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Thu, 03/27/2008


Get This:  Unappealing:  The federal appeals court upheld Mumia Abu Jamal’s murder conviction.

Chris Andreae



  1. There’s good news and bad news:  The Hillsboro cyclist who was hit by a car gets $12 thousand dollars.  And the bad news?  She wanted $85 thousand for pain, suffering and medical bills.  Turns out she was riding in the wrong place…. And the driver of the car wasn’t in the “wrong place”?  Cyclists, it’s a murky world out there…
  2. Fish Fry:  The Federal Salmon Recovery Plan isn’t going to work because it fails to take climate change into account.
  3. A Utah company is building a geothermal power plant near Klamath Falls.  Great idea!  But here’s the thing; There are a lot of Great Notions out there but none seem to have occurred to Oregon’s cash-strapped rural communities.  Why is it always a foreign concern or at least an out-of-state operation that does the heavy lifting?  Could it be because The Rural can’t figure out how to survive without cutting down all the trees…
  4. Sign of the Times:  Thieves are making off with any and everything that isn’t nailed down.  Example:  Moss-troopers, free-booters, papparees and reivers made off with a huge generator not fifty feet from a light rail construction site.  The machine was equipped with GPS, but still…
  5. Not Rocket Science:  Oregon isn’t dead last in the nation when it comes to teaching technology in schools.  The honors belong to Rhode Island, Nevada and DC.  Maybe if schools did a better job of teaching and students did a better job of learning in fields related to technology, rural counties wouldn’t have to send out for brains or wait by the mailbox for the timber payments to come back.
  6. ‘Who’s Where’:   Grandpa wandered off again?  Log on to the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office website and find out where your friends and family really are at.  Yes, you are just a few keystrokes away from knowing Who’s In and Who’s Out.
  7. Souled Out:   A Wisconsin bioscience company and…wait for it…Shell Oil have come up with a process that converts plant sugars directly into gasoline  (Dinosaurs make bad middlemen, I guess…).  But let’s look again:  This biofuel outfit sold its soul to the Devil, who in turn will convert it into gas and sell it back to you.
  8. A JPMorgan-Chase interoffice memo is making the rounds – outside the company, as it turns out.  The memo is really all you need to understand the mortgage market meltdown.  The title, “Zippy Cheats & Tricks” says it all…
  9. The USA Patriot Act search and seizure protection deconstruction is being used in drug cases now.  (And I say, Why the hell not!  The War on Drugs has been reconstituted as a War on Terror.  Picture the DEA guys slapping one another on the back and telling themselves, If only we’d thought of this sooner!  (The Scene:  “War on Drugs?  Wait…We thought we were fighting the War on Rugs.  Sorry about your carpet, lady.”)
  10.  Former Alabama Governor Don  “don” Siegelman is out of jail.  He was in there on corruption charges but they let him walk pending appeal.  (Unlike oh, say, Briana Waters who has been labeled a ‘flight risk.’  And Siegelman isn’t?
  11. Racists On Parade!:  A federal appeals court upheld the murder conviction against Mumia Abu Jamal but ruled that the death-row journalist cannot actually be executed without a new sentencing hearing.  No wonder other nations are underwhelmed by ‘Justice The American Way.’
  12. A twenty-two year old fellow in Florida (Why is it always Florida?)  with no experience whatsoever (Other than being a resident of Florida, of course…) landed himself a $300 million dollar defense contract to supply munitions to US and Afghani troops.  Problem number two:  He supplied crappy munitions.  Other than that, the enterprising young merchant of death says on his MySpace page, “I’m a super-nice guy!”  - Whatever you say, Efraim…
  13. He’s The Very Model of a Modern Major Gen-er-al: Now that Admiral William Fallon has struck out for Team Crony, by refusing to nuke Iran, the next boyo up to bat is Lieutenant General Martin Dempsey – kinda Hollywood, kinda ‘Sure-I-Would’.  We’ll see.
  14. Why They Hate Us Dept.:  Air strikes on Basra today.  (Anybody noticed that the midstream media hasn’t gone near that main story in Iraq?  This past month was the fifth anniversary of the annihilation of the Cradle of Civilization and the Iraq’s are “sending a message.”  We can’t hear them tell us to go home because the media won’t take the bags off our heads.)
  15. Example:  The headline is, ‘Iraqi Government Holds Emergency Session’  (Then runs for its life.)
  16. Britain’s Defense Ministry has publicly admitted that it tortured nine Iraqi men, one of whom was killed.
  17. There’s some sort of border war going on Down Mexico Way.
  18. Deputy Secretary of State John  ‘Iran-Contra’ Negroponte says the US won’t meddle in Pakistani affairs even now that American fingeripuppet, Pervez Musharraf’s career as tin-pot dictator appears to be at a close.
  19. Farmers in Argentina are still adamantly on strike.
  20. Monks in Lhasa are still adamantly pro-Tibet and anti-China.
  21. Vietnam, the world’s second largest rice exporter, has stopped exporting rice.
  22. And Zimbabwe’s crackpot leader Robert Mugabe wants you to know that in no way did he intend to influence the outcome of tomorrow’s election when he gave away those brand-new automobiles to doctors...  (Mistake, Bob; you should have given those cars to the lawyers…)



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