Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2013/01/07




January 7, 2013

6:00 p.m. to 8:10 p.m.


Board Members Present: Marc Brown, Lyn Moelich, Hadrian Micchie, Rabia Yeaman, Matthew Bristow, SW Conser, , Paula Small, Jeff Kipilman, Damon Isiah Turner, Lisa Loving

Board Members Absent: Michael Papadopolous

Staff Present: Lynn Fitch, Ani Haines, Zale Chadwick, Andrew Geller

Public Present: Mark Fulop, Louis Sowa, Kurt Lauer, Thomas Sullivan, Robert Barncord, Mark Allyn


Agenda Approval

Motion to approve the agenda




November Minutes Approval

Motion to Approve the October minutes




Manager Report

  • KBLU is finishing up construction on the facilities required by the FCC. 
  • Manager will be meeting with the HR contractor regarding new employee policies
  • Also working on developing the management structure
  • Manager has taken all the staff policies apart and has started to rewrite those policies
  • Intends to have the new policies done by the end of the fiscal year and will check in monthly with the board
  • Manager has spoken with a volunteer who is interested in helping out with developing a vision for the board and KBOO
  • Manager has been doing a weekly “navigator report”
  • Major problems with the website that will require major work/overhaul on the site.  Will be changing website hosts
  • KBOO made lots of money on the year-end appeal
  • Once in a Blue Moon event coming up in February
  • Manager will be meeting with the Oregon Historical Society to partner on the archiving program
  • Several grants are in the works
  • Five grants are due by the end of February and help will be needed to meet deadlines
  • MMT report will be done by the end of January
  • Planning for the 45th Anniversary and member drive is underway


Motion to approve visioning contractor for no charge with the details to be worked out over email





Committee Reports


  • Finance Committee: Did not meet
  • Development Committee: Did not meet
  • Programming:
    • Programmer contract will be coming out shortly
    • Programmers will be meeting
    • Evaluations will commence shortly
  • Personnel/Governance: Discussion regarding changes that may occur as a result of the new policies


Clinton Street Theater Partnership


  • First RadioPicture is Thursday-Talk Radio
  • Doors open at 6:15
  • Lisa will introduce the series and give a perspective
  • She will then interview Carl Wolfson who will provide opening remarks
  • Tad Savinar, a co-author of the play and movie will be on the air tomorrow
  • February will be La Contessa Live including contests, sing-alongs, Valentines, and the Vancouver Titans
  • Good responses from programmers
  • Director presence is encouraged
  • Matthew and Hadrian will staff a membership table
  • Request to make the work group part of the Development Committee


Board Policy Manual


  • Cindy Cumfer provided an overview of the process to develop the board policy manual
  • Cindy walked the board through the sections and provided an overview
  • Open discussion:
    • Comment that the Governance Committee will be fundamentally different
    • Comment made regarding the role of the Personnel Committee
    • Regarding employment policies, Cindy recommended consulting an employment law specialist
    • Comment made that our employment contractor has concerns over our current policies
    • An employee manual will be developed
    • Question regarding naming one staff member (ED) in policy manual but not any other staff
    • Response that the board indicated a desire to delegate authority to one person
    • Comment that the new policies set boundaries between the board and staff
    • The policies do not close the door to other management structures
    • Policies can be changed if the board ultimately decides to change the management structure
    • Question regarding board composition/FCC rule (BPM Part 5, sec 3)
    • Cindy clarifies that the way it is written, the policy would be an elimination of the lowest vote-getter
    • Comment that bylaws Art 5, sec 8 that may conflict with the FCC rule

Question called


Motion that the board approve the Board Policy Manual to be effective immediately


In Favor: 9

Opposed: 0

Abstain: 0


Board Training Manual


Mark distributed the draft of the training manual and provided a brief overview of the training modules.  He would like comments by January 16, 2013.


New Business


Member at Large position on the Executive Committee

Matthew Bristow has been the temporary appointee

Lisa Loving withdraws her name from contention

Motion to appoint Matthew as the Member at Large to the Executive Committee




Adjourn: 8:10 pm.




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