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Sun, 01/20/2008


Get This:  The 2008 Rev. Dr. MLK Day celebrations:  American media shows itself to be a circus of racism – both covert and overt…

Chris Andreae



  1. Death Nell: Do you trust Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith to lead us out of the woods?  Does anyone?  Both Oregon’s Senators say that the federal timber payments - the Little Nell of American legislation – will be at the top of their ‘to-do’ lists when the starter’s gun goes off tomorrow.  Smith and Wyden (They could go into business together – Yes, I know they already are, but this would be something new – as weapons manufacturers…)   both say they’re going to fight for rural rights  (Translation:  They both plan to sell off the last of the State’s trees.)
  2. The Activist Report Recap:  Wednesday, the City Council voted ‘yes’ to the Immigrant and Refugee Rights Task Force recommendations.  Thursday marked Week 25 of the Impeach Vigil at Blumenaur’s office.  And Friday was Week 300 for Portland Peaceful Response Coalition.  The No War rally has become an institution, a tradition, if you will, in Pioneer Courthouse Square.  (May I suggest that what Portland needs is peaceful resistance to the nation’s current policies?  Just an idea…)  On Saturday, the Ground Zero Center for Non-Violent Action held a – what else? – non-violent action at the Bangor, WA Trident Submarine base in honor of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King.  And of course today is The Day.  As Ken Berry says, ‘Make it a Day On not merely a day off’.  There is the Big Breakfast at the Hilton Hotel downtown…which you could attend if you need to get the circulation going in the palms of you hands.  And in the process contribute to the considerable affliction the hotel is raining down on the heads of its hapless employee.  Or you could go over to the Highland Center on NE Glisan and really put your hands together for civil rights, economic rights and the right to crawl out from under the burden of Endless War.  But I digress…There will be an array of celebrations all across town, so take your pick.  There’s Sisters of the Road event to be at as well; and everywhere you go The Writing is Off The Wall…
  3. Water not-quite-Over The Dams:  The Klamath Tribes’ proposal to rebuild its lost reservation with federal money is stirring old animosities.  After years of struggle to get an agreement on tearing out Pacificorp’s ancient cement weirs, the ball is back in play.
  4. Refuge From The Storm:  Meanwhile, back in the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge,  events are underway marking the 100th birthday of the nation’s oldest wildlife preserve.  Here we are 100 years later with a hell of a lot less wildlife to preserve.
  5. From the lofty heights of 2008’s environmentally enlightened worldview, you can see …well, not exactly Forever.  But you can see loutish shitbirds on ATVs trashing elk habitat in the Willamette National Forest.  This isn’t the end of the world, but you can see it from here…
  6. ‘We could tell you, but then we’d have to kill you’:  Oregon State geologists predicted the recent smash hit landslide on Highway 30, but their report got shelved because the State thought it might scare developers away .  (Right.  And massive landslides wouldn’t put the kibosh on those plans for those new McMansions?)
  7. Washington State has come up with an “agreement” on Columbia River water rights (It involves irrigators paying for conservation efforts, while still using all the river water to grow frankenfood…Among many other juicy morsels of Hypocgrizzle).  That was the cart.  Now here comes the horse:  The public is invited to read this document and weigh in…
  8. In the Columbia River Gorge, the Dalles wants to expand its urban growth boundary.  Here come the bulldozers.  But it’s Okay, because you won’t be able to see the devastation because of the cloak of smog the whole riverway will eventually be enveloped in.  (And when that day comes if it isn’t already here, Oregonians will look around, gently extracting thumbs from arseholes and tell one another “Oops, we did it again…”
  9. Ken Berry from the World Art Foundation was our guest on the am news this morning.  Mr. Berry is one of the spirits moving beneath the bright water of today’s celebration of Dr. King’s birthday.  He’ll be over there at the Highland center on NE Glisan.
  10. Yesterday, the Reverend Al Sharpton was in Jena, Louisiana to tell the people - some residents, many, many more civil rights activists and social justice advocates – that “There are many who have said we are beyond race.  But what happened in Jena reminded this country you still have not dealt with the problems of racism.”  Says it all…
  11. Speak of the Devil Dept.:  A white supremacist group also showed up in Jena for  MLK Day.  The Nationalist Movement almost risibly self-described   as “pro-majority” (Majority of what?  Inbred bigot morons?). 
  12. Well, Louisiana has its Nationalist Movement but Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi (I think I see a pattern here…) still celebrate Robert E. Lee.  And on the same day as annual Martin Luther King celebrations.   It’s a strange world here in America…
  13. The LA Times fired its top editor for refusing to cut $4 million dollars from the newsroom budget.  James O’Shea got sacked a year after his predecessor, Dean Baquet got axed for the same reason.  I think the paper’s owners are trying to tell these men something…And I think the whole debacle tells Americans more than they care to know about who they are…
  14. Protecting The Bushes From the Law:  Invoking “executive privileged”  (In much the same way that its creator and puppet master has managed to fend off criminal investigation and prosecution lo these disaster eight years…) The EPA has refused to provide a full explanation of why it rejected California’s greenhouse gas law.  (For those of you who weren’t paying attention, the EPA rejected the law because it undercut the Bush Crime Family’s own emissions reduction efforts.  And George’s biographers have already written the chapter they like to call ‘Our Environmental Guy.’ )
  15. A Colorado developer developed a stream channel right through town without asking permission, filing permits – nothing.  Imagine the surprise:  “Whoa!  Now that wasn’t here yesterday…”
  16. A Canadian ‘Torture Awareness manual  (I wish I were kidding) accidentally included the US and Israel.  (The American Imminent Attack Awareness manual no doubt has moved Canada up the list.  Israel continues to coast on this one…)
  17. The Israelis cut off power to the Gaza Strip yesterday  (It’s back on as of this writing.  Alas, restoring power to the embattled Palestinian territory won’t restore the lives of those who died in the hospital as a result of the outage.)
  18. No less a press outlet than the London Sunday Times reports that it has a document confirming that American officials stole nuclear secrets for Turkish and Israeli spies who went on to sell them to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.  Well…First of all, why would Pakistan and Israel pay good money for stuff they already know?  And secondly, Why does Saudi Arabia care whether it has nukes or not…all it has to do is cut off the oil if it wants to bring America to her knees.  Still this is Sibel Edmonds making the accusations so I have to accept the truth behind the smoke screen.  And where there’s smoke, there’s Israel…
  19. In Iraq, two million pilgrims marched through the streets of Karbala on Saturday to mark Ashura. 
  20. Hugo Chavez says Alvaro Uribe is a pawn of the US – which, of course, is common knowledge.  (Here’s the thing, the world’s media has piled onto the anti-Chavez rhetorical wagon, making the entire gloating gloomy prognostications all the more suspect.  I smell the grease billowing out from under those Golden Arches in Washington DC…)
  21. Kenyans are settling their differences the old fashioned way – with machetes.
  22. Sea Shepherd activists briefly halted an illegal Japanese whale hunt before being returned to their own boat escorted by an Australian Customs vessel.
  23. Serbia’s pro-Western president faces a strong ultranationalist candidate in a runoff election for the presidency. 
  24. Pakistani investigators are “questioning” a teenager from a remote madrassa who claims to be part of the plot to kill Benazir Bhutto.  (This ought to be good.  Care to place odds on the Jack Rubification of said prisoner?  How about America’s complicity with military dictator Musharraf?  Any takers?)



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