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Ras Danny
I am a KBOO member!
Yugen Fardan
I am a KBOO member!

Presently doing the 3rd and 5th Wednesday 5:30-7am on Pastures of Plenty.
and THE SINGER/SONGWRITER EDITION of the Monday Sampler on the 1st Mondays of the month 2 - 4pm.
Videographer by Day with my company EMA Video Productions - and Folk Music DJ when ever I can.
Playing mostly contemporary folk music from the 60s and present day.
ITs unfortunate that the great music from the 60s does not get much play anymore. Artists like Tom Paxton,Doc Watson,Pete Seeger,Peter Yarrow, Ian Tyson,Gordon Lightfoot, Donavon and Joni Mitchell (just to name a few) had something to say and said it so well through music.
I feel so fortunate to be able to share my music tastes with the Portland Community here on KBOO.

I am a KBOO member!

Been a member of KBOO since September 1987... yikes!

I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!

I'm an anti-imperialist, anarcho-socialist transgender sort of gal. PressWatch began on KAZI Austin in 1986, as an attempt to stoke the fires of revolution with counterpropaganda and "the news you're not supposed to know." Expect a radical analysis, and information culled from a vast array of sources, from Radio Havana to the Polish press-- or even interviews with notables like Naomi Klein, Howard Zinn, Judi Bari, Dr. Niman, and Michio Kaku--and introspection from my own life experiences.

I am a KBOO member!
Jo Ann

Community dialogue is important. At 8am every Thursday Voices from the Edge lends a KBOO microphone to informed guests you might not hear anywhere else. With an hour to invest, the call-in format engages listeners in meaningful conversations about crucial issues like racial disparity, government accountability, environmental justice and politics on local, state and national levels. Join lively discussions about concerns that are important to you and our community. Together we’ll make Oregon and our nation a better place for a larger number of those living here.

Jo Ann Hardesty is Principal Partner at Consult Hardesty. She serves as a subject matter expert on a myriad of issues and is available as a speaker, facilitator and campaign planner. A long-time voice for Portland's under-represented communities and a leader in the struggle against racial and economic injustice, Jo Ann was three times elected to the Oregon legislature and for many years Executive Director of Oregon Action. She’s been called on by the City of Portland to help re-write the City Charter and organizes those on the downside of power to pursue their interests from the local to the federal level. She is particularly committed to leadership development and in holding those in power accountable.

I am a KBOO member!

KBOO member, Community Radio listener-supporter, freelance journalist and contributor to former national newsstand magazine of world music and culture DIRTY LINEN MAGAZINE from 1994-2010 and after its print dissolution, NW Correspondent for online successor DRIFTWOOD MAGAZINE covering local community radio arts, culture, music, theater through reviews and discussion of songwriting and music-making via Mitch's Monthly Mix Active outreach to natural allies of free-form radio, as its KBOO shining example is Daniel Flessas, QTN et al on Friday After Midnight's OUTSIDE WORLD:

I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!
Leigh Anne
I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!
I am a KBOO member!

I started at KBOO about 10 years ago in the KBOO Youth Collective making and producing radio segments. Currently I am a member of Circle A Radio, a volunteer instructor for our beginning radio classes, and am filling in for the Pickled Feather Express the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month.

I am a KBOO member!

I have been a KBOO member for nearly ten years and began volunteering with John Talley, host of "Indian World" in 2005 as an intern completing my interdisciplinary studies bachelors degree from Marylhurst University. I am fortunate to be able to consult with John as a radio mentor, friend and Mohawk elder. I am a Cherokee Nation of Ok enrolled tribal member and I have some Osage and Choctaw in my line. Although I grew up in Ok I have been in the Portland area for long time. I have ties with NAYA, NICWA, NARA and PPS Indian Education project and other Native American groups. My interest in producing this show is to connect folks in the Portland and surrounding area for a stronger Native American Community.

I am a KBOO member!


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