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Mon, 02/04/2008


Get This:  Coho salmon are still not off the hook

Chris Andreae



  1. Yes.  It’s true…Coho salmon – to no one’s great surprise – are back on the Endangered list again.  Bad news for fisherfolk and the rest of us at the top of the food chain.  But it is about the only catastrophe that is going to slow the rush to log what’s left of Oregon’s forests.
  2. The Dredge Report:  The Bush administration plans to throw $36 million dollars into the effort to finish dredging 103 miles of the Columbia River.  And sooner rather than later, too.  If that doesn’t polish off the fish, I don’t know what will.  It’s all about shipping, right?  That,  and clearing the way for liquefied natural gas tankers to flood river water with warm, polluted bilge slop…
  3. Members of the Klamath Tribes support a settlement designed to resort salmon runs in the Upper Klamath Basin.  Irrigators are going to get a “reliable” source of water.  (Get ready for the day that water hits $100 dollars a barrel…)
  4. “Belly Up To The Bar, Buoys”:   Oregon crab fishermen want the National Weather Service to repair storm-damaged buoys near river bar crossings.  The buoys provide information on ocean conditions (Such as:  Ahoy There!   The bottom of your crab boat is about to collide with the bottom of the ocean…)  Seems we may be jumping the gun on this…What about the vast Dead Zones we have created offshore.  Let’s start there and then worry about whether it’s safe to catch crabs…
  5. The Math Department Meets the Meth Department:  Thirty-three thousand people signed up for three thousand places in the coveted Oregon Healthplan Sweepstakes.  You may already have won!  The rest of you may already be dead!
  6. In Salem yesterday,  pro and con demonstrators showed up to tell state legislators where they can store the new license laws..  
  7. Fosters, Anyone?  Oregon flunked the Taking Care of Foster Children test.  (Then again, it’s virtually impossible to take care of anyone in a nation lacking the basic rudiments of universal healthcare – and I’m not talking about “insurance” here.)
  8. Whistling Past The Cemetery Dept.:   The Washington Federation of State Employees wants lawmakers to expand whistleblower protection for state workers.  This is a big issue with Ecology Department people who have some very real concerns about scientific integrity. 
  9. The Balloon, as they say, has gone up:  Today is Mardigras, the last day of a hard week of partying – if you are a visitor to New Orleans.  The real people are fled, dead or living in dread that the city will demolish their homes.  Not much to celebrate – unless you’re getting paid.  And I presume someone is going to clean up after the thirty-two thousand hotel rooms empty out tomorrow…Just like at Disneyland…
  10. Hey, Sailor!   So president Bush wanted to exempt the Navy from the nation’s environmental laws and let it continue to kill whales with sonar during training exercises off the coast of Southern California.  Because?  Because of “national security”.  And because if the Navy were allowed to go on deploying sonar justifying it as an “emergency”, then what’s to stop the administration from launching massive logging expeditions due to an “emergency” log deficit?  Or drilling Alaska full of holes in order to provide Americans with a couple of week’s worth of “emergency” gas?  If I understand the administration correctly – and I think that I do - all this “emergency” training is designed to prepare our fleet to defend America against an al-Qaeda submarine attack…What next?  ‘Riverside bombs’? 
  11. Locals and developers are facing off in Hawaii over the despoiling of Oahu’s biggest and best wetland area, the Kawainui Marsh.  Thus far the EPA has fined the Coluccio construction Company and Castle Family $68 thousand dollars…and that’s just for starters…(When water hits $100 dollars a barrel, developers and real estate agents are going to have some ‘splainin’ to do…)
  12. Bush’s budget means yet another record deficit.  (But that was the whole idea, all along:  Loot the place!  Leave America a debt-ridden pisshole teeming with underpaid, angry people equipped with no education, no housing, no medical care and a poisoned environment  - just add Imaginary Enemies and Presto!  You’ve got Endless War…)
  13. As the world now knows, Bush’s budget is all war chest and no balls.  No education, Medicare, Medicaid, roads (Except in Alaska:  We’re building plenty of roads there…).  By the time America figures out she’s been had, the show will have moved on to China.  If we’re lucky, the Chinese might out-source a few sweatshops our way…
  14. The missing White House e-mails are still missing and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington are still searching the legal premises.  Looks like 2008 brings us an election and a Special Prosecutor – Does it get any better?  Sure it does:  Philip Shenon’s 9/11 expose is out.  (It could have been subtitled, ‘Told You So’.)
  15. Berkeley City Council passed a series of resolutions that essentially booted Marine recruiters out of Camp.  But the Corps is striking back:  GOP Senator and all-round arseoff, Jim ‘Hayseed’ DeMint want to strip the city of more than two million dollars granted it in the Senate appropriations bill in revenge.  (Makes ya miss the good old days when a simple stab in the back said more than words or money ever could…)
  16. A Texas Death Row (Oxymoron Alert!) inmate committed suicide.  But wait!  There’s more!  It took the jury all of eleven minutes to convict William  Robinson, who was being held at the Jester IV  (No kidding.  That’s really what the place is called, ‘Jester’) psychiatric facility since September.  Robinson is severely developmentally challenged and his legal representation might as well have been.  It’s an American Tragedy, friends…
  17. Turns out that the monster storms that seem to always hit the Southeast on Wednesdays and Thursdays are apparently human activity related.  In other words caused by pollution.  Is that karma or what?
  18. In Iraq, US occupation forces killed another three civilians.
  19. The Palestinian Governmental Workers Union says that all service employees in the West Bank are going on strike today or tomorrow.
  20. Egypt “traded” gunfire at the border yesterday.  (What is this “traded” business?  What?  They pulled out each other’s bullets and FedExed them back?
  21. The Kenyan government forced out Cyril Ramahosa, the key mediator.  (Who needs a “mediator” if you are bent upon a program of ethnic cleansing, right?)
  22. The mayhem continues in Chad.  Idriss Debi has been running the show for 18 miserable years.  Now that oil has been found under Chadean  land has finally made everyone sit up and take notice.  (While sitting and noticing, one might well direct one’s attention to the situation in Nigeria and how oil created that festering sore…)
  23. In 131 cities on five continents,  festive anti-FARC demonstrators took to the streets to celebrate Peace.  (Pedro Escobar would turn in his grave.  Escobar is dead, isn’t he?)
  24. The Czech government is providing aid to the impoverished villages about to accept delivery of America’s missile defense system.  (In order to defend themselves?)



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