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Thu, 02/07/2008


Get This:  Creepy VP Dick Cheney says torture is Okay with him but not on him…

Chris Andreae



  1. Oregon’s version of Britney Spears, Sheriff Bernie Giusto, is on his way to the psych ward…No.  Of course he isn’t and anyway that would be his business.  Giusto is however stepping down.  He’s being investigated after allegations he lied about whether he knew former governor Neil Goldschmidt (The Paris Hilton of Oregon?)  had sex with a teenage girl when he was mayor of Portland – and so much more…
  2.  Diane Hooley is also getting out of the political game.  She probably was thinking about it, but this is sublimely crafty timing on Hooley’s part.  Another Democrat – any other Democrat - couldn’t miss this shot with a bag on his/her head.
  3. Time-Out for Grown-ups:  So the Oregon Supreme Court rejects a prison inmate’s claim that he’s got a right to a hearing before being placed in the state prison Intensive Management Unit.  The state provides a hearing – just not the kind the prisoner wants.  Problem(s):  The guy is a gang member with a history of violent, antisocial behavior.  Conclusion:  Just because a person is incarcerated doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be…)
  4. Portland’s School District is served by four different unions.  Teachers, counselors and shrinks have a contract.  Everyone else’s contracts are still in play.  (This should be a no-brainer.  After all, they are in the education business…)
  5. Dia-Log Box:  The Bureau of Land (The PR arm of the timber industry, actually…)   Management’s latest scheme to clear-cut Western States down to the ground, the ‘Western Oregon Plan Revision’ is drawing a firestorm of opposition from some thirty thousand individuals, government agencies, elected officials, unions and environmental and recreation groups.  And the numbers of The Outraged are growing. 
  6. Sink-Hole Alert:  A week after adopting a controversial new fee to pay for street maintenance, The Portland City Council backed down.  Now the idea  - thanks to Sho Dozono and the Portland Business Alliance – is to put the plan on the November ballot.  This guarantees another good idea will bite the dust.  Greed trumps common sense these days and we have now committed our streets and highways to the myopic discretion who voters who can be depended upon to vote short term self-interest over long-term common good…
  7. And at Hanford, workers are removing water from the radioactively contaminated and leak-prone K East Basin.   (But get this: In a ‘Basin’ of a different sort altogether,  Umatilla farmers want to draw water from the Columbia River to replenish the Eastern Oregon aquifers which have gradually been drying up.  We can only hope those “leak-prone” basins at Hanford don’t somehow meet up with the farm basin…) 
  8. Romney ploughed his children’s inheritance into a delusional bid to take his big MBA all the way to the White House.  Looks like he’ll have to settle for ‘K’ Street…(Prediction:  The Dems take the White House, a "terrorist" attack takes place - as Romney predicts and four years later America will be a full-throttle dictatorship...)
  9. The Week of The Rat:  Karl Rove’s latest job with FOX news (Welcome to the new job, same as the old job, Karl…) has already foundered on its own hubris.  Rove failed to call the Romney abdication – even after it had taken place…
  10. Creepy VP, Dick Cheney “Damn well” does support the administration’s arbitrary use of torture.  (Although he’d no doubt rather just should detainees in the face and get it over with…)
  11. So there’s this Army sniper who is going on trial for shooting an Iraqi civilian and planting an AK-47 on the body.  His lawyer says he (The soldier, you see, not the lawyer…) was “too sleep-deprived to know what he was doing.”  Let’s not get all excited over the potential legal precedence this argument implies and start staying up all night just so we can go on a shooting spree the next day… This sniper fellow may or may not have PTSD, but any way you look at it, he should not be around guns and human beings. 
  12. John Murtha, Chairman of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee won’t authorize more war money unless he can see the end of the war from Here and Now.
  13. Anybody Seen My Monkey-Wrench?  The Animal Liberation Front claims a record number of actions last month.
  14. Okay, we’re down to one suspect in the Benazir Bhutto gun-bomb-sunroof assassination  - and it isn’t the airbag.  The British like it, Musharraf likes it.  But members of Bhutto’s Pakistan Peoples Party think the story is a bit to short and simple…
  15. Israel starts cutting off power to the Gaza Strip and the Palestinians retaliate by firing rockets at Israeli settlements.  (Well what the hell would you do if an aggressor stole your land and then turned out the lights?)
  16. The Organization of the Islamic conference wants an end to Israeli state terrorism.  (But then Israel would have no unifying national Idea…)
  17. German prosecutors dropped their investigation of the CIA kidnapping of the Muslim cleric Abu Omar in 2003.  Obviously you don’t need an “investigation” if you know what happened and who did it.  But some prosecution would be the logical next step…
  18. Coincidence?  In Germany, nine Turkish nationals were burned alive in a racist arson attack on the building they called home.
  19. Britain says it’s going to extradite Oregon’s Gift To FOX.  Yes, Abu Hamza al-Masri, the Islamic preacher who is accused of trying to start a terrorist training camp in Oregon, is on his way home after racking-up a seven –year sentence in the UK.  (I’m sure he’ll do much better here…)
  20. Chad’s president Idriss Deby says everything’s under control now and he feels so good about things that he is going to pardon six of those dubious ‘aid workers’ who kidnapped 103 Chadean children and tried to ship them to France as Sudanese refugees.  Deby also wants you to know that the rebellion is definitely over and that he will resume governing as soon as his government gets back from its panicked stampede during the fighting.
  21. ‘You May Already Have Won!’:   Monitors who were planning to monitor the Russian election find themselves being monitored by the Grand Monitor himself, Vladimir Putin.



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