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Wed, 01/09/2008



Get This:  Ron ‘I Love AIPAC’ Wyden Wants to “Thin” Oregon’s Forests.

Chris Andreae



  1. Humpty Dumpty – Okay, But The Wall is in Terrible Shape:  Inadequate planning, frequent design changes and a lax attitude toward time and money…Put ‘em together and what have you got?  Portland’s buildings are crumbling while the employment status of those responsible remains rock-solid.   (Low-paid service industry workers get drug tested for every reason and no reason.  Maybe we should leave them alone and let them do their jobs and save the drug testing for those in positions of power…)
  2. Stenned Again:  City Auditor Gary Blackmer tells KBOO’s Spencer Raymond the Deeper Meaning of Eric Sten’s Last Hurrah and how publicly funded campaign money enters the picture.  Bottom line:  There isn’t enough time for candidates for Sten’s seat to jump through the requisite hoops in order to get their hands on the public funds.  So let’s just appoint someone to carry the torch.
  3. Anorexia Is Not The Answer:  Ron Wyden is working on legislation to overcome opposition to logging our national forests.  Ron calls it thinning…But wait, real actual science, done by forestry scientists who go out and gather actual data  all says that this “thinning” business is an excuse for handing over our last remaining forests to timber companies.  (Ron, Ron, Ron…Pleases…stay out of the woods and go back to giving AIPAC woodies…)
  4. “Slowly I Turned, Step By Step, Inch By Inch…”:   The Northwest’s biggest casino is one federal step closer  to Cascade Locks.  Here’s the roadblock:  Employees will be commuting from Warm Springs – a 230-mile round-trip.  (The casino is doubtless a done deal.  But look on the bright side:  Thousands of people will die in car accidents with the increased traffic on I-84, thereby decreasing the State’s burgeoning population.  And when a gallon of gas costs five dollars, even that traffic will dwindle to a trickle.  As the casino crumbles into another roadside ruin, the bills will land on the governor’s desk and the lawsuits will begin…)
  5. Wascally Wabbit:  The federal government is experiencing Deep Thought regarding the tiny pygmy rabbit.  The creature is teetering on the brink of extinction thanks to farming, fires, natural resource extraction and assholes on ATVs.  The fed will no doubt line up all the special interest lobbyists and decided based on what they bring to the table.
  6. The Canadian mining company, Teck Cominco is getting sued by the Colville tribes for dumping pollutants into the Columbia River.  It’s the first time the EPA has issued a unilateral cleanup order to a Canadian firm.  (Hey, all you American lefties who leftied for Canada;  Put down the joint and the bottle of Molson and get over to the Teck Cominco headquarters and protest.  Or perhaps you are otherwise occupied protesting the taxes that provide the benefits you currently enjoy…)
  7. Holed-Up:  In Washington County, the Lakeside Landfill is full of problems:  Neighbors don’t like the stench and the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge people point out that it’s probably bubbling with toxic material.  (And fer gawd’s sake, don’t drink Ponzi wine; the place is right next door to the landfill.)
  8. Oregon needs to improve school aid.  (Yes, but what are we really buying?  The No Child Left Behind Scam has ruined the public schools in this country, driving kids into charter schools or even worse, driving parents to home school their children.  This only spurs the fragmentation, the schizophrenia, the madness overtaking America.  And anyway, schools have long since ceased to provide education.  We are a nation of consumers, entirely defined by the gadgetry by which we talk to ourselves…)
  9. Good News:  Seattle has learned – better late than never – that housing the homeless costs less than leaving people on the streets/Bad News:  The city arrived at this solution to homelessness not through compassion but by means of accounting magic.
  10. The Supreme Court drank the Voter ID Kool-aide.
  11. Our Mysterious Military:  Another illustrious – and pregnant – member of the military has vanished.  Lance Corporal Maria Lauterbach was due:  #1.  To give birth next month And #2.  Testify regarding “something she saw” on base at Camp Lejeune…Hmmmmm…
  12. Mars Attacks!  The  reclusive billionaire heir to the Mars chocolate bar fortune purchased a vast tract of Colorado land with the stated intention of preserving it as a wildlife refuge.  Turns out that a Canadian mining company, Pinnacle,  owns the mineral rights beneath the pristine landscape, and plans to start drilling as soon as the ink dries. 
  13. There’s no such thing as a coincidence:  Congressional auditors tell us that the Coast Guard lacks the resources to protect highly-vulnerable-to-terror LNG tankers.
  14. No Less than the Military Times has this:  Three US soldiers say they used stolen AK47s to shoot randomly at Iraqi civilians as they cruised around Baghdad.  (There’s a back-story there….I leave it to your imagination…)
  15. No Way, Jose!:  Former CIA official Jose Rodriguez says he won’t testify regarding the destruction of the torture tapes unless he is granted immunity.  Back when Rodriguez was  head of the National Clandestine Service he was the go-to guy for all your torture tape disposal needs.  Congress isn’t buying it.  They still want to know where the bodies are buried.
  16. Leviticus I:  It took a federal judge has ruled that a rural Missouri school district can’t hand out Gideon Bibles to grade school students.
  17. Forty-eight percent of US diplomats who say they would refuse to volunteer to work in Iraq cited disagreement with George Bush’s “policies” as a factor.  (Presumably the other 52 percent haven’t noticed any policies at all.)
  18. Thousands of Palestinians took to the street in Gaza to protest Bush’s photo-opping on borrowed time.
  19. Is That A Peace-Talk In Your Pocket, Or…So far Ehud Olmert has stonewalled the president’s efforts to make himself look good to the Muslim world by feigning an interest in rolling back the illegal Israeli settlements.  The settlements will continue to crawl like some flesh-eating bacteria across traditional Palestinian land, and  Israel will continue to steer between the Schylla and Charybidis of world opinion and Bush’s opinion…
  20. A suicide bomber in Lahore, Pakistan took out at least 22 people…though as always, watch those numbers…
  21. The US has slapped a worthless hand on the betting table before Iranians elite Quds force.  Sanctions, not that anyone’s counting..
  22. Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan is heading for Kenya to sort out rivals, Mwai Kibaki’s and Raila Odinga’s, hash.
  23. Manuel Noriega is losing his extradition fight with France and Panama is winning its with the US.  What it means is, is that drug running trumps money laundering.  Although, like “love” and “marriage” they tend to go together like a horse and carriage…
  24. FARC freed a couple of hostages.
  25. And in China, a man who filmed a scene of rural protest was killed by public order “enforcers.”  (Welcome to Gaza East!)



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