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Animals Within Animals

Wonderful Cut-Up collage album from someone calling themselves Animals Within Animals entitled Produce, Abuse, Resample.

Peter Bergman of (The Firesign Theatre) 1939 - 2012

I just this moment learned that Peter Bergman of The Firesign Theatre has passed away from complications of Leukemia.

I am heartbroken!

I had the pleasure of meeting Peter last December when he and the other Fireheads were here and we talked about radio what can be done on it in terms of art.

It was one of those rare times where you meet someone who you grew up idolizing and they end being so cool and genuine. Peter's love of community radio and KBOO was apparent that night. Such a genius! Such a nice man.

Peter kindly offered to let KBOO run the classic series of 1970s radio programs in their entirety.

Rest in peace, Peter!

Coming up on 10/04: A Different Nature: The Music of Shockabilly


A Different Nature on 10/04: The music of Shockabilly - Hosted by Rich L.

The Bran Flakes and Evolution Control Committee

Dr. Zomb and Rich L. present a two hour extravaganza of the music of The Bran Flakes and The Evolution Control Committee, this Thursday night at Midnight, on the occasion of both band's upcoming show in Portland this weekend.

Richard Francis ~ 1948 - 2009


(NOTE: I originally posted this on my personal blog last week and intended it for those who might not necessarily be familiar with KBOO or its programming, hence the  preamble that might seem superflous (and perhaps inaccurate - Sorry!) to those closer to the subject.)

As I started writing this, Richard Francis, host of A Different Nature, was in a medically-induced coma after suffering a heart attack on the eve of his last show. He didn't show up before the broadcast, which alarmed those that knew him well; Richard was a meticulous planner and was always early for his shows, often polishing up the details to the last minute. When he failed to show up - most of the show being pre-prepared by other participants, no one had to be told that the show must go on while a friend traced his route back to his apartment and finally calling area emergency rooms. Her worst fears were realized when she learned that he was indeed in Emmanuel Hospital's ICU, having collapsed in a market. As of this writing, he's unresponsive to any stimuli and shows no brain activity. The plan was to slowly take him out of the coma to assess the damage while his family descended on Portland from the Midwest.

Joe Strummer Appreciation Day


For me anyway...

RIP: Lux Interior


I am very sad.

Cramps Frontman Lux Interior R.I.P. [Pitchfork]

Praise Song Sitting in a Room


In response to a remix call-out on WFMU's Beware of the Blog, I submitted my version of Elizabeth Alexander's ill-advised reading of her poem Praise Song for the Day. There are so many cool versions of this poem there - my favorites are Fatty Jubbo's manic reading where he channel's Elizabeth Claire Prophet, the one by Jonathan Wall's where he simply alphabetizes every word in the poem and People Like Us' language removal version. Mine was more or less a piss-take where I turned it into an avant-garde inside joke (with apology to Alvin Lucier).

Here it is:

Inauguration Ambient Media Mix


I can't simply watch anything anymore, no matter how anticipated or exciting. Such is my musical ADD that I can't listen to anything without mixing it with something else. You know you're a hopeless mix geek when you try to see if you can't plug more than one audio device into your car stereo at once.

So, when my workplace allowed us to watch the inauguration in the conference room, I decided to avail myself of my advanced (and largely unauthorized) A/V setup in my office to enjoy the proceedings in private.

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