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Get This:  A total eclipse of the moon; a meteor streaks Cascadia and the US military shoots down a “rogue” satellite…

Chris Andreae



  1. Oregon lost more jobs this quarter than a hooker with a bad overbite (Is it bad to phrase things that way?) This was the first quarterly loss since 2003.  And the picture is even bleaker when one considers that the jobs that vanished in general paid better than the service sector ones that were created.  It’s going to take some serious ‘stimulus’ to help this ‘package’…
  2. Any yet the State legislature feels obliged to keep trying.  A bill built to make modest reforms to the subprime mortgage lending industry squeezed through the Oregon House yesterday.  Trouble is, the Grand Old Opposition to progressive laws and progressive taxes can’t see past the end of the next million-dollar bonus (Just as the poor are forced to live just to the end of the next paycheck…).  If these people were paid to be smart they would be in as much trouble as the rest of us.  Alas, the money is as dumb as it is elusive - just ask anyone who has ever tried to follow it.  The thing is, if the wealthy investor class learned to think long-term, we would all be better off…
  3. Crime Pays:  Lawmakers are still struggling to get a less expensive crime-fighting initiative on the November ballot.  Less expensive than the tough-guy measure that Kevin Mannix wants.  (Still following the money?  Then it probably wouldn’t surprise you to find that Mannix & Friends are investing in private prison companies…I’m not saying they are;  I’m just saying that it probably wouldn’t surprise you…)
  4. Werewolves of Scumdom:  The Department of the Interior has delisted the gray wolf.  (Slow down, Elmer Fudd – it’s not open season on the wolves yet…)
  5. Wednesday’s LNG meeting in Astoria was packed – despite the fact that it was virtually impossible for us here in Portland to get the date, time and location in advance.
  6. Oregon’s bogus “climatologist” has officially retired to spend more time with his money – Okay, he got an offer he couldn’t refuse in the private sector (Which seems to get more private by the minute…)  Yes, OSU’s gift to global warming, George Taylor, the “State Climatologist” – neither a real climatologist, nor technically a State employee, is finally set adrift in his phlogiston-powered  spaceship to roam the Flat  (But cozy!)  Earth.
  7. Republicans want to put together yet another “task force” charged with studying student safety in schools.  The ‘small government’ people claim there isn’t enough time to actually come up with serious reforms, so let’s pay a bunch of wonks to study it some more…
  8. Advance and Retreat:  The highly successful, effective Oregon Council for Hispanic Advancement is out of money.  (But let’s not lose hope here…Republicans in Salem can always come up with funds to study the problem…)
  9. Oregon is also behind the curve when it comes to turning out high school kids who are actually ready for college.  (This isn’t entirely Oregon’s fault.  Parents all seem to believe that their kids are the Best and the Brightest and thus are entitled to higher education.  This belief has nothing to do with the intrinsic value of learning…No…This all about money.  The degree that gets a person in the door is worth all the education in the world.  It comes down to curiosity vs. greed.  Put your money on greed every time…
  10. The Children’s Hour:  Turns out that Oregon’s child welfare workers spend more time on paperwork than they do on…well, children.
  11. The walleyed, foaming-at-the-mouth gibbering ranks of Republican punditry swollen with sanctimonious rage went after the New York Times for outing John McCain and Vicki-with-an-I Iseman yesterday.  The flash from the explosion obscured the indictment of yet another Republican Congressman - Arizona’s Rick Renzi – on charges of extortion, wire fraud, money laundering and Much More.
  12. Defense Secretary Bob Gates wants all you Chinese people to know that the US is willing to share a few of the juicy details gleaned from the recent missile defense test (Otherwise known as “shooting down a rogue satellite”…).  And he has a special message for both China and Russia:  ‘We didn’t mean anything by it…’
  13. The former chief prosecutor at Guantanamo is willing to testify on behalf of Osama bin Laden’s hapless former chauffeur.
  14. The Media Marches To War:  Military prosecutors say that unaired (But it never hurts to check YouTube) footage of a CBS interview given by a Marine squad leader contains admissions of guilt in the infamous Haditha shootings.  CBS is trying to get the subpoena quashed even as I write this.
  15. Dr. Poof Goes To Jail:  The Justice Department has filed lawsuits against a couple of Midwestern conmen who helped the very wealthy stay that way by defrauding the government of millions in tax revenue.  One of the men was know as ‘Mr. Poof’, an apparent reference of the fate of his clients’ tax liability.
  16. The United Nations human rights commission is concerned about America’s racist criminal justice system.  At the same time as the US is getting hot over accusations that racism played a role in the  sad saga of extraordinary rendition flights.  (Noooo!  You don’t say!)  The UN didn’t mention anything about actually ceasing the flights – just not be so obviously racist about who gets a boarding pass…
  17. Dolphins in southern California are expiring thanks to the Navy’s illegal sonar testing in coastal waters.
  18. So much for Brotherly Love:  Even the United Nations got in on the riot action in Belgrade yesterday, firing teargas canisters into the mob of government-mustered demonstrators.
  19. Serbian nationalists crashed the US embassy.  One body was found but American officials say that it wasn’t an American body so it didn’t count as an actual dead person.
  20. In the southern West Bank village, Al Khader, Israeli Defense Forces attacked a band peaceful Palestinian villages, foreigners and Israel human rights activists.  The demonstrators were marching to protest the illegal construction of an extension of The Wall that’s going up on Palestinian land.
  21. The Kuwaiti embassy in Beirut was evacuated yesterday.  (And we all know America’s knee-jerk (Or perhaps just ‘jerk’) reaction to anyone messing with our Good Friends, the Kuwaitis…
  22. CeaseSurge?  Surgefire?  The media-military complex juggernaut has been trumpeting the effectiveness of Bush’s Big Surge for months now, as we all know.  But now Moqtada al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army ceasefire is up for renewal and it is starting to look like maybe the ‘kinder, gentler’ Baghdad had more to do with al-Sadr than George Bush.  I mean who would you put money on in a fight?
  23. Get On The News:  Turkey launched a balls-out attack on Kurdish separatists in Northern Iraq – not that anyone besides the PKK was paying attention, what with the eclipse, the meteor and the Star Wars test…



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