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Sun, 02/03/2008


Get This:  It’s only Monday and already US military occupation forces in Iraq have killed nine civilians

Chris Andreae



  1. It’s A Beautiful Day:  Hundreds of same-sex couples across Oregon are expected to register as domestic partners today.  (Vicious sub rosa discrimination against transsexuals will continue unabated, is what I’m guessing…)
  2. Astoria is up Shit Creek:  Seems that there are urgent dredging projects clogging the city’s legislative pipes.  What’s needed is the federal permit to accomplish this “maintenance”.  Translation:  The dredging is going to cause a massive eco-disaster, foul the river and kill what’s left of the salmon, but since shipping is even bigger money than tourism, well…Astorians have decided to “cut bait.”
  3. Tough Act to follow:   And it isn’t just Oregonians who are fouling their own nest.  Two California companies and the former manager of a local fish-packing plant are charged with violating the Clean Water Act.  And this is the Bush administrations “Clean” Water Act….
  4. Strangers With Candy, Chips, Pizza…:  Oregon’s school nutrition leaders are trying to put more fresh foods in students’ lunches, but there just isn’t enough money in the state budget to buy much more than the usual fast food.  (Dept. of Strange Accounting:  It would cost less to feed the kids decent food than to treat all the diseases they are going to get later in life.   But ideas that take the Long Hard View are never popular among Americans, who for the most part are accustomed to acting like and being treated like fat little babies…
  5. Behind Closed Classroom Doors:  The Portland Schools Foundation has entered into a confidential legal settlement with former Executive Director Connie Van Brunt that prohibits either party from disclosing details about any financial “improprieties” Van Brunt  might have been involved in.  Seven months into her “Corner Office” job, and she’s already taking candy from babies…Where do they find these people?
  6. Even the wealthy are getting hit with foreclosures.  (So don’t sell that seedy trailer park pad.  Your ‘bubble’ and the Thorns of a Dilemma are about to say hello…)
  7. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow (That, or he couldn’t take the prospect of Super Tuesday…) and went back into his burrow on Saturday.  He is a fine-looking, very large rodent, that Phil.   It’s just sad that he’ll be sleeping, not running for president…
  8. Last of the Red-Hot Looters:  George Bush’s three trillion dollar budget somehow manages to screw the poor, the aged and the children, while at the same time digging us deeper in debt (And when I say “us” that’s exactly what I mean:  Your children and their children will be paying for this spree for the rest of their lives.  At least George & Company have been absolutely consistent:  They have been systematically looting the US economy right from the get-go.  Which explains why they seem to be interested in “saving the economy” only insofar as it enhances GOP political ends.  These people don’t give a rat’s arse what happens to the beleaguered economy because they already pulled everything they can out of it.)
  9. And How Dept.:  Bush says he needs 1,076 new diplomats.  (It’s far too late, George.  No amount of diplomacy can save America’s image in the World Outside the Bubble…)
  10. Speaking of the Devil (In Prada, no doubt…):  Condoleeza Rice is off to London to tackle the escalating row over Nato troops reinforcements for Afghanistan.  Here’s how The Guardian puts it:  “This, amid worries that the entire international stabilization strategy is in danger of failing.”  Well, Hell, Yes:  Last time we heard from Nato, the plan was to nuke the Middle East.  ‘Nuff said…No one wants to go fight in Afghanistan.  Just ask the Russians…
  11. The United Auto Workers won’t endorse either of the Democratic candidates,  (Even though Maria Kennedy Shriver, wife of the The Governator, says she’s all for Obama…)    Maybe they’re keeping themselves pure for Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney…
  12. Fat Tuesday:  Tomorrow 21 states are choosing a Republican candidate and 22 a Democratic one. 
  13. Slippery Slope:  Environmental activists, organizations and Inupiaq groups are suing to force the federal government to get the Department of the Interior to do a new analysis of the environmental consequences of oil and gas exploration in the Chukchi Sea.  (I think we all pretty much are clear on the “consequences.”  But as long as we can keep the bastards in court we delay the fateful day when they rape and plunder Alaska…)
  14. As of yesterday 3,945 members of the military have been killed in Iraq =- and that’s not counting the suicides!  (The number of Iraqi civilians killed by members of the American military occupation forces is so astronomical no ones really keeping track any longer.  Nine more Iraqi civilians – women and children first! – were murdered yesterday.  No particular reason…It was just another one of those Unfortunate Incidents”  you get when you give post-adolescent boys and girls speed, steroids, adrenalin and permission to shoot anything that moves….)
  15. A suicide bomber blew himself up yesterday in Israel – more to the point, in a town that plays host to Israel’s secretive nuclear reactor.  The blast killed an Israeli woman, thus making the whole sad story and International Incident.  (Countless Palestinians, on the other hand, die every day because they can’t make it to a hospital through Israeli checkpoints.  And in the World Today, Arab lives aren’t worth anything like as much as Israeli or American lives…)
  16. Egypt has sealed the hole in the border that provided Palestinians trapped in Gaza without basic services, access to medical care, food, water, work, friends, family members fled to friendlier soil.  (We’re a hair’s breath away from a second Israeli occupation of the Sinai, so the Hole will doubtless be back in an uglier configuration any day now….)
  17. ‘X’-Communication:  Last week’s Mystery Science story:  How did that Internet cable in the Mediterranean Sea wind up getting cut?  This week we have three more Mystery Cables cut (Methhead metal thieves?)  And Egypt says that the vandalism was not due to ships propellers.  The communications cables served Egypt, the Gulf States and south Asia.
  18. A Rift In Time:  In Kenya, members of the Kikuyu tribe are fleeing the Rift Valley.  It’s turning into another Rwanda:  But of course it isn’t “ethnic cleansing” yet because if it were, Western nations might feel morally obliged to give a damn.
  19. The EU’s anointed man, Boris Tadic,  won the Serbian poll.
  20. In Chad, rebels have laid siege to the presidential palace of President Idriss Debi is doing his best to cling to his 18 yearlong dictatorship. 
  21. Iran launched a rocket today, unveiling its first major space center.  (And the Western media immediately launched a dirt campaign aimed at disparaging the Iranian space program.)
  22. Just hours after the Sri Lankan government celebrated 60 years of colony-free living Tamil Tiger rebels detonated two roadside bombs.  (Hint:  If you have to get some place in Sri Lanka, try to stay off the roads…)



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