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Information from Tillicum Wawa 12/13/12

Seems like the more we talk about one issue, the more connections we see to other issues....tonight we talked about the Canadian government's plans to repeal the treaty rights of first nations, proposals to barge coal down the Columbia river, and some basic disaster preparedness. We acknowleged the tragedies that have beset our communites of Clackamas and Tule Lake over the past week, and held a moment of silence. Here are some links to the information we presented tonight. For complete music information, please see our playlist for tonight's episode. We so enjoyed hearing from callers. Thanks for listening!  ~Shusli

Coal Barging

Tillicum Wawa with Cynthia King/News on Winnemem Wintu/Upcoming "Return Voyage" Event

What a great learning opportunity, speaking with Cynthia King, Native herbalist and owner of The Herb Shed! Her specialty is one point she sprayed cedar mist in the air room. The calming and balancing effects left us very relaxed. I thinks that could be heard on-air. Thank you so much, Cynthia, for coming to KBOO and being part of the conversation!

Inette injured in auto collision

Asking KBOO community to pray or send thoughts of healing to Inette Miller Imaikalani and Iokepa Imaikalani. They were in their car and struck by a drunk driver doing 80 MPH near Crescent City, CA yesterday (5/20/12). Inette is in the hospital with major injuries. PLEASE SEND PRAYERS!

Cultural revitalization in progress!

Just back from a weekend in Port Orford, celebrating the 19th annual Salmon Bake/Ancestor Honoring Days. It really feels like we are strengthening our culture, our friendships and family relationships, and our ties to the land and our ancestors who live(d) there.  The elders have their eyes on those of us who will be following in their footsteps the best we can.


Musings on KBOO Membership and More


During this membership drive I've had time to think about why and how I am involved with KBOO.


2000. Recently divorced. Left the conservative church I'd been a member of for decades. Had started reading "radical" news like The Oregon Peaceworker.

By this time, I'd already been involved in my revitalized tribal culture for some time. (I remember the first powwow I had attended, bouncing my baby Tk-tk (Rachel) in my arms to the big drum that was the heart beat of the nations.)

I found my way to Portland, land of anonymity, where I could follow my passions for forest defense, nursing, and being free of the scrutiny of a small, conservative community. But I really missed my sweatlodge community in Coos County.

Tillicum Wawa 3-1-12


Tonight began a new format for us at Tillicum Wawa. The plan is to have Eugene and I alternate with Redwillow every other week.

Tonight, Eugene and I talked about the John T. Williams memorial totem pole being raised in Seattle, and played the music that accompanied the video on Brenda Norrell's blog, Censored News Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights. Watch the video and see how love overcame hate...this time.

To "Steel"


Hello, Steel

Please understand that, due to recent circumstances in my life, I am reluctant to give out my personal phone number.  I did try calling you back twice.  Please feel free to leave details by email here. 


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