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Sun, 02/17/2008


Get This:  Oregon’s forests, fish and now farms are disappearing into the ‘new economy’ Black Hole.

Chris Andreae



  1. 1.  There’s No Business Like Sho’s Business:  Lobbyist Len Bergstein commissioned a poll on Portland’s mayoral race – that was before he went to work for contender and PBA cheerleader, Sho Dozono.  Bergstein said he commissioned the poll before Dozono entered the race -   Stay with me here -  So Bergstein claims he didn’t pay for the poll because he hadn’t received the bill (We all know how well that one goes over with Quest, PGE and the rest…).  Dozono is the guy who actually paid for the poll despite the fact that it was conducted – in theory – before he was even running for mayor.
  2. The Gas Game:  The LNG debate is blowing up in the State’s face.  Here were elected officials and their attendant entourage of punditry junketing around the country – the world, even! – selling their audience (That would be investors) on OreGreen…Now, Comes the LNG issue and it doesn’t look good for the State’s PR factory…
  3. Today’s Activist Report has – among other items – this bit of ‘Newspeak’ from the National Marine Fisheries PR people.  “Lethal removal”.  Yes the plan is to control sea lions up at Bonneville Dam by means of “lethal removal.”  The public just hasn’t warmed up to the idea of killing them.  (Come to think of it, it’s illegal, to boot )
  4. Fish?  On their way out – undoubtedly to be shown the door by the advent of LNG -…Forests?  Finished.  The latest news from the Real World beyond Hipsville is that farms are on the way out.  (The alternative universe form of the story goes like this:  Mainstream media reports it so we can infer that the story refers to megafarming, which leaves room for some degree of selective interpretation…)
  5. Slow Boat To China:  air pollution is contributing to the poisoning of Puget Sound – but really, when you think about it, What isn’t?
  6. The Few, The Proud, The Marine Reserves:  Tomorrow is the last in a series of public forums (Technically, that would be ‘fora’) held to draw what’s left of the public’s attention to proposed marine reserves off the Oregon Coast.  Great!  It’ll be the easiest place on the planet to “reserve” marine life:  There’s practically none left.  (And Coos Bay?  Your proposed LNG isn’t helping matters.  You can kiss-off the last of the fishing industry and the only tourists who are going to make their way to The Bay will be the kind of people who collect videos of car accidents and follow tornados around Oklahoma…)
  7. Born To Be Wild:  It’s safe to be born at home!  Good news for those whose cars have been repossessed.  Bad news if your home has been repossessed.
  8. Schools have apparently been allowing sex abuse to go on behind closed doors (Well, I suppose if it’s going to happen it’s better that it not be out in the street where it scares the horse…).  And another question:  Isn’t it hard to keep an eye on this stuff when the teaching profession amounts to merely getting through the day without being shot by deranged students.
  9. Oregon uses the word “squaw” on more creeks, gulches, and rivers and peaks that any other state in the country.  And it’s been seven years since lawmakers started asking themselves if maybe we shouldn’t do something about it. 
  10. Primary School:  The Washington primary:  whatever else one can say about it, at least citizens are finally learning how government is made.  (That and they are realizing how truly bent the American electoral process really is.  Essentially, we are Kenya, with guns instead of machetes…)
  11. The Big Story on the A/P at the weekend was of course, the Southern California slaughterhouse workers who abused and mistreated sick, dying cows in horrendous ways before slashing away the last threads of the animals’ poor, ruined lives.  143 million pounds of beef were recalled…but not before it could be fed to schoolchildren.  If there is anything good that can be said about this, let’s hope that the whole nation sees the videos and never forgets what they see.  If nothing else, the children who ate the meat should be shown exactly what it takes in terms of inhuman cruelty to make them the tubby little brats they are today…
  12. More Kennedy assassination documents turned up – and not a moment too soon for a citizenry badly in need of distraction from the charms of Barack Obama…
  13. Eighty-six year-old New Hampshire State Representative, Betty Hall, is heading up an initiative to impeach Bush and Cheney.  (Good thing we didn’t “kill everyone over thirty” as we were lustily exhorted to do Back In The Day…If we had, there would be no one left to lead the radical movement in this nation currently so far “under God” it’s the legislative equivalent of waterboarding the Constitution.
  14. The US sheriff’s deputy who dumped a quadriplegic man out of his wheelchair has been charged with felony abuse.  ‘Mad Cop Disease’ – it’s a terrible thing.
  15. LAX had to be evacuated for two hours, scaring the pants off passengers, screwing up already paralyzed and paralyzing airline schedules and no doubt costly thousands of precious Homeland Security dollars – all because some jet-lagged traveler made what the Feds described as a “suspicious comment.” 
  16. The US military bumped up the rhetoric another notch in the past few days.  Got to get this war with Iran on before summer and the heat and the dust and the distraction of the presidential race (That is if you still believe we are even going to have an election…Come to think about it, the military jumped the gun (No pun intended) on this a bit:  Should we be upping the war roar later in the year, say right before the election and winter snows hide all the best targets…)
  17. The world’s wheat stocks are at an all-time low.  (Not surprising ever since the world stared sucking the old ethanol hose.)
  18. It’s Election Day in Pakistan (Just kidding!  Musharraf had to hold something to keep the American money flowing…)
  19. Kosovo declared independence from Serbia.  (And I say, ‘It’s a Good Thing’.  If it weren’t for North Korea and the Balkans we’d be nuking the Middle East right now…)
  20. Suicide bombings are up all over Iraq – mostly in the north these days, but Baghdad has been getting its share.  When a whole people lose a whole nation to some demented Avenging Angel, well, what have they got to lose?
  21. More suicide bombings in Afghanistan as well.  (Let’s remember that both nations never experienced suicide bombings – until the US came to their help…)
  22. Israeli troops killed four Palestinians in the latest assault on the Gaza Strip.  (Case study right here.  Suicide bombings and American money floating the entire State of Israel…)
  23. Kenya – despite its own dose of chaos – has read the Writing on The Wall and told George Bush ‘Thanks but no thanks’.  Kenyans are going to settle their differences their own way because history shows that no matter how bad the situation is, American “help” only makes things worse…)
  24. United Nations troops are pinned down in Eritrea.




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