Here we go ...


Enough already. Welcome to the launch of the new Abe and Joe Show blog. Writing a blog as a sort of addendum to the radio show is something I've been kicking around for awhile, so here we go.

This blog will complement the show in that it will give listeners someplace to go to look at the source material I cite on the air, as well as the opportunity to bone up prior to Tuesday morning -- I plan to submit a reading list of articles, quotes, citations, etc. from which each week's show (at least from my perspective) grows.

But I want the blog to be able to stand alone on its own merits as a work of commentary and analysis. We'll see how that goes ...

I'll be writing about the topics we discuss on the show, of course, and taking advantage of the blogosphere's remarkable capacity to direct traffic instantly to other sites where like-minded people congregate, all participating in this new sort of organic intellectual dynamism that's going on. I'm of the opinion that the Internet, in political terms, is a development on the order of the Gutenberg printing press. More on that later.

And soccer. I'll write about soccer too.

In any event, welcome. Thank you all for your continuing support of the show, and I hope you enjoy this online addition.


The caller "putting our bodies"....

Re: The caller who spoke for putting our bodies between "the machine" and "the people"... taking our "power" back.........

He ALMOST had it right. He stated the government was working for CORPORATIONS and not the people.

So doesn't it make sense to put ourselves between CORPORATIONS and their dollars?

Or putting ourselves between POLITICIANS and their dollars?

How about stopping POLITICIANS from spending their every working day raising money for BROADCASTING CORPORATIONS? Including the one running this program.

The answer is always the wallet. They have worked for 100 years to empty OUR wallets... let's take the MONEY power back: Let's take down their system by bankrupting THEM.

Money being the lifeblood of corporations, and of corporation owned governments;
why don't we close our wallets?

What happened to the Revolutionary spirit of BOYCOTT?

also: Kudos to the woman caller who pointed out the fact that we shouldn't focus on smaller issues.


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