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Sun, 01/06/2008


01/07/08 Get This

Chris Andreae


  1. Show A Little Initiative:  Thus far, we have nine initiatives swimming bravely upstream toward the November ballot.  Most of them should not be allowed to spawn in the first place.  They spring from the fervid intellectual loins of the likes of Bill Sizemore and Russ Walker.  What it boils down to is Son of Measure Eleven Strikes Back.  There’s another one that would send lottery money that is supposed to fund schools to “public safety”.  Translation:  more money for more cops to put more people away for minor drug busts.  (That too is an “education” of sorts…)
  2. The Portland Peaceful Response Coalition and the private company, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Inc. are going mano a mano over the use of bullhorns in Portland’s ‘Living room.’  First point:  The trouble with PPRC is that is talking to itself.  It needs to put down the bullhorns and face the public with an outstretched and an open mind.  The best way to change people’s beliefs is by setting a good example.  And as for the Pioneer Corp.House Square leeches, Portland is doing you a favor by not running you out of town on a rail.  Go sit on a bullhorn.
  3. Strip Clubbed:  Yamhill’s Gift To Hell, John Abrams, wants to develop the beautiful farmland that has been in his family for generations.  Fifty acres of it are going to be turned into 49 McMansions and a “commercial strip.”  1000 Friends of Oregon et al is trying to stop him.  But, hey, the guy’s going to die so what does he care about the future of the State’s environmental heritage…
  4. Fish Fry:  Add cataclysmic climate change to factors leading up to the extinction of salmon and steelhead.  Yes, the Columbia River is already too warm for the fish (And don’t even get me started on the devastating toll LNG tankers will take on the endangered creatures of our dying waters…) And getting warmer every year.  Not so long from now Oregonians will be sighing, “I remember when salmon used to swim in these currents…”
  5. The marijuana debate is back.  This time it’s the construction industry that wants its workers to stay out of the weed. 
  6. High On The Hill Sits The Lonely Goatherd:  Former San Diego hippie goat herder and fan of Death Metal,  currently chief media officer for al-Qaeda, Adam Gadahn is in the news – again.  This time Adam is urging fellow al-Qaeders to attack George Bush when he visits Arabia Not-So-Felix this week.  (His parents must be very proud…Adam’s, that is…Not George’s…)
  7. Military deaths in Iraq:  3,910 if you ask the associated Press.  3,904 if you ask the US military and far higher than either source would have you know, if you ask me.
  8. Fool Injected:  The Supreme Court sets out to consider lethal injection today.  They’ll be done by the end of June, leaving plenty of time for backwoods barbarians and ‘Corrections’ cretins to put inmates to death in a manner you wouldn’t use on your dog.
  9. Nine citizens groups are petitioning the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to suspend all license renewals for the nation’s aging nuclear power plants.  (This may sound like a good thing.  But wait:  With the old facilities coming off-line not only will Homer Simpson be out of a job, but Bush’s private sector friends in High Places will be running around with laundry baskets catching the no-bid contracts as they fall out of the not-so-clear blue skies.  The administration’s crime syndicate, fresh from starving America’s infrastructure to ruin and decay is now ready to reap the handsome rewards.)
  10. America’s gift to weekend journalism, the execrable ‘Parade’ magazine out did itself recently by publishing a cover story on Benazir Bhutto’s rising political star, shortly after it was blown out of the sky by her own sunroof – or a bullet, or maybe a bomb…something like that.  (Lessons Learned:  Stay away from sunroofs.
  11. In the safer, saner, surge-ier Baghdad, three Iraqi soldiers threw themselves on a suicide attacker wearing an explosives vest at an Army Day celebration yesterday.  Death toll?  Eleven.  And if you really believe any of these numbers then it’s your turn to play US ambassador to Iraq…
  12. Numbers Game – Again:  It’s taking ten thousand-plus Israeli police to protect George Bush’s shadow.  He hasn’t even arrived yet and the whole city of Jerusalem is shut down.  Last weeks’ top story was, of course, that the al-Aqsa Brigades would be part of the assembled muscle.  (This ought - but it won’t – tell George something.)
  13. The Israelis have shut off more of the electricity to most of Gaza.  And we all know that desperate people do desperate things.  Eight hours a day, no power. 
  14. More news out of Occupied Palestine:  Seventy-three year-old Aisha al-Jamal became the 63rd cancer patient to die on the way to hospital while waiting at an Israeli checkpoint. 
  15.  Can You Hear Me Now?:   The Israeli human rights group, Yesh Din says that Israel’s trials of detained Palestinians in the West Bank are in violation of international law – not to mention basic human decency and every moral and ethical code in the world’s history.  Most of these “hearings lasted not more than two minutes.  (This phenomena might be termed the Israeli version of guaranteeing a speedy trial…)
  16. From Hoedown To Showdown:  Of course Israel isn’t all bad:  The whole purpose for Bush’s trip to the Middle East is to hear Ehud Olmert proselytize for Israeli air strikes ‘early and often’ on Iran.  This trip isn’t about “peace” any more than the Annapolis hoedown was about filberts. 
  17. Benazir Bhutto’s Pakistan Peoples Party wants a United Nations investigation into the assassination.  (That or they could just as easily take a look at Pervez Musharraf’s cell phone records…)
  18. The election in Georgia returned Mikhail Saakashvili to the presidency – despite a number of suspicious stains, skid marks and…hmmm…What’s that smell?
  19. Former Liberian Lord of War, Charles Taylor goes on trial in the Hague today.  Witnesses include civilian amputees and experts on blood diamonds.  And this is just for starters.
  20. In Kenya, Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga are getting ready to ask one another for the Slow Dance.  (Mind that exploding corsage!)



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