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Sun, 02/10/2008


Get This:  The Gitmo Six face the death penalty and America goes on every Islamist martyr fan’s ‘Places to See Before You Die’ list…

Chris Andreae



  1. 1. Dept. of Snitch-fishing and Snipe Hunting:   Briana Waters goes on trial today in Tacoma.  Waters is the only ‘Greenscare’ defendant, who didn’t accept a dirty deal from the government.  No…Briana won’t play 8-ball with the Feds and for her unwillingness to testify against other activists, cooperate with the government and volunteer for ‘Example’ duty like a good girl, she is facing a 35 year sentence.  Fancy that!  And a US Army sniper has been sentenced to ten years in jail for murdering an Iraqi civilian and  “baiting” his body with an AK-47.  No wonder the whole world sees America as a beacon of “fair and balanced” justice…
  2. The Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance and Jug Band Grant got cut.  The Justice Assistance grant helped fund drug courts and treatment programs as well as eradication.  These cuts come at a time when George Bush is also cutting federal timber payments by 73 percent.  The timber payments were intended to off-set logging declines.  (So let’s put all these pieces together:  Rural counties need funds.  The state as a whole is about to run aground on the Recession’s rocky shoals, and the War on Drugs is over (The government lost.).  So, rural counties, why don’t you tell Salem that you are planning on boosting the state economy by growing hemp? 
  3. Ethanol turns out to be a bad idea for boaters because it absorbs water – never a good thing around boats – and corrodes engines.   And two-stroke outboard motors are the worst pollution factories on the planet.   What to do?  Hydrogen power, anyone?  Boaters could generate all the power they need for boating without polluting and bring enough home in a storage cell to drive all the way back.
  4. The DEQ is about out of gas:  Budget cuts have slashed 60 positions, enforcement has dropped and violation notices to polluters aren’t going out.  That leaves the industries that the DEQ is supposed to regulate as the agency’s only source of income.  Figure that…Manufacturers, land-fill operators and power plants cover two-thirds of the DEQ’s budget through permit fees – with the emphasis on ‘permit’…
  5. Last Saturday, I drove up to Olympia to cover the DNC/RNC ‘Anti-convention’.  The event at Evergreen College was a spirited tactics, strategy, medical, legal resistance fest.  If this many people can come together from all around the country for a pre-action action six months prior to the actual DNC/RNC Conventions, then we really have something to look forward to come August/ September…
  6. Once I had located Evergreen College, the challenge was to find the anti-convention.  I drove to the biggest building I could find and asked students standing at a bus stop.  They told me I was miles away from my target venue and even drew me map that spelled out the error of my ways.  So I followed the map, and found my way to the Housing Building (oxymoron?) where a group of people stood around in the mist and gathering rain on a terrace.  “Eureka!”  But , no.  The cry, “Obama” went up from the crowd and I knew the journey which had indeed begun with a single misstep, wasn’t over.  The problem was that the good-hearted bus stop standers had decided that I was going to the Democratic caucus.  And that’s how I figured that Barack Obama was going to walk away with the Washington nomination.  Moving right along…
  7. Well, that was easy.  For Washington State Republicans, things weren’t quite so cut and dried:  Mike Huckabee is challenging the Grand Old Party’s choice of McCain over Huckabee.  Mainly because the party chairman called the race Saturday night with 87 percent of precincts counted and McCain ahead by 242 delegates.  (I’m guessing the GOP chairman flunked Hillbilly math.  That would explain the brouhaha.)
  8. Califoliation:  Sudden oak death (No…The trees don’t simply keel over, clobbering bird-watchers and tree huggers alike…) recently arrived from California, has been devastating Oregon forests on the state’s southern coast.  The quarantine has been extended from 26 to 162 square miles.  Why this is important is that Oregon’s economy depends increasingly on commercial tree and shrub farming and the area affected is a big producer of rhododendrons and other species prone to catching a case of the Death.  So there goes that revenue.  Thanks, California…
  9. It Can’t Happen Here Dept:  The Pentagon is planning to charge six Gitmo detainees for the 9/11 attacks.  Prosecutors are gunning for the death penalty – which would probably be a relief to these men after years of torture and incarceration at the hands of their captors.  It’s an ‘example”!  It’s PR!  It’s an Extravaganza!  It’s an all-American “example” of a PR extravaganza!  “Homegrown terrorists” next?
  10. Manual Transcription:  The Army has come up with a new kinder, gentler training manual:  Taking a page from the Lessons Learned handbook (I’m not kidding:  The Army’s website has a ‘Lessons Learned’ page…Look it up.).  Basically, killing people isn’t enough any more.  Today’s Army should be able to speak their victims’ language(s) and understand their culture(s) – and then kill them…
  11. Environmental activist, Briana Waters  is looking at 35 years in prison.  Meanwhile, US “kinder, gentler” Army sniper, Evan Vela is doing ten – standing on his head, I’m guessing -  for murdering an Iraqi civilian and then “baiting” his body with a gun.  See above.
  12. Republicans – without the benefit of language skills and cultural understanding – have attacked Berkeley.  Specifically, they want to yank the city’s federal funding for social programs because the city Council kicked Marine recruiters out.  Berkeley gave Code Pink a free parking permit so they could demonstrate outside the recruiting office without getting ticketed.
  13. Biofuels only exacerbate our already dire climate change spiral.  (And they fuck-up your outboard motor.)
  14. The US District Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia rejected the EPA’s mercury ‘cap & trade’ rule.  (Turns out rearranging the deck chairs doesn’t work if the deck is contaminated – and that’s the best case scenario, when the ship isn’t sinking…)
  15. The Mississippi Delta has dumped so much sediment that New Orleans is sinking – That’s not climate change either:  That’s just plain shitty geological luck.
  16. East Timor president Jose Ramos-Horta was shot in the stomach during a failed coup attempt.  Rebels attacked Ramos-Horta’s home in the capital, Dili.
  17. Pakistani pollsters are calling the election for the secular, anti-fundamentalists.  (Easy for them to say:  They don’t have to cope with Mike Huckabee…)
  18. The Israeli army is teetering on the edge of a full-on invasion of the Gaza Strip.  (As if this will stop the Qassam rockets.  When you are cooped up in the house for long periods of time, unable to go out to work, to school, to the shops, to the doctor, what else is a guy going to do?  If it wasn’t for the prospect of shopping trips, Americans would probably be home making Qassam rockets even as we speak…)
  19. Shaken not Stirred:  Hugo Chavez is going to turn off the oil spigots if Exxon Mobil wins a court judgment and Venezuelan assts are seized.  Exxon has been going after the state oil company Petroleas de Venezuela SA in US, British and Dutch courts for years now.  So the US is pissed at him for that.  But then he went and called George Bush ‘Mr. Danger’, which I think has a rather suave, debonair ring to it – almost James Bondian…





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