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Sun, 01/27/2008


Get This:   The World Social Forum, Davos, and now George Bush’s State of the Union speech…

Chris Andreae



  1. State officials have cleared the Our Oregon group of violating election law.  What happened was that Our Oregon didn’t formally register as a political committee.  But as a public-benefit nonprofit it doesn’t have to register.  (BTW:  Our Oregon has the support of the SEIU and the teachers union, so we know right there that they must have pissed off some uppity Republicans…)
  2. Salem’s Lot:  Lawmakers are back for an interim session next month and the House and the Senate transportation committees are going to have a go at a couple of similar laws that would require driver’s license and identification card applicants to show proof of legal presence.
  3. Where the Public Sector goes, the Private Sector cannot be far behind:  A collection of business leaders put together The Oregon Essential Worker Immigration Coalition as a counter-weight to the virulent anti-immigration faction.  Agriculture, construction, food service, hospitality (And virtually every other industry that features shitty, low-paying jobs…) for obvious reasons want Congress to fix the immigration mess.
  4. On This Day:  The Activist report with Martha Odom:  On this day in 1951, the first atom bomb was detonated at the Nevada Test Site.  Last week Earth Firsters blockaded NW Natural headquarters with discarded Christmas trees to protest the coming Dark Shadow of LNG.  Redmond Code Pink activist, Betsy Lamb is in jail, charges with conspiracy and last week the judge denied her a plea agreement.  Today, eleven defendants from the School of the Americas protests go on trial in Columbus, Georgia.  Dennis Kucinich finally got on the news by announcing to day that he is dropping out of the race for Democratic candidate.  We covered this last week, but today it is official..  There is a rally today before the Board of Education meeting:  School custodians and nutrition workers have been without a contract for eight months and now there is talk of cutting their meager wages by 33 %. 
  5. Oregon’s – and the whole country’s for that matter – environmental movement is for the most part white.  (This doesn’t mean that people of different ethnic backgrounds don’t care – or aren’t aware – of the disaster unfolding all around us.  What it means is that they don’t have the luxury of well-paid jobs and plenty of free time in which to engage in environmental activism.  And they are not getting hired by the many organizations, both for and not for profit, that are emerging in response to the catastrophe.  Eerily, they are not the major consumers whose vast appetites are largely the cause of the problem the white people are trying so hard to solve…
  6. Not the Oscars:  Oregon teachers can enter a filmmaking contest.  The object of the game is to make a three-minute video of them, the teachers, on the job – so to speak.  (How about a comedy about illiterate students on a Writers Strike…?  You wouldn’t need writers!  That’s the beauty of it!)
  7. Futures Trading – And How!:  The value of the Oregon Public Employees Retirement fund has declined by about five billion dollars.
  8. A Train Runs Through it:  Or at least a train might run through it (Idaho) if gas prices continue to hover around three dollars and up.
  9. State of Delusion:  The president is going to make his State of the Union speech tonight, and it ought to be a real doozey, the absolute zenith of magical realism from the press secretary of the lowest Circle of Hell.
  10. And now, straight from that Beacon of Clear Thinking and Decisive Action, Brattleboro, Vermont, the capitol of American resistance, citizens are voting on whether president Bush and Dick Cheney should be indicted and arrested for war crimes, perjury, obstruction of justice if they ever set foot in Vermont.  (This not something George is likely to touch upon in his Snake of the Union speech – unless to mention that the State of Vermont is a ‘terrorist organization’ on par with Iran’s elite el Quds commando force….)
  11. Homeland Insecurity:  In Atlanta, Georgia and all around the American Deep South, activists came together for the Global Day of Action as part of the events of the World Social Forum taking place this week all over the, Well…the world.  Saturday was the Peoples Movement Assembly and the four hundred or so participants made a point of putting evictions up at the top of the agenda.
  12. As part of creating a Lasting Legacy, Bush has put the roadless  (formerly) Tsongas National Forest up for sale.  That, or he could simply deed it to the Chinese and hope they don’t foreclose on America’s extensive sub-subprime loans…
  13. Got Diabetes?  You might if you have been in contact with pesticides.  I could list all the Usual Suspects, but it runs pages…If you really want to see it, wander down the aisles of any home and garden center..
  14. The Future Is Already Here:  Los Angeles is going to provide medical marijuana in vending machines.  (I can see the slogan now:  “Things Go Better with Dope!.”)
  15. ABC is in trouble with the FCC for exposing its buttocks.  (Thank gawd for radio…)
  16. In Davos, Switzerland, ministers for India, Brazil and South Africa warned the world Economic Forum that the success of Doha trade negotiations over he next couple of months depends on “balanced” commitments over he next few months.  (Obviously, they were attending the wrong Forum…(See next story for directions to the right Forum.)
  17. Brazil is the living center of the World Social Forum this year.  Nineteen cities had WSF events last Saturday..  Rio’s Day of Action included 90 concerts, debates, poetry readings, video exhibits, photos, theater, art and food.  Now that’s a Forum!
  18. And in Mumbai, India, a fairly large crowd turned out for Saturday’s Global Day of Action.  Banners read ‘Another World is Possible’ – poignant, because memories still linger of the yearlong strike in 1982 by some 250 thousand textile mill workers.  The strike ultimately failed.  But it didn’t strike out as badly as the US economy.   At the Other Forum, in Davos no one is even talking about the fate of America’s housing market and crashing economy  It is a thing of the past, or at least the past year.  Other nations are already moving on to greener fields.  It used to be assumed that the emerging Asian markets, Europe and South America were so tightly entwined with US financial institutions that there was no way they could dump us without hitting bottom shortly after we do.  Not so any longer…
  19. Davos also provided a platform for world vampires to bleed a little fake blood over the environment.
  20. In Pakistan, the gunmen who were holding 200 high school students hostage released the little bastards, obviously realizing that spending the weekend with 200 high school students is isn’t Paradise…
  21. Hamas and Israel in cahoots!  I guess the devil made them do it, but Hamas and Israel are “policing” the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.
  22. The violence in Kenya is way hard out of control.
  23. Surveillance on Steroids:  A decommissioned spy satellite is about to fall to earth in some unlucky place.
  24. And finally, Suharto, The brutal despotic Indonesian leader the US loved to hate, has finally died.  America was a steadfast supporter of Suharto’s regime.  (But now we’ve moved on to Israel…) and someone in the State Department, clearly struggling to find the right ‘bon mot’, described the ruthless dictator as a “historic figure.”  And how!



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