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Tue, 03/11/2008


Get This:  March 16 is the 5th anniversary of Rachel Corey’s death by ‘dozer, and record profits for Caterpillar…

Chris Andreae



  1. Don’t Bet On It:  The Monday night casino meeting in Cascade Locks was a sold-out affair.  Backers showed up in full force, an ignorant army of opportunists eager to cash in on a pipedream.  Who’s going to maintain the highways to this place?  (There isn’t a major airport for miles around).  Who’s going to scrape up the I-84 traffic fatalities?  Who’s going to pay for all the death and destruction the pollution will cause?  Who is going to eat all the shit the place will produce? Or are they planning on simply pumping it straight into the Columbia River?  And by the time Mr. & Mrs. America arrives in the family SUV they’ll be too broke to play the slots.  Here’s a safer bet:  You want a casino off tribal land?  Put it at Oaks Park or over on Swan Island.  (And don’t tell me that I am “racist” for objecting to this latest assault on the environment.  I don’t care who or what ethnic identity wants to build Las Vegas-on-the-Columbia, the environment is not ours to despoil.  We hold it in trust for future generations.  This “racist” argument is the same solipsism that asserts those who oppose Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians as “anti-Semitic”.  Put money on that.)
  2. Duck, Duck, Goose:  The unfortunate bird hit a pole, knocking out power to a sewage treatment plant, spewing ripe offal into the Willamette, a body of water that can’t seem to get a break. 
  3. At Your [Forest] Service:  Increased grazing on public lands has threatened an already endangered rare frog.  (Money has to be involved here, somehow.  Americans place a fat, bloody steak higher up on the list of priorities than a tiny amphibian linked to every other creature in evolution’s constellation…)
  4. Terminal Disease:  The heat is on federal authorities to pay more attention to local concerns about proposed liquefied natural gas terminals in Oregon.
  5. Case In Point:  The Clatsop County Board of commissioners has rescheduled a meeting at which the Commissioners are going to consider final approval of Bradwood Landing LLC’s consolidated land-use application.  (Are we still seriously thinking about letting this nest of vipers into the state?  Throw them out.  Throw all of these prelapsarian gold-diggers out of Oregon.  Don’t ever let them back – not even to visit the Oaks Park Casino and Roller-Spa….)
  6. “The Play’s The Thing”:  So now after the Sherwood students put on their acclaimed play about bullying, ‘Higher Ground’ in Portland because the school kicked them out, it has come to This: The Sherwood School district is investigating Jennie Brown, the middle school drama teacher who wrote the play.  Sherwood, too close to Portland in miles;  Too far away in time…(Closer to Gresham, actually!)
  7. A Mine Is A Terrible Thing To Waste:  . Southwest Oregonians are anxiously watching a Senate Committee get set to debate the Hardrock Mining Act or 1872.  Subtle seismic changes in the price of gold have attracted the usual swarm of wasps to the picnic.  (Again, this is public land that’s in play:  Speculators want to call the “wild and scenic” Chetco River their own.  You are the ‘public’ in ‘public land’.  Unless you want to see your “wild and scenic places” turned into sludge for Us and gold for Them, pay attention…) 
  8. The federal government, like an ally cat with the shits, is frantically trying to cover its mess at Hanford.
  9. The House of Representatives passed a resolution to create an independent bipartisan panel of non-lawmakers to review and investigate ethics violations by House members – at least the Democratic ones.  Republican ethics violations are an established cornerstone of the GOP.
  10. Case In Point:  The House failed to override Bush’s veto of America’s pro-torture leadership in the world’s playing fields.
  11. Creatures aren’t Coming Back from the Lagoon:  Corn-ethanol is killing the Gulf of Mexico.  All the run-off from the agribusiness Fields of Gold winds up in the water where it extinguishes the aquatic life forms it encounters there.
  12. CenCom career soldier Admiral William Fallon is “taking early retirement”  (As contrasted with taking an early bullet for Bush).  But we are admonished not to panic:  It’s not like he was forced out for refusing to attack Iran…)
  13. There’s absolutely no link whatsoever between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda.  But telling that to Americans is like telling a stampeding herd of bison that the prairie really isn’t on fire…
  14. What You Don’t See – Can Continue to Hurt People:  The United States has denied the top United Nations expert on torture access to prisoners held by American troops in Iraq.  (Perhaps though, they could get a peek at the ones held by private contractors…if the price is right…)
  15. Around The World In Eighty Days:  In Britain, the top cop who outed the CIA torture taxi flights through Diego Garcia?  Well, Chief Constable Michael Todd went out for a walk one evening and didn’t come back…
  16. Brazil’s thousands of landless blockaded the railway operated by mining giant Vale.  It isn’t just that they have no place to live;  Multinational corporations have made sure that the outdoor life is uninhabitable as well…
  17. Oh Little Town Of:   The Trade Union of Palestinian Journalists organized a sit-in in Bethlehem.  They don’t like the kidnapping of journalist Abdul Jawad.  The International Middle East Media Center has the story, apparently none of the rest of the world’s journos got wind of it…
  18. Caterpillar Inc. the world’s largest manufacturer of bulldozers posted record profits this week and projected that given the direction the planet is heading, even balmier days are coming for the company.  Yes!  That Caterpillar, the very one that made the dozer piloted by the Israeli chap who murdered Rachel Corey with his machine.  And speak of the Devil!  The fifth anniversary of the murder comes this Sunday, March 16th…Ah, but the world is full of these sorts of coincidences:  Take the fact that the steel girders from the World Trade Center rubble were exactly the right size to fit on Controlled Demolition’s trucks…Go figure.
  19. The leader of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem says that the trash-talk launched by Israelis against their Palestinian brethren really isn’t helping matters.  (He didn’t say if thought that Condoleeza Rice has made a dent in the situation.)
  20. Just In Time For Christmas!  The US dropped China from its list of the world’s worst human rights violators.  (But added it to the list of worst polluters…)



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