We have a Strategic Plan!


(Now with attached, 79 page, Strategic Plan!)

To our fellow KBOO community members:

KBOO has reached an important milestone: a draft strategic plan for building a stronger, more sustainable KBOO that can meet the challenges of an ever-changing medium and provide unique, independent programming to a growing community not served by commercial radio in both traditional and new innovative ways.

The Strategic Planning Committee approved the plan to be forwarded to the KBOO Board on June 6. The KBOO Board and staff will now begin final review and revision, as well as laying the groundwork for implementation of the final strategic plan.

But the work is far from over. This is a living document that will evolve as the needs and challenges the station faces also evolve. That means we are looking to you, the members of the KBOO community, to remain involved, and to provide guidance and inspiration, to this process started over six months ago. We encourage you to not just read the strategic plan posted here but to be a part of its completion and implementation by participating through the various KBOO committees and through your elected board members.

KBOO can be proud of being the voice of change in Oregon, and beyond, for over four decades. Now is the opportunity to create the change that will make that voice stronger and more widely heard in the coming decades.

The members of the Strategic Planning Committee want to thank our fellow KBOO community members for all their help over the past half-year in reaching this exciting point in KBOOs growth.

We have posted the Summary below.

Joe Azavedo
S. W. Conser
Judy Fiestal
Ani Haines
Keller Henry
Kurt Lauer
Sun Lee
Dave Mazza
Sean Ongley
Thomas Phillips
Thomas J. Sullivan
Erin Yanke

KBOO Community Radio Station
Strategic Plan 2011-2016

Overview/ Executive Summary

This document is the result of a strategic planning process that has enabled KBOO to plan for its future.  The process of arriving at this point has been instructional and insightful for all involved.  The main goals for the organization that have emerged from this process are delineated herein and include the following broad goals and correlated key action steps:

Goal # 1 – Board Development

-    Strengthen the effectiveness of the Board of Directors through more training and developing policies of personal accountability.

Goal # 2 – Staff Development

-    Improve professionalism through training, policy development, and personal accountability.

-    Increase and broaden the training and support needed for staff to perform the duties and functions to ensure the successful operation of the overall organization.

Goal # 3 – Volunteer Development

-    The board and staff will increase and broaden the volunteer base of support to KBOO by providing for positive opportunities for enhancement of meaningful volunteer experiences within the organization.

Goal # 4 – Membership Education

-    The board and staff will empower the membership by creating clear and comprehensive information flow between the organization and the membership.

Goal # 5 – Community Development

-   The board and staff will participate in regional efforts that forward KBOO’s mission.
-   As KBOO sustains a prominent and highly visible regional presence, opportunities for the organization to grow, educate and deepen its effectiveness in the community are enhanced.
Programming Improvements

-    The heart of KBOO is programming, which is the face KBOO presents to the listening public.  Basic protocols and procedures will be developed and implemented in order to create a more favorable experience for volunteer programmers that create and disseminate content on the airwaves and online.
Engineering Improvements

-    Upgrade engineering equipment and develop correlated training, staff positions, and use and attrition policies for equipment.

-    Determine feasibility of maintaining towers in Corvallis and Hood River, while improving signal and web streaming resources for outlying supporters.

Resource Development
Goal # 1 – Marketing and Community Outreach

-    Strengthen community partnerships to better reflect the diversity of the Portland Metro area and to reach potential listeners (youth, racial and ethnic minorities, and other groups).

-   Create a more relevant presence for KBOO in the local media market.  Develop new branding to promote the services and resources of the KBOO community.

Goal # 2 – Media Center

-    Improve and enhance the web presence of KBOO programming with appropriate applications for modern media tools.

-   Create a KBOO media center that improves programming through more training, improved policies, and increased personal accountability for follow-through.

Goal # 3 – Secondary Product Development – Planning

-   Determine a sustainable plan for diversification of secondary products for the organization’s service area.

-    Create studio space rental model that assists the community in the production
of meaningful new media for the area.

Financial Sustainability
Goal # 1 – Membership

-    Increase community support through training, education, and outreach.
-    Increase memberships from approximately 6,000 members to 7,500 members by the end of year three.

Goal # 2 – Grant Writing

-   Diversify the fundraising plan to reach more listeners and to seek additional grant resources.
-    Initiate a consistent grant writing effort to increase revenue for training, outreach, education, and support to the diverse communities of the metro area.

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