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Tue, 04/22/2008


Get This:  Voting Fraud in Pennsylvania?  The Chinese weapons ships turned back from Zimbabwe’s shores are heading our way…

Chris Andreae



  1. Full Mental Jacket:  Washington’s Patty Murray wants Dr. Ira Katz – he’s the top Veterans Affairs mental health officer - to resign.  Fall on his sword, so to speak.  Katz is the fellow who tried to cover up the rising number of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans who have committed suicide.
  2. The Life Aquatic:  The House approved the Copper Salmon Wilderness coastal refuge.  Another huge PR coup for legislators who can’t seem to bring themselves to lead the way out of this bog of rampant consumption that is eventually going to bury us in our own waste.  Yes, it’s nice to have a marine reserve but that’s only a microscopic piece of a Big Bad Picture.  (Drive to beach on highway 26 recently?  They’ve clear-cut the hills for mile upon mile.  Go take a look.)  And people who should know better are still calling the disappearing salmon a “mystery”…Maybe the fish committed suicide – it could happen…
  3. Cold-Cropped:  The weather zapped trees and plants all over Oregon – but then if you were dumb enough as some farmers apparently were, to leave the automated sprinkler systems up and running, then the frozen flowers shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.
  4. A Louisiana company got whacked a quarter of a million dollars for dumping fertilizer into the Oregon ocean in order to avoid landfill fees.  (The fees no doubt approximate the fine…and anyway, the chemicals are going to find their way into the water one way or another.  Smart legislation would outlaw the toxic – them illegal dumping and landfills would be moot points at best.  But there’s gold in ‘Them thar fills’, so it’ll never happen.)
  5. The Guv at his delirious best rejected a closed Coast Range rail line.  Guess we’ll just keep burning that gas until the vandals take the handles off the pumps for good…
  6. Down the Rabbit Hole:  It starts here:  Candidate Jeff Merkley returned a campaign contribution from frequent KBOO guest and activist,  Hala Gores.  This, because Gores – quite rightly – accused Israel of terrorism.  Merkley, scrambling to regain his “position”, (one on either side of the fence), says he is pro-Palestinian state and pro-Israeli security.  Alas for Mr. Merkley, he went after contributions from Palestinian supporters and then turned around and showed ‘em the cheek with the ‘Israel’ tattoo on it.  (He’ll make a perfect senator!  The AIPAC money is already cascading in…)
  7. Not to be overlooked in the Land of the Blind, Sam Adams says Portland is going to grow by 300 thousand consumers in the next few years.  The people actually charged with planning for growth say the number is more like 150 thousand.  Either way, that’s more people than the land can bear and “growth” is just another word or cancer…
  8. Clinton won the Pennsylvania primary.  And Strange Things went on with voting machines in predominantly African-American neighborhoods.
  9. Turns out Christine Todd-Whitman, the EPA Czar at the time of 9/11 isn’t going to be held accountable for telling rescue, clean-up workers and the general public that the air at Ground Zero was a poisonous pea-soup fog of toxins…Because?  Because “legal remedies are not always available for every instance of arguably deficient governmental performance.”  (Take a few deep, cleansing breaths after that last thought…)
  10. American women don’t live as long as they used to.  (Obama supporters take note…)
  11. Smog causes “premature death”.  (Wha?  You mean like it kills you?)
  12. Senior Moment:  Bush’s senior drug benefit is a failure but not for all beneficiaries – that would be the ones who managed to evade “premature death.”  (Let’s not forget that the AARP played addled cheerleader to the gutting of Medicare...)
  13.  The dead cow industry backs a ban on downer cows.
  14. Walk The Line:  The administration’s virtual fence design to protect Arizona from Mexico is a dismal failure.  (Next time they should do it right:  Hire a bunch of laid-off geeks from Dreamworks to make a CGI “fence”.  Disguise it inside a huge mall and no one will notice that the razor wire flickers during electrical storms…)
  15. In Louisiana, it took thousands in taxpayers’ money and a federal judge to stop a bunch of  “militant” Christian fundamentalist extremists from forcing bibles on school children.
  16.  Busy day for old Scotus… The Supremes ruled that police can conduct searches and seizures of evidence after arrests that sometimes violate state laws – sort of what happened with Christine Whitman post-9/11 and her little fandango with the justice system…
  17. Israel is turning the lights back on in Gaza.  That’s the good news.  The rest of it is, the Israelis only sent over enough petrol to run power plants for about three days – in other words, through Passover.
  18. They rounded up another Israeli-American who had been a bit too liberal with the nuclear secrets.  For a nation that ostensibly hasn’t partaken of the nuclear Kool-Aid, Israel certainly seems to be fascinated with these American nuclear secrets.  (I have it!  Must make effective reading in the bathroom.  Some of that stuff would knock the shit out of a snake…)
  19. Iran is cooperating with the IAEA.  (And you don’t see a bunch of Iranian-American spies getting caught nuke-handed with the goods.
  20. In Iraq, the civilian casualty rate is up, up and away.  (Interesting, isn’t it that for a country with no “weapons of mass destruction”, Iraq has been subjected to some of the worst mass destruction in hundreds of years…)
  21. The first results from a recount of the three-week old Zimbabwe election are out and the winner is…wait for it…Robert Mugabe?  Naaaawww…How that happen?
  22. Super Mario:  One of Alvaro Uribe’s shitbirds crony/cousins got popped for being in cahoots with the right-wing paramilitaries, tried for asylum in Costa Rica and got turned down.  This Senator Mario Uribe is barking up the wrong palm tree:  he should have tried asking Miami for asylum.  They love guys like Marion in Florida…



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