Dr. Zomb's Stereo Obscura playlist for 04/04/2014

Program name: 
Dr. Zomb's Stereo Obscura
Air date: 
murray roman    being there intro
pierre boeswillwald   nuisances('71)    traces two v/a lp    recollection GRM
stan kenton    entrance to the city    city of glass 10"    capitol
   "        "         a thought    this modern world 10"    capitol
les baxter/bas sheva    despair (most of)    the passions 10"    capitol
dymaxion    haunted radio   
martoc    helen is a hologram('79)    music for alien ears lp   em
martin denny   quiet village    exotic moog lp    liberty
frank roberts und die bongo band    maloja('57)    schnitzelbeat vol. 1 v/a lp    trash rock archives
mythos    oriental journey('71)    s/t lp reissue    wah wah
pretty things    bracelets of fingers    electric psychedelic sitar headswirlers v/a lp    particles
ray brown & moonstone    story of ali    "            "                "              "                            "
vitamin b-12    galaxy    heads vol. 1 lp
leo addeo    lovely hula hands    paradise regained lp('61)    rca stereo action
vitamin b-12    i don't want to be a millionaire, lambkin    heads
stock, hausen and walkman    sleep     ventilating deer 10"    hot air
three suns    danny's inferno    movin' 'n' groovi' lp('62)    rca stereaction
die 4 bambis    inka city 60('60)    schnitzelbeat v/a lp
m.ashraf    too bhi piala chum    dekha jaye ga ost('76)    finders keepers 10" reissue
nurse with wound    #5-9    paranoia in hi fi cd
capt. beefheart    big eyed beans from venus    clear spot lp('72)    reprise
didier petit    road song    don't explain cd
denis smalley    pentes('74)(excerpt)    traces two v/a lp    recollection GRM
stan kenton/june christy    this is my theme    presentation of progressive jazz 10"    capitol
   "       "         "        "          june christy    stan kenton presents 10"     capitol
   "       "    /pete rugolo    monotony    presentation of... 10"    capitol
stan kenton   abstraction    encores 10"    capitol
   "       "         the structures    city of glass 10"    capitol
pauline oliveros et al    excerpt side one    priordial lift lp('98)    taiga
emerson meyers    chez dentiste    provocative electronics lp('70)    westminster gold
nurse with wound    #1    drunk with old man of the mountain cd
jonathan halper    leaving my old life behind('66)    anxious color v/a lp
vampires sound corp.   psycho contact    ...sitar headswirlers v/a lp
dymaxion    a couple more tracks from the cd played earlier in show...  #8,9...
ennio morricone    slalom(original single mix)    slalom ost lp reissue    dagored
sroeng santi    pai na pai    paradise bangkok v/a lp    zudrangma
dymaxion    # 5      ...same cd...
space lady    born to be wild   greatest hits lp    nightschool
martoc    the vigilante rules('04)    music for alien ears lp   em
the hubbubs    nachts in chicago('64)    schnitzelbeat v/a lp
selections from radio niger    sublime frequencies cd
nurse with wound    excerpt #2    insect and individual silenced

Radio Lost and Found playlist for 04/11/2014

Program name: 
Radio Lost and Found
Air date: 

10:00PM KBOO Community Radio Promo Spots from Promo Spots
10:02PM Realistic - 2001 A Space Odyssey from A Sound Odyssey
10:02PM Murray Saul - It's Friday! from Radio Oddities vol. 2
10:06PM Leonard Pennario - March of the Lunatics from The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario
10:07PM Laurie Anderson - From the Air from Big Science
10:11PM Nagy Feró - Children's Tale from Hova Lett
10:15PM Young Marble Giants - Searching for Mr Right from Colossal Youth
10:17PM Marc Okrand - Introduction from Star Trek: Conversational Klingon
10:22PM National Hardwood Floor Association - Trouble Concentrating When Praying (Only When I Masturbate) from Savage Vigilance For A Rug-Free America
10:23PM Brother Russell - Nightmare for the Dream Center from Bandcamp
10:24PM Ursula Bogner - Begleitung für Tuba from Recordings 1969-1988
10:27PM Ursula Bogner - Inversion/Proto from Recordings 1969-1988
10:31PM Robert Ashley - Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon from Automatic Writing
10:41PM Current 93 - I Have a Special Plan for This World from I Have a Special Plan for This World - EP
10:45PM Nurse With Wound - I Was No Longer His Dominant from Automating Vol. 1
11:04PM ---Set break — Music Behind DJ: Lil' Markie - Let the Sun Shine In
11:05PM Artur Zmijewski - Wir Eilen from Deaf Bach: Lekcja śpiewu
11:09PM Anja Fessel - I Love You from Deaf Bach: Lekcja śpiewu
11:12PM Portsmouth Sinfonia - From The Messiah, Pt. 2 - Hallelujah Chorus from Hallelujah
11:17PM John Oswald - Open (Bo No Ma) from Plexure
11:18PM John Oswald - Urge (Marianne Faith No Morissey) from Plexure
11:20PM John Oswald - Manifold (Bing Stingspreen) from Plexure
11:22PM John Oswald - Blur (Bolton Chili Overdire) from Plexure
11:23PM John Oswald - Zoom (Sinéad O'Connick Jr.) from Plexure
11:25PM John Oswald - Cypher (Depeche Mould) from Plexure
11:25PM Sir Richard Bishop - Event Horizons from Graviton Polarity Generator
11:26PM Maxwell Brecher - The ABC of Sex Education for Trainables (1975) from YouTube
11:34PM Eduard Artemiev - Movements I - V from Solaris OST
11:37PM Test Dept - Comrade Enver Hoxha from The Unacceptable Face of Freedon
11:42PM Laibach - Le Priviledge des Morts from Kapital
11:48PM Laibach - Kinderreich from Kapital
11:52PM Shane Carruth - Leaves Expanded May Be Prevailing (...) from Upstream Color OST
11:54PM Shane Carruth - I Used to Wonder at the Halo of Light Around My Shadow (...) from Upstream Color OST
11:56PM Shane Carruth - Fearing That They Would Be Light-headed (...) from Upstream Color
11:57PM ---Set break --
11:57PM Shooby Taylor - Somewhere Over the Rainbow from The Human Horn

More information about Radio Lost and Found

Hypnophobia playlist for 04/12/2014

Program name: 
Air date: 
ZyanoseVoice of Youth
Human GasUgly
The ComesPanic
LSDJapanese Title
RefuseControl Noise
GauzeJapanese Title
ConfuseFuckin Lovers
The SwankysManiac
Chaos CHABC I love Punk
FramtidLife's Hard
DiscloseSearching for Water
ZoeNew World
DJ Speaks
Bob MarleyOne Love
DJ Speaks
Emerald WebThe Dragons Gate
Con-DomI regret nothing
FactrixSplice of Life
Ultimate SpinachEgo Trip
DJ Speaks
FearI Love Living in the City
DJ Speaks
Wolves in the Throne RoomThuja Magus
Wolves in the Throne RoomPermanent Changes in Consciousness
Wolves in the Throne RoomSubterranean initiation
Here's another loud and wild radio show brought to you by the Hypnophobia crew! We talk about oppression and society, capitalism, and played some noizey tracks.



Ital Vibes playlist for 04/09/2014

Program name: 
Ital Vibes
Air date: 
Hero & Pzed & U BrownItal Vibes Intro
Adde/21st/HapilosBrazilian Bubble InstrumentalBrazilian Bubble Riddim21st/Hapilos
QQGyal Know Fi WhineBrazilian Bubble Riddim21st/Hapilos
RDXBubbleBrazilian Bubble Riddim21st/Hapilos
Kat Dahlia ft The Wizard, Black Lion & NyandaMash It Up [Ital Vibes Dub]FiWi Music
CheddaOriginal DonFiWi Music
Chedda & The WizardOriginal Don [InstrumentalFiWi Music
Chedda & The WizardOriginal Don [Ital Vibes Dub]FiWi Music
ChronixxCapture Land DubDread & TerribleZinc Fence
ChronixxCapture LandDread & TerribleZinc Fence
Chronixx & ProtojeWho KnowsOverstand Entertainment
Iba MahrDiamond SoxNotice
Jesse RoyalLittle Did They KnowXTM Nation
Stephen Marley ft Capleton & SizzlaRockstoneGhetto Youths
Ward 21 ft Marcy Chin & DeeWunnMic Magician [Remix]Germaica/Wiletunes
Cham ft Damian MarleyFighterMadhouse
Chalice RowBun Dem InstrumentalChalice Row
Stephen Marley ft Spragga Benz & Damian MarleyBongo NyahGhetto Youths
ChronixxSpirulinaDread & TerribleZinc Fence
LeftsideDem A WorryKeep Left
Terro 3000 [Road Elf]Haters [Ital Vibes Dub]Ballaz
Blak DiamonBang BangUIM Records
Di GeniusBody Up InstrumentalDi Genius
TifaBody UpDi Genius
The WizardBass BumpFiWi Music
Ward 21Spot The "J"Still DisturbedGermaica/Wiletunes
SeanizzleBad Gyal Wine InstrumentalSeanizzle
RDXBad Gyal WineSeanizzle
Dre DayDon Pon Di Streetz InstrumentalDre Day
Masicka & KonshensDon Pon Di StreetzDre Day
Agent SascoWoe Be Unto ThemOut A Road RiddimMV Music
WickermanBoX!!Out A Road RiddimMV Music
QQBounce AroundOut A Road RiddimMV Music
Mr VegasSquatOut A Road RiddimMV Music
Mr VegasRoadOut A Road RiddimMV Music
Tiana & VershonWine Pon Di VersionBirchill/Twelve 9
Busy SignalBegroom Bully [Remix]Jukeboxx Records
Point OEveryday [Ital Vibes Dub]Wiletunes
KunleyBadonkadonk InstrumentalWiletunes
Marcy Chin & Ward 21Bounce AroundWiletunes
ZJ IceSaddle Up InstrumentalSaddle Up RiddimThirty Six Degrees
Busy SignalSaddle UpSaddle Up RiddimThirty Six Degrees
GagePut It YassoSaddle Up RiddimThirty Six Degrees
QQWine & Come OverSaddle Up RiddimThirty Six Degrees
EquiknoxxFrenz List InstrumentalFrenz List RiddimEquiknoxx
ReoSoulFrenzFrenz List RiddimEquiknoxx
MasickaFren ListFrenz List RiddimEquiknoxx
RDXTrue FriendsPromiscious RiddimFull Chaarge Records
GageKitty KatPromiscious RiddimFull Chaarge Records
Riva NilePoco & Rum InstrumentalPoco & Rum RiddimRiva Nile
DegreeBere Pretty Gyal In YahPoco & Rum RiddimRiva Nile
CheddaWine & Come UpPoco & Rum RiddimRiva Nile
Chimney RecordsFast Lane InstrumentalFast Lane RiddimChimney Records
AlkalineBurning UpFast Lane RiddimChimney Records
Chi ChingCut Out Fi HitsFast Lane RiddimChimney Records
I OctaneDutty MoneyFast Lane RiddimChimney Records
VersatileBun It EverydayFast Lane RiddimChimney Records
Road ElfTribal TouchBlaqk Sheep Music
ZJ IceTrapsetter InstrumentalTrapsetter RiddimThirty Six Degrees
The Wizard ft Nyanda & CheddaLike A Pro21 Entertainment Group
LeftsidePush!!Keep Left
Mr G ft The WizardHow LowThe Wizard
Jesse RoyalWadada [Remix]The Wizard
ChronixxIyah WalkDigital B
SizzlaI'm Living InstrumentalMuti-Music
SizzlaI'm Living [Dub Mix]Muti-Music
SizzlaI'm LivingMuti-Music
Rasta LifeBig Mack TruckDrop Di Bass
ChronixxEternal FireDread & TerribleZinc Fence
Rasta LifeFeel The MusicRasta LifeDrop Di Bass
Rasta LifeItal Feel The Music [Ital Vibes Dub]Drop Di Bass
Rasta LifeIt Dread [Ital Vibes Dub]Drop Di Bass
HeroGonna Make ItLyfe Tyme Music
PzedRootsLyfe Tyme Music
Rasta LifeKid's PlayRasta LifeDrop Di Bass
Adde/21st/HapilosAnointed Instrumental21st/Hapilos
PenthouseFret Board InstrumentalFret Board RiddimPenthouse
Exco LeviReady To RevoluteFret Board RiddimPenthouse
ChronixxClean Like A WhistleDread & TerribleZinc Fence
Living Heart, Vol. 1 Dread & Terrible, Chronixx http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh80/baddist_/45268_648940491784365_1005643627_n_zpsdd2df4f0.jpg Iyah Walk - Single, Chronixx MV Music Presents Protector Meets Outta Road Rasta Life, Rasta Life Saddle Up Riddim - EP  photo protoje-chronixx-who-knows_zps166d7a05.jpg Mic Magician (MINE Remix) [feat. Marcy Chin & DeeWunn] - Single, Ward 21  photo maxresdefault_zps6b82e764.jpg Anointed - Single, Bugle Bang Bang - Single, Blak Diamon  photo Stephen-Marley-ft-Sizzla-Capleton-Rock-Stone-_1_zpsd9bbc432.jpg Trapsetter Riddim - EP Fighter - Single, Cham  photo 28056_531572900187792_1391064725_n_zps9e23a49a.jpg Fret Board Riddim The Bounce (Feat Ward 21)-Single, Marcy Chin  photo safe_imagephp_zpse03d23fc.jpg http://a4.mzstatic.com/us/r30/Music/bf/93/86/mzi.aebtzgaz.170x170-75.jpg I'm Living - Single, Sizzla  photo frenz-list-riddim_zpsd9717d8f.jpg  photo 8407332737_c16d2aba87_z_zps56256ab2.jpg Still Disturbed, Ward 21  photo images_zpse3e3eb07.jpg  photo e6502800cb014c6cdbf99b481540ef2a_view_zps8eeb6b71.jpg Man from Judah, J.O.E.



A Categorized Program Not playlist for 04/11/2014

Air date: 
Los NenaLos Nena
Los NenaLos Nena
Los NenaLos Nena
Los NenaLos Nena Vol. II
Los NenaLos Nena Vol. II
Los NenaLos Nena Vol. II
Los NenaLos Nena Vol. II
Los NenaLos Nena Vol. II
Los NenaLos Nena Vol. II
Los NenaLos Nena Vol. II

Movin' On playlist for 04/11/2014

Program name: 
Movin' On
Air date: 
April 11, 2014, Friday, 12 noon to 1:30 pm
Portland, OR: 90.7
Corvallis/Albany, OR: 104.3
Hood River/Columbia Gorge: 91.9
Host: Don Jacobson

Posted to: Folkdj-l, www.kboo.fm
Webcast on  http://www.kboo.fm

(VA) = Various Artists.  All media are CDs unless otherwise stated.

Artist: "Selection" ALBUM TITLE [Label]

(VA) Will Geer: Excerpt from This Land Is Your Land "I Hate A Song That ..." A TRIBUTE TO WOODY GUTHRIE [Warner Bros.]

Sandy Rothman/Steve Pottier: "In the Pines" BLUEGRASS GUITAR DUETS [Sierra]
((Music Bed))
The Trail Band: "Daddy's Dream" OREGON STORIES [Self]

The Trail Band: "Eden's Gate" VOICES FROM THE OREGON TRAIL [Self]

The Trail Band: "50 Miles Of Elbow Room" IMMIGRANT DREAMS [Self]
The Quiet American live in the KBOO studio
The Quiet American: "Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet?" SONGS FROM A ROCKING CHAIR [Self]

Brian Oberlin: "River Song" MANDOLIN TROUBADOUR [Self]
Mollie O'Brien/Rich Moore: "I'm Waiting On A Train To Take Me Home" LOVE RUNNER [Remmington Road]

Jerry Garcia Band: "Short Life Of Trouble" RAGGED BUT RIGHT [Self]

Government Issue Orchestra: "Boating Up Sandy" GOVERNMENT ISSUE ORCHESTRA [Self]
Folk Calendar
The Straybirds: "No More Cane On the Brazos" THE STRAYBIRDS LIVE [Self]

Suzi Thompson/Del Rey: "Plymouth Rock" HEN PARTY [Hobemian]

Jeni & Billie: "Cecil Roberts Hand" SWEET SONG COMING ROUND [Self]

Jeni & Billie: "Drunkard's Path" SWEET SONG COMING ROUND [Self]
Geoff Bartly: "Occam's Razor" PUT THE BIG STONE DOWN [Self]

Geoff Bartly: "When You Got A Friend" HER THAT WIND HOWL [Waterbug]

The Henry Girls: "James Monore" LOUDER THAN WORDS [Beste Untehalatung]
Burning Bridget Cleary: "Clay Straps Reel/The Appropriat Dipstick/Trip To Miriams" PRESSED FOR TIME [Self]

Ceolbeg: "Mother Farquhar" COLLECTED [Greentrax]

Noel McLoughlin: "Highland Harry" HOME IS THE ROVER [WRC]

The High Kings: "Flowers Of the Forest" MEMORY LANE [Self]
Questions & comments are welcome.

Host: Don Jacobson

Movin' On
Second and Fourth Fridays, 12 noon to 1:30 pm

Africa O-Ye!
Fifth Thursdays, 2 - 4 pm

Portland OR: 90.7
Corvallis/Albany, OR: 104.3
Hood River/Columbia Gorge, OR: 91.9
Webcast on http://www.kboo.fm

My playlists are posted to folkdj-l and www.kboo.fm

The Songcircle playlist for 04/11/2014

Program name: 
The Songcircle
Air date: 
Emmylou HarrisWhere Will I Be [alt. version 1]Wrecking Ball [Deluxe Edition]
"Deeper Well [alt. version 1]"
"Wrecking Ball"
"The Stranger Song"
"Sweet Old World"
"May This Be Love [alt. version]"
Patty GriffinLittle GodSilver Bell
"Truth #2"
"Who You Are"
"Silver Bell"
The Rolling StonesCan't You Hear Me KnockingSticky Fingers
SparksPerfumeHello Young Lovers
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street BandStayin' AliveLive in Brisbane 2/26/14

Shocks of Sheba playlist for 04/10/2014

Program name: 
Shocks of Sheba
Air date: 
Devon RussellYou Found Heaven/You Found Dub...wibbly wobblyCD
Tony TuffHave Good Times...greensleeves12"
Nano BPleasant Dance...a-loneLP
Lisa BennettMilk & Honey...lisa bennett musicmp3
Frankie PaulWorries In The Dance...vpCD
Junior ReidSensie A Medicine...black rootsLP
UplifterStrength & Power...c&s12"
Mo' Kalamity & The WizardsUnder The Rain...sophia-thea/musicastmp3
Ras Michael & The Sons Of NegusSip Your Cup...shanachieLP
Tappa ZukieStop The Gun Shooting...virgin frontlineLP
RevolutionariesDon't Fear No Bat & Stick Dub...clocktowerLP
Prince JazzboDreadlocks Corner...clocktowerLP
Yabby YouJah Vengeance...prophetLP
Queen IfricaFyah Muma...vpCD
Queen IfricaBurn Some Herbs...fire links7"
Sugar MinottJah Jah Rule...techniquesLP
Daddy BlueVersion (Licky Licky)...sonic sounds7"
Franz JobEveryday/Dub...conscious soundsCD
LyricsonGrudge & Vanity...scotch bonnetmp3
Lady ChannMoney Ah Dem God...superflymp3
Junior Murvin/Welton Irie & Prince WeedyCool Out Son/Nice Up The Party...vpCD
Glen BrownThe Way To Mt. Zion...roirCD
SymbolsSuffering Child...archive12"
* Prezident BrownTo Jah Only...kariangCD
* denotes listener request

michele runs things solo

bubblin' under the mic chat:  sly & robbie -- freedom illusion (ariwa)

Active Listening playlist for 04/10/2014

Program name: 
Active Listening
Air date: 
Rebel DiazTroy Davis Lives Forever
Kendrick LamarBitch, Don't Kill My Vibe
BlackbyrdsRock Creek Park
KnaanBlues for the Horn
The RootsOne Time
Erykah BaudLove of My Life
Janet JacksonThe Knowledge
Gil Scott Heron and Brian JacksonSouth Carolina
Nas and Damian MarleyMy Generation fea Lil Wayne and Joss Stone
LowkeyObama Nation
Immortal Technique ft Mos DefBin Laden prod by Green latern
Big Yard productionsDont Worry Be Happy
Kendrick LamarSwimming Pool (Drank)
Kid CudiMarijuana
Erykah BaduThat Hump
Marvin GayeInner City Blues (Makes me Wanna Holler)
Sly and the Family StoneWant to Take You Higher
Stevie WonderHeaven is 10 Zillion Light Years Away
ChiwonisoLook To The Spirit
Medicine for the PeopleMitakyasn
Climbing Poetree featuring Leah SongAwakening
Gil Scott HeronParents
Paper BirdJust Sing
Lubana Al QuntarYa Beda Ward
MidniteLove the Life You Live
House of Vibe All StarsThe Light
Troy Davis Last WordsRob Redding Youtube
Sean HayesRosebush Inside
Gary BartzCelestial Blues

Active Listening playlist for 04/10/2014

Program name: 
Active Listening
Air date: 
Rebel DiazTroy Davis Lives Forever
Kendrick LamarBitch, Don't Kill My Vibe
BlackbyrdsRock Creek Park
KnaanBlues for the Horn
The RootsOne Time
Erykah BaudLove of My Life
Janet JacksonThe Knowledge
Gil Scott Heron and Brian JacksonSouth Carolina
Nas and Damian MarleyMy Generation fea Lil Wayne and Joss Stone
LowkeyObama Nation
Immortal Technique ft Mos DefBin Laden prod by Green latern
Big Yard productionsDont Worry Be Happy
Kendrick LamarSwimming Pool (Drank)
Kid CudiMarijuana
Erykah BaduThat Hump
Marvin GayeInner City Blues (Makes me Wanna Holler)
Sly and the Family StoneWant to Take You Higher
Stevie WonderHeaven is 10 Zillion Light Years Away

Holland Hour playlist for 04/13/2014

Program name: 
Holland Hour
Air date: 
De 3 Jacksonsglow worm et alVan de radioVerg.
De SpelbrekersKatinkaOuwe trouweABC
ConcertgebouwMatthew PassionBach worksD.G.G.
Wieteke van DortIn de LentewindMet FransGebr.
Draaiorgel De KeiPuttin on the Ritzstraat vermaakDecca
MantovaniTulpen uit A'damKnal succesHMV
Corry VinkMaak je niet dikVrolijkKPM
George MinstreiPempaka WangiKrontjongPhilips
Eddy DoorenbosDoen alsofMet JokeFederal
De SelverasTwee reebruine ogenHet KoorDikki
Benny NeymanOde aan MaastrichtHollands GoudD.G.G.
De KinderenOranje PotpourriMeegezongencorvee
Music from the Netherlands from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

The Melting Pot playlist for 04/08/2014

Program name: 
The Melting Pot
Air date: 
Wax AudioCareless RebelMashopolos IIIwww.waxaudio.com.au
Party BenBizarre Light TriangleParty Ben Experiencewww.partyben.com
Wax AudioHallowed Be Thy EnemyMashopoloswww.waxaudio.com.au
DJ Bobby MartiniLullaby in Your Eyeswww.soundcloud.com
FissunixNeed to Be With You TonightBest of Bootie 2011www.bootiemashup.com
DJ JohnIt Takes Two To KissBest of Bootie 2006www.bootiemashup.com
Go Home ProductionsLuther's Orange SquashSpliced Krispies EPwww.gohomeproductions.co.uk
Wax AudioBlue JumpMashopolos IIIwww.waxaudio.com.au
Mad Mix MustangTake Me On the Crazy Trainwww.madmixmustang.nl
Wax AudioMaster of Doin' ItMashopolos IIIwww.waxaudio.com.au
Go Home ProductionsVirgin O'Reillywww.gohomeproductions.co.uk
FissunixRainbow in the Superfreak Darkwww.mashuptown.com
Mighty MikeImagine A JumpBest of Bootie 2010www.bootiemashup.com
Wax AudioThe Final Teen SpiritMashopolos IIIwww.waxaudio.com.au
Post-Bounce, Roll, Skate '80s Mashup special edition, featuring DJ Sam-I-Am in the chair.

The Monday Sampler playlist for 04/07/2014

Program name: 
The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Joni MitchellWoodstockMiles of AislesAsylum
Joni MitchellCactus TreeMiles of AislesAsylum
Misner & SmithSeven Hour StormSeven Hour StormOn the Wall Music
West My FriendMissing YouWhen the Ink DriesGrammar Fight Records
Twin ForksPlansTwin ForksDine Alone Musci
John McCutchenTonight22 DaysAppalseed Productions
Cal ScottCarved Wood BoxCarved Wood BoxTamarack Recordings
Shook TwinsWhat we doWhat we DoCurly Pinky Records
Shook TwinsCrisperWhat We DoCurly Pinky Records
Greg KlymaGood WOrkPianomandonationGreg Klyma
Arthur DavenportJewelsWhispering to the WindGood Read Music
Caroline AikenLove ain't Going NowhereButler FieldSilverwolf Records
Lauren SheehanDirty Rat SwingRose City RambleLauren SHeehan
Joanne RandEinsteinStill a Real WorldHomefire Productions

Africa-O-Ye! playlist for 04/10/2014

Program name: 
Air date: 
TinariwenChaghaybou (4:54)EmmaarANTI Records
Fatoumata DiawaraBissa (3:03)FatouWorld Circuit/Nonesuch
BombinoAdinat (2:31)NomadNonesuch
- mic break -
Ghetto BlasterMbanzampuena (3:57)River NigerNext Music
Super Boiro BandSo I Si Sa (6:01)African Pearls 2: Guinee Cultural RevolutionSyllart
Bala Miller & The Great Music Pirameeds Of AfrikaIkon Allah (5:47)Nigeria 70Strut
- mic break -
Orchestre Super Borgou de ParakouMe Ton Le Gbe (Pachanga Fon) (2:55)The Bariba Sound 1970 - 1976Analog Africa
David ZeeMona Ku jimbe manheno (3:38)Soul of Angola: Anthologie de la Musique Angolaise 1965 - 1975Lusafrica
Franco & OK JazzKoue kouel Ebony Aboyl Ngai (6:19)African Pearls: Pont Sur Le CongoSyllart
- mic break -
Fatoumata DiawaraSowa (3:07)FatoumataWorld Circuit/Nonesuch
- mic break / ticket giveaway -
Fatoumata DiawaraMousso (3:17)FatoumataWorld Circuit/Nonesuch
Fatoumata DiawaraKanou (3:54)FatoumataWorld Circuit/Nonesuch
Fatoumata DiawaraBakonoba (3:14)FatoumataWorld Circuit/Nonesuch
TinariwenTimadrit In Sahara (3:52)EmmaarANTI Records
- mic break / ticket giveaway -
TinariwenImidiwan Ahi Sigdim (4:52)EmmaarANTI Records
TinariwenImdiwanin ahí Tifhamam (4:37)EmmaarANTI Records
TinariwenEmajer (3:37)EmmaarANTI Records
BombinoAzamane Tiliade (4:07)NomadNonesuch
- mic break / ticket giveaway -
BombinoNiamey Jam (2:38)NomadNonesuch
BombinoImidiwan (2:58)NomadNonesuch
BombinoAman (3:59)NomadNonesuch
- mic break -
Oboade (Obo Addy & family)Osei, Drums, Drum Talk, and Calabash Song (17:17)Kpanlogo PartyLyrichord
Oboade (Obo Addy & family)Kpanlogo and Age Beats (excerpt)Kpanlogo PartyLyrichord
Performers at this year's Soul'd Out Music Festival include three top-notch African artists:  Fatoumata Diawara (Sun. 4/13, Star Theater), Tinariwen (Tue. 4/15, Aladdin Theater), and Bombino (Wed. 4/16, Roseland Theater).   Music from all three were featured on this week's Africa O-Yé! (along with other eclectic sounds).  host: Andy Hosch


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