3.0 Release

Black text is for task | Red text is for who task is assigned to | Green text are tasks that may be postponed to a later release | Strikethrough are completed items


Add This-http://drupal.org/project/addthis

Become a Fan of Programs - Option to become a fan of programs and hosts / DJs - this data will be displayed on the corresponding pages for the programs, hosts, and fans - ROGER

Breadcrumbs These could benefit from more hierachy

Chat - kboo.fm/chat

Comments - Option to be notified for the nodes you comment on.  Something like: http://drupal.org/project/comment_notify

Community Calendar -  Categories, Editable, and customizable blocks that apppear on other pages - ROGER

Control Panel - move to floating top of browser or underneath mixing board menu - ROGER

Display the categories (topics and genres) of the audio so people can then click on them and explore similar content  - Would be good to move to a different area of the page

Featured Content Gallery SLIDESHOW - ROGER

Feeds to all types of content on each page - ROGER


If you enjoyed this audio, please BECOME A MEMBER and support communtity radio! can be more prominent and have it link to the form, not the membership page (used to exist but now gone) - ROGER

Image uploading - new easier process that automates the display

* limit the characters of the title of a program, and program episode title, as well as the short description - ROGER

"Login / Sign Up" Graphic in header and new dropdown area - KEVIN & ROGER

Footer Menu

Rate Audio

Profile Pages updated with social features including: "Fan of" programs, profile pic more prominently featured throughout their posts on website, * List most recent blog entries, * Recent comments by that user, * Delete that "member for" field as everyone gets confused by that, badges for things like "I am a KBOO volunteer" & "I am a KBOO supporting member",  other areas that the user can customize with things like social media - ROGER

Playlists - More spacing between columns - ROGER

Program pages list regular timeslot, upcoming programs with link working (currently broken), profile pics of hosts, contact tab - ROGER

Schedule (daily) needs to be more condensed and contain the days of the week at the bottom (in addition to the top) - ROGER

Social Networks and Email Signup in footer - ROGER

Comment Guidelines - MARC

UNIQUE VISUAL LOOK OF PAGE TYPES - Audio Page, Blog Page - ROGER? KEVIN? MARC? This was somewhat forgotten as our design process focused more and more on the header & footer - Should we save for later?


User control of whether their post is categorized between Music / News & Culture / and Station News sections

User control of whether their blog post is also posted to their program blog - ROGER

LANDING PAGES * Music Page * Public Affairs * Listen Page (will include audio options) *ROGER AND MARC WORKING ON DESIGN & CODING - Listen page can come later

RIGHT SIDEBAR ELEMENTS* Coming Soon & Recently Aired (to go underneath "on the air") *KEVIN WORKING ON DESIGN, ROGER ON CODE*

Podcast Feeds turned back on - ROGER

You may also like" features that suggests similar audio and programs - ROGER


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