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Fri, 03/29/2013

Here's the email address that takes you to a great photo archive of photos and 'My Jihad' statements:







 And the week went by on the usual clouds of gory detals:  'Stingray' cellphone tracking technology, Raiders of the 'No-Fly' List and, Why not?  The Nobel Prize for Bradley Manning.


This week’s affront to the dignity and integrity of  private individuals is ‘Sting Ray’.  It’s a ‘Sting’ because the technology allows both the FBI and, in at least several documented cases, local law enforcement the capacity to filter through a large amount of…It’s a ‘Ray’ because:  cellphone data in a given region and locate one specific signal - and thus a suspect.




What troubles privacy advocates is that such tools, in this case one sold under the Stingray brand, operate by fooling cellphones into believing that they are connecting to a cell tower, when in fact they are linking up to a surveillance tool. What’s more, the technology vacuums up data of not only a potential suspect, but all individuals within the given region.




For its part, the US government has argued that user privacy was upheld since authorities deleted all collected third-party data after its search.




The hearing set to begin in Arizona concerns the case of Daniel David Rigmaiden, a suspect in a tax fraud scheme, who was found at an apartment complex with the help of the Stingray technology.



Organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation have an issue not only with how the technology works - which they say violates the Fourth Amendment’s protection against “general warrants” - but also the manner in which the FBI went about using it in Rigmaiden's and several others cases.

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