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Prospective volunteers:
Pete - projects from home
Alecia - music podcasts

Video Promo:
Ask bruce about old video by Spider

Social Networks

Projects Descriptions:

Updated community calendar - Implementing an update and we will hand over the moderation of events to community calendar volunteers and anyone else.
Website interactivity - There is interest in creating ways for programmers to post music reviews, picks of upcoming performances, and other related content that would make the website more of a resource for music lovers.  Also: a way for users to rate or review shows and recommend to others.  This would make the site more socially interactive.
Posting AP content - There are a few legal questions we are trying to clarify around the posting of AP news stories on the website.
Obtaining music permissions - Currently we have a form to obtain permission to use music that KBOO records (whether in the studio or on-site.)  We need to create a counterpart for preproduced music.
Music permissions catalog - Many of our producers have already received permission from artists to use their music.  We will be creating a system to make it simple to catalog these at the station and for programmers to search this catalog of "permitted music."  The catalog will need to be organized to account for the different levels of permission that artists give.
Licensing fees - There is interest in exploring ways for us to offer pay-per-download music that would be affordable. 
Digital audio equipment for air room - Deena has suggested equipment for playing (downloading and mixing) mp3s.  This was proposed last summer and cut from the budget.  Levi has suggested equipment that automates our broadcast to be uploaded to the web.
Other online fundraising - There is interest in researching online ads, member-only content, and more...

The following are continuous tasks that we can always use volunteer help with:

Trainings - there are still many volunteers signed up to be trained in using the website.  There are other, more advanced, topics we can offer as trainings.  We have some people giving trainings but could use more.
Social networking - our online social networks like myspace and facebook need regular updating.
Website - there are various aspects of the website that need regular updating.  Web knowledge required.
Uploading - some volunteers need regular help with uploading their files.


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