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Wed, 02/06/2008


Get This:  How much disease can you afford?  Pollution costs $1.5 billion a year…

Chris Andreae



  1. Like Hummers and golf, pollution is Oregon’s Big Consumer high-ticket item.  This might not simply clean up the gene pool…It quite possibly will drain it…It costs Oregonians $1.5 billion dollars last year.  (So this year ought to really knock the ball out of the park…)
  2. Democrats are equivocating over inviting the LNG Beast into the fold.  (Such a deal!  All the risk stays in Oregon;  All the profits leave the state…that must be what the 36 inch diameter pipeline to California is for…)
  3. KBOO’s Edison Carder takes on the administration’s answer to global catastrophic climate change, ‘Cap & Trade’ schemes, (“Now watch my hands carefully ass I deal out three cards facedown…”)
  4. Measure for Measure:  Measure 49 collides with Measure 37.  Oregon needs to throw out both scurrilous land-use laws and tighten up those urban growth boundaries.  It’s that or sell the whole state to the highest bidder.  
  5. Congress isn’t going to pass the economic stimulus bill as it stands…But if it did it would add six million dollars to Oregon’s barren energy assistance coffers.   The federal money would be available to help people whose incomes hover around $15 thousand a year pay for heat.  And the good thing about federal money is that it can be used to pay for any heating source.  (So Up Yours, all those who say “tax and spend liberals’ like it’s a bad thing and want to tear down Big Guv’mint:  One of our guv’mint’s main duties is to present a firewall preventing the wealth of the nation from flowing in one direction:  From those who actually create it to those who benefit from their labour, trading markers on The Big Board.  ‘Tax and spend’ is exactly what the government is supposed to be doing.  and as for ‘Big Guv’mint’…Who’s going to rebuild southern states hit hard by tornados?  Wal-Mart? God?  Keep praying, Bubba…)
  6. School enrollment is up statewide, down in the Portland area.  (I guess the city is out-sourcing consumer factories…)
  7. Washington State’s S.E.I.U. backs Obama in this Saturday’s Democratic caucus.
  8. Defense Secretary Robert ‘Lord of War’  Gates says that the United States will make no commitments to the defense of Iraq in a new Status of Forces agreement.  Here’s what this seemingly innocuous statement means:  Future presidents are being set up;  the “agreement” basically rubber-stamps a permanent US presence in Iraq…And that guarantees that the Muslim world will never accept America as an honest broker.  Nice work, Bob.
  9. Nice Work If You Can Get It Dept:   The White House joins Savonarola  of Spanish Inquisition infamy, in declaring   that torture, ‘waterboarding’, water games is all in a legal day’s work. 
  10. Cracked:  AG Michael Mukasey wants Congress to prevent the release of the thousands of people – mostly people of color – who were handed absurdly lengthy prison terms on “crack” cocaine charges, while their white counterparts serve minimal time for similar cocaine offenses.
  11. Republicans want to block the economic stimulus bill from stimulating the economy of people living on disability or social security.  (Gee, thanks Small Guv’mint…)
  12. Alabama and Florida won their water wars with Georgia over the Lake Lanier federal reservoir.  And they are going to need that water when the tornados clear up and it’s back to severe drought conditions.
  13. Fifty-two people died in those tornados, by the way.  It is a NASA-established fact  (And one which the rest of the non-US world more or less accepts) that human activity (Carbon) is causing these epic Act of God weather events – and not actually God, as most of the people who are affected seem to believe.
  14. While Oregon’s lawmakers wonder what to do with this LNG idea, meanwhile back in Hartsville, Tennessee, one of many tornados scored a direct hit on a natural gas facility, sending a tower of fire hundreds of feet in the air.  No one was in the plant when it blew, but houses for miles around were scorched.
  15. Caution:  Snow Job Underway:  The Interior Department is scrambling to stop the flow of internal e-mails from its own scientists that undermine the legality of its off-shore oil and gas lease sales in federal arctic waters.
  16. Government agencies are coming up with new and ingenuous ways to make it look like animal testing is on the wane.  (And if you are an animal, “the wane” is not a safe place to be…)
  17. You Know Your Economy Is In Trouble When:  New York City’s upscale shops are now accepting payment in Euros.  (Petrodollars are still welcome…)
  18. Out of Control:  Robert Gates has this to say about Iraq:  The top military commander isn’t necessarily the top advisor.  (Well then who the fuck is, because some of us want answers…)
  19. The United Nations – both literally and figuratively – condemn America’s torturing ways.
  20. In Israel:  One elderly Israeli woman killed by a suicide bomber.  Sixteen Palestinians were killed by Israeli ground forces in the Gaza Strip.  (Lessons Learning:  To America and Israel, one Israeli life is worth sixteen Palestinian lives…)
  21. In Pakistan police picked up another couple of suspects in the gun/bomb/sunroof assassination of Benazir Bhutto.
  22. Condoleeza Rice wants more NATO troops to fight in Afghanistan.  (Couldn’t they just stay home and shadow box?)
  23. Chad’s Lord of War, Idriss Debi says that everything’s under control.  (And if he believes that, maybe we can interest him in a previously-owned cap & trade program only used by a little old man on Sundays…)
  24. Mexico’s Felipe Calderon is taking the drug cartels away from the military and handing back to the police – kind of a ‘Timeshare’ plan, only far more profitable…
  25. It’s the Year of the Rat.  And how!



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