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Wed, 07/02/2008



Chris Andreae



When the region at last bestirs itself sufficiently to
attain escape velocity and we secede from the USofA, LNG will at last be a dead
game.  Until, it’s still one of the main
games in town.  Haven’t heard much from
the coast recently.  Comes this blast
from The Gas:  The Coast Guard (Whose
name would lead you to believe that the agency was charged with , well,
guarding the coast…)   says that there
are safety and navigation problems with the proposed Coos Bay Jordan Point facility.  Correct me if I’m off here, but “safety” and “navigation” issues
ought to be major disqualifiers right up front.  Ah, well…Coast Guard Captain F.G. Myer says the bay isn’t
suitable for the terminal….wait for it….but they are damn well going to “make
it suitable”.   (By eliminating “safety”
and “navigation”?    Hand me the
binocs;  I think I see  some sort of massive pillar of fire to the

Weighing in on the Wyden LNG forum, activist Brokenfeather
reminds you  (And Ron) that Oregon is
gold when it comes to sustainable energy industries.  Timber payments?  The Feds
will never pay us for stealing the trees right out from under our skies, but
fuck ‘em:  we have any number of
alternatives that would benefit the economy as well as the environment.  

The Silverton police in a rare departure from normal
operating procedures, shot a white guy.

Leeches Still Playing a Major Role in Medicine:   Oregon’s Blue Cross/Blue Shield,  got on board the Loot Train and upped their
rates by 26%.  What Happened:  The huge insurer looked around and
concluded:  1,  The US economy is going down, so grab everything you can and get
the hell out.  2,  People are so fucking apoplectic with rage
about lack of affordable medicine, that the nation is actually going to shift
over to the more enlightened Canadian/ European  universal healthcare plan and eliminate the “insurance”

Teacher merit pay? Well, yes.  But then I believe we
should have elected official merit pay, parent merit pay, police merit
pay.   On the other hand, parents
perhaps ought to be encouraged to either stop squirting out babies or take
charge of the business instead of leaving it up to the schools to raise their
squalling offspring.

What’s up with Washington? They’ve got a new Migrant Council CEO and they’re putting assisted
suicide on the November ballot.  I see
connections everywhere….

And in our The Balloon Has Gone Up Dept.  This just in (And up!)  From Bend, Oregon where the plucky Kent
Couch  & Co. are blowing up balloons
in preparation for liftoff this Saturday. Man wants to go to Idaho in his lawn chair, I say give him a hand
up.  (Just watch out for the wolves, if
you land in a remote area, Kent…)

Sometimes A Great Nation – But Not Very Often…

California is still in the business of pissing off
Oregonians.  This time by catching on
fire and sending asthmatics to the hospital in droves.  Yes the Golden State is pretty much that
indeed these days.  And the people who
get paid to figure these things out say it’s going to get worse.  Seeing Big Sur burn down to the ocean it
heartsickening.  Same forecasters are
intimating that global climate change may be the reason for the

catastrophic rains in the Midwest as well.   Reminding us once again that the classical
definition of a tragedy is the unfolding of dreadful, deadly events paralyzed
in the knowing what the outcome will be and powerless to stop it from

Ley lines:  The US
economy is in deep trouble.  Finance is
an environment like everything else. It’s only a qualitative difference. And rather a quantitative distance: For all intents and purposes, Wall Street is flooding and on fire….

And the -  territory
crosshatched as it is - stretches ever outward.  The Dole Roll lengthens;  more and more people are losing their jobs.  Which is, of course, why the nation is running low – fumes,
actually – on unemployment insurance.

Vanity Fair magazine waterboarded Christopher Hitchens.  (Doubt if they got anything out of him
beyond senile rantings…Although I would have been delighted if Hitchens had
confessed to blowing a Hole in the USS Cole…)

Settle This:  NYC has
got the fucking bloody gall to dangle the idea of a “settlement” in front
of  Sean Bell’s family.  There’s a special city in Hell for people
who would do that…and Rudy Giuliani is the mayor….

And speaking of Hell, what the hell are you doing reading
this when you really ought to  have a
look at Seymour Hirsh’s latest piece in the New Yorker, ‘Preparing the
Battlefield’…The balloon, indeed, has gone up…And this one isn’t heading for

Three West African Bushmen recruited to build a mud-hut at
the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia have been denied visas because – aside
from simply being Bushmen – they didn’t fill out the forms correctly.

“Blow to the FARK” – But you can hear that phrase anywhere
today.  It’s virtually seeping out of
the air.  The Colombian government
somehow “tricked” FARK into loading up the hostages and sending them back from
the jungle jungle to the concrete jungle. Or even media jungle, if you will. Believe the “brave commando” tale? Well, it makes a good story if you’re FOX News.

Seems like just yesterday that Palestinian homeowner, Hussam
Dwayat went nuts and destroyed a broad swath of precious Israeli person and
property.  And now today, Israel’s vice
(And how!) premier came up with the notion of cutting off outlying Arab
neighborhoods from Jerusalem.  For the
record, Dwayat drove a massive construction vehicle into buses, cars, buildings
and people.  His vehicle of choice was
identical to the bulldozers that Israelis use on a regular basis to demolish
Palestinian homes, fields, automobiles, and for that matter, Palestinians.  And why did Dwayat do this?  Because the Israelis were all set to destroy
his own home (With bulldozers, natch…) on grounds that it was “illegally”
built.  In point of fact, that’s the
only kind of building Palestinians can build in Jerusalem because it’s
impossible to get the permits from Israeli authorities








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