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Thu, 02/28/2008


Get This:  America’s torture ‘party planner’, William Haynes is leaving “public service.”

Chris Andreae



Note:  My apologies to readers/listeners.  I have been tardy getting Get This out there this week. 


  1. Still Secular After All These Years:  Oregon is probably not the nation’s “greenest” any longer, but we’re still the most secular. (Unless you count skateboarding churches that seem destined to turn out the graduating class of waterboarders…)
  2. ‘Salmon run’ or ‘Salmon! Run!’?  Judge James Redden is about the only man standing between the Bush administration and its entourage of special interest groups (The nation’s most striking example of the elision of public and private sector influence since Our Founding Terrorists fought their way out of Britain’s clutches…).  Redden has ordered that Columbia River dams be operated under last year’s guidelines in order to avoid more legal battles until the May election.
  3. All of which is really a moot point since Eastern Washington farmers plan to siphon off all the fish water in the Columbia River anyway.  The little water that was there in the aquifers in the first place is all but gone.
  4. The new “Nonpartisan Congressional Scorecard” is out this week and the Children’s Defense Fund Action Council found that Oregon had only one elected official that made the ‘A’-list, Congressman David Wu.  (Funding anything to do with children is tantamount to investing in the nation’s future – which makes the “scorecard” an accurate map of America’s TomorrowLand…)
  5. Portland’s Kindergarten through eighth grade schools are getting a little financial bump for math and science next year.
  6. And families of soldiers are getting a tuition waiver.  This is the best idea to come down the pike in a long time:  If the kids of these professional murderers learn some other sort of task, perhaps they won’t be as tempted as their parents were to take that juicy $40 thousand dollar signing bonus.  Skills, not Kills, kids.  If you follow “in your father’s/mother’s footsteps, you too will wind up as lost as they are…
  7. The Sam Barlow High School chapter of MEChA says, “Everyone can be Chicano!”
  8. Yes, it’s true…William Haynes is leaving his post as the Defense Department General Counsel.  Since taking it, the redoubtable Mister Haynes has pushed the Pentagon toward a near-revolution in military law (Right that:  Haynes pushed it from Rule of Law to Rule of Bush.  If you need to look lovable old wild Bill Haynes up, try Wall Street, where his field of expertise has long been held in high regard.)
  9. Whistleblowing In The Wind:  An Environmental Protection Agency official warned her boss, EPA Chief, Stephen Johnson, that if he denied California’s bid to enforce its own tailpipe emissions rules, the agency’s credibility “will be irreparably damaged”.  Margot Oge was right.  It has.
  10. Exxon-Mobil is still – 19 years after the fact – attempting to weasel out of compensating the land and the people whose lives were destroyed by the Exxon-Valdez oil spill.  Lets note here that the oil company knew that Captain Joseph Hazelwood was a drunk – Fer chrissake, the man was not even allowed to drive a car because of his chronic irredentist drinking problem. – And knew that at the time of the spill Hazelwood wasn’t even on the bridge, having gone below for a moment to take a nip.  The best one can say about it is at least Captain Hazelwood had not technically been drinking while at the helm…
  11. In A Biblical Sense:  New Survey finds that American hasn’t a clue about Islam and other religions.  (Turns out they haven’t a clue about the Bible either.  Individuals questioned after a speech by Mike Huckabee replete with the usual biblical ‘bons mots’, actually had no idea what the familiar phrases meant.  They may be True Believers…True Readers they are not…
  12. In Greensboro, North Carolina, police destroyed 50 boxes of police files documenting the murder of five people at the hands of the Klan back in 1970…C’mon, it’s not like they ever planned to investigate the crime.
  13. Children of the Corn:  Ethanol fires are harder to put out than gasoline ones and require a special type of firefighting foam.
  14. Turkey In The Staw-nghold:  Iraq condemns Turkey’s incursion into the PKK stronghold in northern Iraq.  And so does the US, for that matter – though American warlords in-country have to be a little delicate about expressing their disapproval lest the Turks kick out some of our “non-permanent” military bases.
  15. Shooting Banks:  Fattah leader, Mahmoud Abbass’s government is accused of torture.  (But, hell, just living in occupied Palestinian territory under the Israel jackboot is torture…)
  16. You Know It’s Bad When…:  Former UN SecGen, Kofi Annan has given up on resolving Kenya’s election problem for Kenyans – and it turns out that this is exactly the way Kenyans want it.  They intend to solve the problem themselves.
  17. Ceasefire in Uganda.
  18. Annus Horribilis:  It’s another – the sixth – bloody anniversary for the genocide in Darfur.
  19. Kosovo to Serbia:  ‘See ya in court1’.
  20. And yesterday the dollar hit an all-time low against every other currency in the world except perhaps the Burmese ‘kyat.’



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