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Mon, 01/21/2008


Get This: From riches to rags, “brand America” under CEO Bush is “arbusto” and it’s taking the rest of the world with it.

Chris Andreae



  1. Oregon legislators led the charge against Bush ‘Armies of the Night last year.  Darlene Hooley and Pete DeFazio led the legislators nationwide in voting against the president more than 90 percent of the time.  Ron Wyden voted against the president’s positions 61 percent of the time – That leaves 39 percent of Wyden belongs to Israel….You guess which percent…
  2. “You can lead;  You can follow;  Or you can get out of the way.”:  Washington State is out in front of Oregon in the race to impeach Bush and Cheney (Before the whole shooting match decamps for retirement in Dubai.)   A Washington Senate resolution calling for the impeachment was approved by a committee yesterday, taking the measure one step further.  Get out of the way, Oregon…
  3. Four Democrats are running for Senate against Gordon Smith.  Top of the list, Steve Novick and Jeff Merkley. 
  4. Yesterday I went over to the Highland Christian Center for Rev. Dr. King Day.  It took me 45 minutes to park and the place was packed.  Local TV station affiliates were out in force.  People of all ages and every shade of skin  eddied through the culture currents.  It was The Dream personified.  Then I drove through The Reality, Gresham…While I was at the Center, I asked some of the kids what the day meant to them.  Here’s what I asked myself:  Is it just me or does the immanent collapse of the American economy presage further financial apartheid?
  5. Oregon’s beleaguered State hospital is driving the politicos in Salem nuts, essentially punching their one-way tickets to The Bin.
  6. Washington State’s Senate healthcare chairwoman has got a good idea or two rolling through the Halls of  Power in Olympia:  Universal healthcare bankrolled by payroll taxes.  It could happen…by 2010…That is if the US is still in business two years hence.
  7. “You Know You’re In Trouble When”:  China’s largest shoe company (The company is large; The shoes fairly normal though they may contain dangerous levels of lead or for a few dollars more, you might be able to get the ones permeated with hallucinogens.)  Anyway, the company  is coming to Northwest Portland.
  8. An attorney for the city of Fargo, North Dakota has thrown out that lawsuit brought by one of our homegrown headcases three years ago.  Fellow from The Beaver State had been driving around the country in a truck festooned with a fetus.  An aborted fetus.  He got a ticket in Fargo for having the windows on his van obstructed by hyperbole  and tried to sue.  Mercifully, North Dakotans weren’t having any of it…
  9. Wall Street celebrated MLK Day by staying in bed yesterday, fortifying itself with weapons-grade pharmaceuticals in order to face this morning’s disastrous Opening.  Put simply:  Americans spend more than they make.  The rest of the world has been carrying our burgeoning debt, thus protecting us from the consequences of our delusional greed.  But the hybrid-mortgaged House of Cards is coming down.
  10. Predictably, the Nationalist Movement white supremacist ratfucker pusholes  (No disrespect to rats) did in fact show up in Jena for MLK Day.  And equally predictably, they were shouted down civil rights activists.  (The interesting thing about Jena is not so much that it has suddenly become a national lightening rod for racism to run down, but that the community itself has structurally internalized its own unique brand of racism, in such a way that residents, the actual people who live there, seem unaware of who they are.
  11. In Atlanta, Georgia, thousands gathered at Ebenezer Baptist Church to honor Doctor King.  (The interesting thing about many of our leftwing comrades in arms, is they go apoplectic at the mention of Christianity or Christmas, Easter – any of that – invoking Barry Lynn, Karl Marx, John Lennon.  The equation is:  Religion is good for African-Americans and Hispanics and bad for Whites.  Weird…and I’m not even religious, myself…
  12.  Former US ambassador to the United Nation, John Bolton  - accidentally outing Israel’s “secret” nuclear program in the process - said that nuking Iran is our best shot at Peace On Earth if Israel does it.  (And I still say America’s only chance is if all fifty states secede and leave Rudy Giuliani with the purely ceremonial role of Queen of Jerusalem (Rudy loves to get dressed up in drag.)
  13. At an event in Watertown, New York last weekend, members of Iraq Veterans Against the War told the world that unit commanders in Iraq encourage war crimes against Iraqi civilians.
  14. Virginia Is For Shooters:  survivors and families of the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings faced off yesterday against gun-rights advocates over a bill that would prevent criminals and the mentally ill from buying firearms at gun shows. 
  15. The European Union Finance Ministers lay the blame for global economic meltdown squarely on the US – That means all of us, Comrade!
  16. Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser was sued by Monsanto for growing – against his will – ADM’s genetically cobbled crops.  The result?  Goliath-1, Schmeiser-0.  But no one watching saw a real trial;  What it amounted to was a grand-scale legal smack-down.  Now Schmeiser is suing Monsanto in small claims court.  Millions of dollars are at stake here.  Thousands of farmers have seen their land contaminated by GM seeds – and once the old Genie is Out Of The Bottle, Well, they aren’t making planets like this one anymore…
  17. In Iraq a suicide bomber killed fifteen people and wounded ten others yesterday – and that’s just the deaths reported on the A/P  The numbers in no way represent all the dying taking place in Iraq on a daily basis.
  18. Incoming!:  More sanctions on the way for Iran…That is if the Israelis don’t get there first…
  19. In case you still don’t believe me, According to a radical manifesto for a new Nato by five of the West’s most senior military officers and strategists, we’ve got to be ready to resort to a pre-emptive nuclear attack (I know I am!)  to halt the “immanent” spread of nuclear weapons.
  20. Sudan’s president, Omar al-Bashir must be studying at the George Bush School of governance:  Bashir appointed Musa Hilal, Janjaweed member and all-round Sudanese ‘Good Ole Boy’ as his senior advisor.
  21. Ahmadinejad keeps getting bad press.  This time because he cut back on cheap fuel supplies.  (Iran’s president may be saving gas for a very, very rainy day.)
  22. Chilean indigenous-rights activist Patricia Troncoso has been on a prison hunger strike for 100 days now.  Troncoso was jailed for setting fire to a farm that was originally owned by the Mapuche Indians.
  23. And finally, the lights are back on in Gaza – next, The World…



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