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Wed, 03/13/2013

On Saturday, March 16th, Olympia will mark the 10th anniversary of Rachel’s stand in Gaza. It has been an extraordinary and challenging journey for the Rachel Corrie Foundation, for the Corrie family, and for those in our community and beyond who have worked tirelessly for justice and peace in Palestine/Israel, in the world, and here at home.




In this month’s launch of a special year-long Peace Works effort, we will feature multiple special events and a remarkable March 16th day of action, reflection, and celebration. We will focus on how Rachel has touched our community and the world; on all that has been accomplished these past ten years through our local, regional, national, and international peace-building; and on inspiring the work to come.




Please join us at these March events!


Saturday, March 16th – Rachel Corrie – 10 Years


 Sylvester Park & The Olympia Ballroom (116 Legion Way SW, downtown Olympia) – expect a dynamic day of social action, speakers, music, dance, food, reflection, remembrance, and community!




1 pm – Rally at Sylvester Park: Ten years is enough! Challenge U.S. aid to Israel and the lack of accountability for how those resources are used


2:30 – 9pm – Olympia Ballroom – Keynote Speakers: Phyllis Bennis and Ramzy Baroud – 10 Years


Music and Dance- Batiste Dabke, House of Tarab, David Rovics, and more!


Community Potluck (5:00-7:00 pm) – an Olympia tradition


Remembrances – from Cindy and Craig Corrie and others


Interactive Displays- A visual feast reflecting Rachel Corrie – the writer, artist, and activist, and the continuing struggle; ten years for the Rachel Corrie Foundation; ten years for our community’s work on Israel/Palestine; and ten-years of local peace-building





Here's the Header:  A "top forester" want to "restore" the forests?  Really? And this is why he plans on burning another thousand miles or so of road through the last rays of ancient light?


"Blue Mountain timber: Top forester backs ambitious program of tree thinning and restoration"



A staggering 800 million board feet of wood fiber annually reaches maturity in the nearby Wallowa-Whitman, Umatilla and Malheur national forests. Only 11 percent gets to sawmills, while 400 million board feet succumb to insects, disease, fire and age, said industry spokesman Tom Partin. He likened the mills' situation to "starving to death when you are standing beside the refrigerator."


That may soon change.

The top U.S. Forest Service official for Oregon and Washington, Kent Connaughton , has asked his foresters to plot out an ambitious, multiyear program of tree thinning and forest restoration in the Blue Mountains. Dubbed "accelerated restoration," the goal is to free more timber for mills while stiffening the woodlands' resistance to tree-killing insects, disease and wildfires.

It's not clear precisely how much lumber will become available under the plan to reduce fuel loads in forests, and funding is still being worked out. However, mill owners are hopeful, while criticism from conservationists so far is muted.

The average, The Bobo, The Neoliberal with a beer and a labrador retriever reads this stuff and calculates that long-term, this is bad news, but short term, as long as he can count on raking in half a million annually by sitting on an Aeron chair in an 'aer-conditioned' office selling camping equipment and filing FOIA requests...Well. Those trees probably were full of gluten anyway...

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