News and Public Affairs Special on 09/11/08

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Thu, 09/11/2008 - 8:00am - 9:00pm
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"Those who would forego liberty for security deserve neither." -Thomas Jefferson


September 11th Special: The War on Liberty since 9/11 (7AM-9PM)

7 Democracy Now

8 Voices from the Edge Talk radio -  Dave Mazza hosts a conversation about what its like to be a Muslim seven years after 9.11.We'll be talking with Dr. Kambiz Ghaneabassiri, Carnegie Scholar and Associate Professor of Religion and Humanities at Reed College, about the history and composition of Portland's Muslim community. We'll also be talking with Ahmed Rehab, communications director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, about whether conditions for the Muslim community have improved across the nation over the past seven years, as well as with the spokesperson for the Islamic Center of Greater Portland about conditions today for Portland's Muslims. police repression against Muslims since Sept. 11, 2001

9 Theresa - The militarization of domestic police and use of military in domestic situations. Guests include Marjorie Cohn president of the National Lawyers Guild and a professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, where she teaches criminal law and procedure.

Also Jenka Soderberg reports on black helicopters in Portland.

10  Linda Olson Osterlund speaks with Eric Lichtblau about the remaking of the Justice Dept.

10:30 Fusion Centers - Joanne Zuhl interviews Mike German, ACLU (former FBI)

11 - An excerpt from a recent Portland talk by Lt. Col. Bob Bowman, founder of The Patriots and President of the Institute for Space and Security Studies and 9/11 Truth Candidate for Congress.

11:15 - The USA PATRIOT Act: An overview.

11:40 - Cris Andreae speaks with Brandon Mayfield on the current court case against the USA PATRIOT Act

12:00 - Steven Wax, lawyer for Brandon Mayfield

1:00 - Jenka Soderberg interviews Michael Ratner of the Center for Constitutional Rights on The Bill of Rights and Guns and Butter.

1:30 - Green scare - Lauren Regan, Oregon lawyer, Mark Richtel - lawyer for Eric McDavid

2:30 - Archive Special: Lecture on McCarthyism at Reed College - 1973

3:15 - 4:00 - Stories from the families of Guantanamo detainees

4:00 - Andy Worthington on Guantanamo, 'enemy combatants' and torture

4:30 - The American Psychological Association and the use of Torture: Linda Olson Osterlund interviews Stephen Soldz, founder of Psychoanalysts for Peace and Justice..

5:00 - Getting corporations out of the picture - Pete Anderson interviews Ralph Nader

5:30 - Tom Nelson - Al Haramain lawyer

6 - We the People (Civil Liberties)

7 - 9 Peace and Justice Studies Association opening plenary: Tom Hastings, Margaret Groarke, Hibakusha, Felice and Jack Cohen-Joppa, John LaForge: A live broadcast from PSU.


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