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Wed, 05/22/2013

From Salem the movement proliferates…The nation had its pants blown off this week; 200-plus mph winds drove a massive tornado straight into Moore, Oklahoma.  The American people went into overdrive…because that is what we do when white Americans are killed.  Asked what was odd about this particular tornado one voice said that the thing hit a populated area; usually they breeze through the Midwestern vastness managing not to hit  a baby on their way through. 

Some of us waited in vain to hear the question: How much worse is this going to get? How can we afford to keep rebuilding these places that get hit by extreme weather conditions.  People forget that the weather is attached to the Climate…and the Climates, They Are A-Changin’.

Back to Salem where the notion of putting a price on co2 emissions, voluntarily.  Putting a price on the  destruction wrought by the effects of CO2 in a super-heated world, that part is not voluntary.  Until we ruin out of money, of course.

Meanwhile a  few courageous people have been calling foul in any number oif areas.  What do Bradley Manning, Walter Tamosaitis, Robert MacLean, Thomas Drake, et al have in common?  Well, they blew the whistle on someone or some thing soaked in pure power and in a few cases they got wrung out.

These are the final days of Bradley Manning’s pretrial hearings and it all comes down to what’s really classified and is it  possible to classify something after the fact?


Mike Adams of Natural News explains it this way:

In addition to the more common gene splicing, at about 1:44, Bruce Lipton explains that the study of Epigenetics has found a class of molecule called ‘micro RNA’s’, and when they are spliced in, ‘when we eat RNA-tweaked food, the micro RNA is picked up by our digestive systems and not broken down, and they end up in our cells; they our genetics, and change the readout of our genome.  We’re eating a class of micro RNAs that have never been in the world before.’  The process is irreversible.  ‘They change the actual beneficial gut bacteria that help immune responses, and alter the genetics of our own cells.’  Gosh, wouldn’t you be proud of patenting these genes, hiding the fact on labels, and killing massive amounts of soil, water, reproductive and other endocrine health in animals, fish, rats, insects and humans just for the fun and profit of controlling the world’s food supply?

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