• suggestions from brash:
    - have the memebership pages illustrate where people's money goes.  tell a story of all the exciting projects that have happened.
  • Suggestions from Dave DeAngelis:  There's a lot of irrelevant information on the
    membership page. Provide users only with the info they
    need to accomplish the desired task, which is to join.
    Make the info easy to visually parse, and to the
    point. In particular, don't provide links that
    distract me. I think some of this info is useful, it
    just doesn't belong on this page.

    Try to reduce the amount of content so that it's all
    above the fold.

    The font size is too big. Make if consistent with the
    rest of the site.

    Fix the bullets. Basically, remove the <h5> tags.

    Some text is centered. Make it left justified.

    Some info that I'm interested in is below the fold by
    default on my 17" monitor set to 1280-by-1024, and
    with the browser maximized. In particular, I'm
    thinking of  he Thank you gifts link. Put the useful
    info above the fold.

    I don't like the online application form style, it's
    so 1997 ;-). Can we brand this page at all? For
    example, WGBH uses a third party
    However, the pledge page is at least branded properly
    and retains the look and feel of the WGBH site, more
    or less.

    Also, KPFA does a really nice job branding their
    support page using a third party.

    You might consider embedding our application form in
    an iframe. There are advantages and disadvantages to
    this approach. Probably not worth doing...

    The form information (that is not unique to the web
    site) should be identical to the information that's
    delivered via other channels. For example, supply
    users with a radio group that contains the usual
    pledge choices such as $40, $60, etc. In fact, this
    info is given on the pledge page, but not on the form

    The View T-Shirts and More link on the form is a
    really good idea, but clicking it takes me away from
    the form. OUCH! You should use a pop-up window in this

    Here are some pledge forms from similar organizations
    that we can use as models (their
    form is pretty good, but I include them mainly because
    they use Drupal).

    Can we tell people something about the security of the
    transaction? I know that a secure HTTP connection is
    being used, but adding some content that explains this
    fact might make some people more comfortable.


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