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Get This:  Remember The ‘Keating Five’ Savings & Loan scandal?  One of those “keatings” was John McCain…

Chris Andreae



  1. In Southern Oregon water drinkers and gravel miners are getting together to discuss their “concerns”…I think we can all see where this is going to go – And it isn’t skinny-dipping at the old quarry.
  2. No salmon on the bus!  Two groups who want to save salmon by removing dams on the Klamath River are suing Tri-Met for refusing to run their ads.  Portland’s rolling billboards have shilled for hundreds of dubious businesses…the difference here is that the “acceptable”  companies  are selling something, making money in the short term.  And the unacceptable Save the Salmon ads advocate long-term investment in the Oregon environment.  That’s about it.
  3. In Medford, Devil-opers are climbing all over themselves to get in the courtroom door.  Measure 37 or Bust.
  4. Ordinance/Ordnance:  While just a time zone away, a coalition of Eastern Idaho residents are suing Fremont County for illegally passing an ordinance that allows more houses to be built on 40-acre properties – with or without a mule.
  5. Never Draw To An Inside Straight:  In California, low-income community groups in five cities are going to fight the Governator every inch of the way to “cap & tradesville.”  It’s Three-card Monte vs the 21-point “Environmental Justice Movement Declaration.”  In essence, that the declaration says is that poor communities are going to be left holding the “cap” while their wealthy – and distant – neighbors get the “trade.”  When heavy polluters buy their way around emissions laws, the emissions wind up afflicting the poor.
  6. Idaho lawmakers voted down a divestment measure that would have dumped millions of dollars in investments currently parked in Sudan.  (Of the world’s many horrors and injustices, this is the classic:  Sudan where life is brutally cheap and scary, where death and starvation watch the sun rise every day, a lot of money is being made by people who live far away and – for now anyway – very well.)
  7. In Oregon, a bill to limit the use of medical marijuana in the workplace failed.  Associated General Contractors was behind the legislation.  (And it would be interesting to know who’s behind Associated General Contractors…)  When you think about all the drugs Americans are on, working weed pales by comparison.
  8. Tipping The Cap to BC:  British Columbia has trumped the rest of Cascadia when it comes to taking the Green initiative.  BC has passed progressive laws that actually discourage the venting of emissions and pollution of the water, woods and soil.  This isn’t cap & trade card tricks.  Canada is doing it right.  (Think of it as a long-term investment in the Province…Care to put money on where we will be vis-à-vis Our Neighbor To The North in the not too distant future? 
  9.  Edison Carder’s program this week concerns the thousands of arseholes out there who let their domestic pet cats kill songbirds because “It’s instinct!”  “Fifi just has to run free!”  Look, if you have a cat that you feed and care for, it is your responsibility to keep that animal away from wild birds.  Let me put it this way:  If I allow my 90-pound German shepherd dog to kill. maim or disfigure Fifi, then you are going to accept my explanation:  “It’s instinct!”  “My dog just has to run free and express herself!”  (Come to think of it, I’m going to sic my dog on your cat if I see it stalking a bird – anywhere, any time…) 
  10. Raising McCain:  Both the New York Times and the Washington Post have laid before us a feast of luscious shit on John McCain.  The Papers of Record say that McCain was “close” with one Vicki Iseman, a telecom lobbyist.  Here’s the pitch:  “Convinced the relationship had become romantic, some of his top advisors intervened to protect the candidate from himself – instructing staff members to block the woman’s access, privately warning her away and repeatedly confronting him.”  Still in all, Vicki managed to get McCain to write a little “straight talk” and “express” it to the FCC on behalf of one of her client communications companies…Dear John…
  11. ‘It’s all Coming Back Now – except the Money’:  That was 1999.  Ten years before that (My how swiftly the old news cycle spins)  Recall the Lincoln Savings & Loan scandal? The $3.4 billion dollars-plus bailout paid out our pockets, Michael Keating and the ‘Keating Five’.  Keating went to prison.  John McCain, one of the ‘five’ did not.  But you only need to scratch the surface of the scheme to see that he should be behind bars today not riding high on the campaign trail…
  12. Clinton and Obama have retired to their corners, to sponge those bruises and prepare to soldier on through Ohio and Texas. 
  13. Another Nice American Boy has been convicted of murdering an Iraqi civilian near Kirkuk last year.  (When you think that it is close to fucking impossible to get a conviction in cases like these unless the defendant was seen naked  on CNN dancing around on the boy, waving his gun in one hand and his willie in the other while sucking on one of the dead man’s eyeballs – when you think that way, it’s easy to see that there must be a million war crimes out their in the City of Lost Souls…
  14. The Reverend Jesse Jackson points out what we all know but would rather not look at:  The subprime mortgage meltdown is the direct result of America’s chronic case of racism.  Black and Hispanic people who not that long ago were being routinely ‘redlined’ out of home ownership, in recent years have been finagled into home loans that lenders knew they could not afford.
  15. Bush to Africa: “Read my lips: No new military bases.”  (Obviously what this means is that the US right now is all set to establish military outposts strategically located to protect Africa’s oil and mineral resources from Africans.
  16. The poisonous rogue satellite got its comeuppance.  Yes we shot that bastard down all right, before it could blast hydrazine in our faces.  (What a story!  And all in the name of making the rest of the world think that the administration wasn’t simply testing out its Star Wars weaponry.   That’s why we had to wait for a nice day on the high seas, so the anti-missile missile wouldn’t fail as it had in the other tests, making us look even stupider to Other Nations.  YEEEHAAAWWW!)
  17. Our boy, Pervez Musharraf is quite likely out of a job.  (But he’d make a cute barista…)
  18. Suicide bombers still plague Iraq.  (Dept. of ‘You Ain’t Seen Nuthin Yet’:  Moqtada al-Sadr is going to end the Mahdi Army’s ceasefire any day now.)
  19. In Kenya, the bloodletting continues.
  20. Our Man In Japan:  A US envoy, Christopher Hill, was forced once again to express “great regret “ and apologize to the people of Japan, especially those in Okinawa who have to put up with an American military base, for yet another soldier raping a little Japanese girl.  This one fourteen years old, although our soldier boys have been know to go for even younger stuff.  (Cognitive disconnect Time-Out:  Just a few days ago, Bush said we aren’t going to have permanent military bases in Iraq and furthermore, we don’t have them anywhere else in the world – not Germany, not the Philippines, not….Wha?…Japan?)
  21. If you happen to come across four laptops with the juicy details of the latest massive oil strike off the coast of South America, Brazil would very much like them back.  (Tip for Brazil:  Have you checked Langley, Virginia?)



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