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Fri, 04/22/2011 - 8:00am - 9:00am
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The Madness of Medicare

Dan Johnson hosts "The Madness of Medicare." He'll lay out what Medicare covers now and what changes would occur under Representative Paul Ryan's plan for cutting the budget. He'll be joined by Lisa Stiller of Jobs with Justice. Your calls welcome.


å Dan Johnson's "Talk of the Week"

have you read Super Sad True Love Story?  The rich are enslaving us all, pitting us against each other, when we could all be living in the lap of, at this point, survival, but that's better than this utter destruction we've got going now, eh?  Fuck those corporate mother-fuckers!!!!! (that's FCC-safe, i'm assuming.)  Such a no-brainer.  We have alternative cooperative, collectives, collaborations and alliances in this town who can teach us to fight like the Egyptians--and even, but, god forbid, hopefully not, Libyans--so we should be supporting them (yes, DamnRight-I do shameless plugs, I'm the Commie CalGal!) and be TRULY locally sustainable... thanks to KBOO for keeping it real.

[That's why i hope it was in irony that the Comic Con and Words & Pictures featured our dearly please-be-loved mayor as a super hero last weekend, while featuring this weekend's tongue-in-cheek "Earth Day, inc." celebration(?)]

forgot to mention the segue from the entire morning radio zine (copyright 1971, Cascadia): DN! to Dan's, let's call it "Talk of the Hour", show on Paul Ryan's Social Security, then One Land Many Voices on the BDS-movement

thanks, Lisa and Dan!

thanks Will and Wael!

thanks, Amy!

p.s. Will, thanks for bringing in the audio so quickly and timely-ly (is there a word?) to our collective ears! And thanks to all who continue to hold the spokespeople for the movement accountable and on board with the BDS. it's too bad so sad he couldn't stop to talk to us.  It seems like he really digs hanging, like he did during that huge Economic Town Hall at the 1st Unitarian.  He was really in the groove during Q&A yesterday, too--amazing energy, that guy, but it must be tiring.  Dude, I couldn't stand that long!  I should have tried to meet him when i was in high school and college lingustics and he was more active in the academics, but now it makes me happiest when i hear he's in the same protest as me.  Actually it's thrilling to have so many groovy elder intellectuals and artists and, yeah, veterans with conviction, fighting amongst us--Joe Walsh springs to mind


i'm replying to myself, yay! 

i'm replying to myself, yay!  i should call myself Anonymous, eh?

what a memorable earth day KBOO is giving me since i'm flat on my back.


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