all 12 board members to have their emails available. Perhaps one person can be a public contact in the meantime while the board comes up with a more permanent solution.


4.Staff Management Report.

Becky: has it been decided who the PR team. I think that it also needs to be clearer that with regards to HR things that the board has ultimate responsibility for

Erin: has question around employee, specific time frame on when you appeal to the board, how is the board supposed to react

Paula: for those who don't know, the staff submitted the proposal for the staff collective

Ani: will be gathering questions to take back. There has been one change in management responsibilities -Zale will be stepping in with myself as board liaison.

Judy: to me it didn't seem very specific about how repeated violations in employee standards would be handled. Also has jenka been part of this?

Ani: she participated until she left and there have been some questions back and forth

Becky: feels that it was very clear.

Kurt: on the job descriptions, still reflect station manager, feel that the job descriptions are too specific to the people that are currently in the jobs

Ani: none of the essential functions have been changed

Chris A: a response to that would be that future job descriptions that we are advertising for a specific job but if you are hired you will be asked to do management tasks. Some people will choose to just be an employee and not want to participate.


Judy: different decisions may require different participants, there have been issues around the collective making a decision, is there a way for there to be more of a specific road map?

Zale: a job announcement for People's Coop said job title/co-manager and through-out the ad it referred to co-management duties. We would hire for specific skill and train for the co-management part of the job.

Chris A- one of the roles of the station manager is to be the face and voice of the station, some guidance for each person of their public duties with the station. We have great guidelines about how we interact with each other within the station but we should also be aware of how we are representing to the outside

Judy: some of the management staff were assigned to certain positions, if that is something that is being suggested by the staff this may not want to be included in the proposal, since it may change.

Ani: some jobs seemed to naturally go together, like HR with volunteer, the other membership because there was room in the job responsibilities.



5. Board Appointments - Nominating Committee.

Becky moves to appoint Pete Meyers to the open seat on the board September 2012 vacated by Marty Soehrman's passing

Keller seconds




Judy: Pete provided 3 references and they all were all very supportive of Pete's ability to make and follow through with commitments.

Becky: wanted to recognize Gary for showing interest and wants to encourage him to continue to


Erin will email new board member appointment for bulletin.

Nominating committee will meet and add Maire's attendance to the agenda.

Zale will get Pete a board packet.


6. Committee Reports.

Finance- Erin: there is a need for a new computer in finance that is immediate

Ani: staff discussed when Debbie first brought it, the staff understands that it is a crucial computer but wants to wait until after the drive to make any major changes. Did not want to deal with the possibility of having the computer with non-working software. At this point, the quick fix is working. There is a computer that has been found in engineering unused and boxed. It may exceed the needs of finance so that one may go to membership.

Erin: diagnostics on every computer and budgeting for expected replacements/repairs. Will be gone during the next finance meeting so Paula will be presenting the mid-year budget projections.

Personnel- Ani: looking at job descriptions and policies. surveying other stations as fat as what they do with engineering, it and how web works into all of that. Hopefully at the May meeting we will have a draft of the job descriptions to be reviewed at that point

Programming-Becky: at programming, we are reviewing the strategic plan and pulling out the parts the relate to programming, we are reviewing and making suggestions, would like to suggest that other committees do that same as well.

Strategic Planning-Judy: the survey is up on the web site until , encouraging people to let their friends and people who care about people know that it it on the website.

Chris: going forward it would be nice to see more members views taken, and more prominently featured

Judy: a group of us met today and agreed that we need to make more of a presence on the website

Web- Judy: VJ did a detailed report


Staff Report

Judy: noticed that Sun said the square dance was fun but not well attended

Becky: wonders if the timbers game had something to do with it

Judy: encourages the committee to really evaluate these events and keep track what happened,, would like to see more analysis even for successful events,

Keller: the last time I heard about this event there was talk of doing it at a time that makes it more family friendly, but then the decision was made to have it on a weekday, at a 21+ venue. It seems the committee was heading in the right direction with the analysis but then didn't follow up on it.

Mimi: one of the reasons that it may also be because it was the day before tax filing season. Thinks that as a committee that we need to coordinate better with Sun because it seems that sometimes the committee thinks one thing is happening and then something else happens but we go along with it.


7:15 Break.


7.Board Member Assignments.-Committee & Work group Liaisons

Conflict Resolution: Nia

Programming: Becky, Kurt

Development: Mimi, Chris A

Finance: Erin, Paula

Personnel/Governance: Pete, Keller

Engineering: Keller,

Nominating:Becky, Erin, Keller, Kurt, Hadrian, Maire

Web Liaison-Judy

Strategic Plan- Kurt, Keller, Judy



Erin will email new board member appointment for bulletin.

Nominating committee will meet and add Maire's attendance to the agenda.

Zale will get Pete a board packet.

Board communicate via email to set board retreat date.

Judy will bring dinner to next meeting.


Erin moves to go into closed session to discuss personnel and legal motions

Nia seconds

Unanimous vote.


8. Closed Session


Open Session Resumes


Erin moves to authorize Tom Hood as Interim Studio Engineer at .65 FTE with benefits.

Becky seconds

Unanimous vote


Becky moves that the board authorize an additional 10 hours per week for VJ for one month after which with input from VJ, FC, and/or staff collective, the board will review further.

Hadrian seconds

Unanimous vote.

    9. Final Public Comment

    Chris M- Pete you will be getting a mailbox

    Yvette: i'm concerned about getting an opportunity to speak, what about the board/staff retreat, are you retreating from the public?

    Ani: staff collective looking forward to working on the next steps.

    Keller: also we should review rights and responsibilities of the public.


Meeting Ends


Reminder: The KBOO Board meets every 4th Monday of the month at 6 pm


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