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Sun, 03/23/2008


Get This:  The “official”  American soldier death toll in Iraq is 4,000 and counting

Chris Andreae



  1. It’s official!”  The death toll in the Iraq war is 4,000 – and that’s just the midstream media weighing in.  The world treads carefully in the presence of American , arrogance and belligerence.  Not wishing to provoke the ignorant, bloated, brutal, playground bully, the international press is cautious.  When it remarks at all on the plight of Iraqi refugees, the festering anger and resentment of a population that has lost so much – loved ones, homes, lives – the global community lowers its eyes and speaks in a whisper when – or perhaps if – it speaks at all of the plague of American occupation and the thousands upon thousands of slaughtered Iraqis.  American media refers to many of the dead as “insurgents”, as though this somehow excuses the murders.  But the very fact of occupation redefines citizens as “insurgents.”  Who would not resist the foreign occupation of one’s sovereign land?
  2. ‘You Can’t Make an Omelet without Breaking Eggs’:  Easter Sunday in Baghdad saw the hallowed Green Zone taking hits.  Attacks all over the country are rising – as is the anti-Syria and Iran rhetoric in Washington.  Now that the melodrama of an election year and all the attendant scandal, is in full swing…It won’t be long now.  
  3. Martha Odom says:  More than one thousand Portland students walked out last week to protest the war and the End of the Beginning.  And ‘Now Through April’, join the spring Flood to Impeach.  You could, of course, Read All About It, but there is much work to do and the hour is very late…
  4. Last Friday, three members of the ‘Seriously Pissed-Off Grannies’ plus one local spontaneous activist were arrested at the NE Broadway military recruiting center.    What the SPOG was doing was holding what has become an annual Good Friday event commemorating all that blood on so many hands.  “God” may be on Our Side, but I’d bet money that His son is as pissed off as the demonstrators at the recruitment center…
  5. Strip Search:  Police officers – 23 of them – in Washington and Idaho have been stripped of their badges for a wide array of crimes and misdemeanors.  They get to keep their guns, I believe. 
  6. Rush:   In Southern Oregon, panning for gold is back.  Who’s making money?  That’s right!  The people selling gold-panning equipment.
  7. Meanwhile, back in Salem, the Guv is still selling off Oregon piece by green piece.  Casinos in the Gorge!  Golf courses in Bend!  LNG terminals along our rivers and shores!  But think of the jobs these out-of-state (Hell, out-of-country…) tax-exempt corporations will bring.  Wanted: Water enthusiast willing to swim under tourist fishing boats and impale farmed fish from Safeway on the hooks.  Who’s gullible now, Skipper?
  8. Oregon’s only rural policy director just lost his job thanks to the looting of America.  But that’s Okay, because the Oregon Economic Development boyos are hard at work in Salem paving the way to paving rural ways…
  9. Finally the penny has dropped and it didn’t have all that far to fall.  People who live in…Well, in rural areas are starting to worry about this LNG pipeline that was recently approved.  It is going to cut a swath the size of a freeway through forest, field and stream – with no rural policy director to raise environmental questions.  California, Here It Comes!
  10. Inc.-ed!  More employers here and across the nation are fingerprinting employees – it’s that or no employment.  (I suppose there will still be jobs, putting fish on hooks and standing along I-5 dressed as trees so the tourists don’t notice the clear-cutting (Or the massive LNG track either…)
  11. Finally – One good idea:  the railroad company that runs the trains between Southern Oregon and Northern California is spending $5 million dollars on improvements in order to keep the line running.  It costs a handful of dollars to run a freight train hundreds of miles.  Think about it. 
  12. See, there are solutions to rural poverty, environmental degradation, all the tough stuff…Trouble is, the real money flows through different pipelines, by-passing the needy all together…
  13. To no one’s great surprise, America is a little squeamish about taking in Iraqis whom we have rendered homeless.  These masses of refugees are not only “tired”, “poor” and “huddled”;  They quite understandably may have lost that loving feeling towards the Yanqui jackboot.
  14. Protestors disrupted an Easter Mass in Chicago yesterday (One old fart complained that the demonstration “frightened the children”.  Right.  And I suppose the wholesale slaughter of innocent Iraqi civilians, that isn’t something that scares the kiddies…(No.  I suppose it doesn’t.  After all, they already own the video game…)
  15. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs:  A Cargill meat packing plant in Arkansas exploded.
  16. A fishing boat sank off the coast of Alaska, taking with it 145 thousand gallons of diesel.  (“exploring” the Alaskan Wilderness for oil reserves is way off the mark.  There’s tons of the stuff floating around in the water…)
  17. The Bible Belt is weathering Bible-grade flooding.
  18. Iraqi fighters lit up the Green Zone for Easter.
  19. Hamas and Fatah are finding their own way to an understanding – minus any Great Powers roadmap.  The Yemeni government is mediating the deal at the upcoming Arab League summit in Damascus.
  20. In Burma a member of the human fallout from his nation’s disastrous experiment in totalitarian madness. Has immolated himself on the steps of Yanygon’s deliriously beautiful Shwedagon Pagoda.  (The only thing worse than the junta would be if someone discovered oil underneath Myanmar…Wait, I think they did…
  21. Chinese officials have accused the Dalai Lama of planning the bloodshed in Tibet.  (Proving once again that the rest of the world has taken a lesson or two from the American playbook:  when you cause immeasurable bloodshed and suffering, blame it on the victim…)



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