Dream Wulf-Millennial Falcon-Green Mountain Guild Winter Solstice 2018

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Fri, 12/21/2018 - 10:00pm to Sat, 12/22/2018 - 12:00am
Dream Wulf Art
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Sean The Bus Driver interviews local bands with an acoustic set by Dream Wulf

Dream Wulf was founded in the woods of the Pacific North West in 2015 during a musicians get away. The members found that when their sound collided it sounded strange and pleasing, lovely and creepy, and it made them curious for more.
Dream Wulf is a mashup blend of alternative, stoner, psychedelic, dream, and bloom gloom. They are just a bunch of kids trying to feel free and dodge the robot establishment on the way.

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/61Kwj7HkZo4FeHZbUZQLtT/about

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Millennial Falcon provides a source of Culture Jamming through publishing their music and comic book with each recording with the Fake Publishing Millionaires. Catchy upbeat political punk rock!! 

Stream Millennial Falcon Comics Issue #0 for free at www.millennialfslconcomics.com and stay tune for our new home subscription series of comics, due out late 2019!

The Millennial Falcon battles the Federation of Job Creators to keep the secret of music-powered-engines from becoming a corporate weapon. 









Green Mountain Guild is a Portland based chamber pop ensemble. Multi-part vocal harmonies steeped in storytelling, strings and a diverse rhythm section fuel the group to search for deeper musical portals. Emotional themes of loss, birth, pain and celebration populate a cinematic landscape. Lyrical melodies traverse an intricate and melancholy harmonic form. The rhythm section experiments with a wide palate of dynamics, coupled with the freedom to dance in and out of tempo. Elements of folk, jazz and classical music permeate their sonic canvas. Through captivating songwriting and arrangements Green Mountain Guild creates a sensory space for listeners to absorb and dwell for a time.





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