Skin & Bone Drone: The 'Build Your Own Boy Terrorist' Kit

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Thu, 01/17/2013

Al Qaeda Goes to Hollywood!

“High in the coastal mountains of Lincoln County, three men -- Mohamed Mohamud and two undercover FBI agents posing as al-Qaida terrorists -- readied for an explosion.

One of the agents, using the pseudonym "Hussein," handed Mohamud a cell phone to detonate what he thought was a 3-pound bomb loaded into a backpack. The men had set the pack on the ground, downhill from their perch, on that cloud-covered Thursday: Nov. 4, 2010.

 Out of sight, FBI agents had snatched up the pack and switched the dummy bomb loaded inside with a real one. After a few failed attempts to dial the number that would ignite the bomb, Mohamud's phone rang through.”   (from The Oregonian, January 16th, 2013)

 It’s the whole Package: Action: The Feds drive too fast on their way to bomb practice; Mohammed complains he can’t study for finals  because the motion makes him carsick), Suspense: Whoops! Wrong bomb! Okay, this next bomb is real ..Jesus! That was hella loud, dude; I nearly shit myself. Love Interest:  Language problem, people.  In Somalia we call it Romance.  You Jingo-Military-Imperialist bullies call it rape.  In the end love conquers all (Lindsay Lohan would be perfect; how much did they say the bail would be?) Pathos: When Mohammed can’t come up with the scratch to pay his rent, for some weird reason the Feds-dressed-up-like-al-Qaeda-terrorist-co-conspirators just happen to have the money right here…so, Okay, maybe it wasn’t really sad  after all, but for a moment… He could always sleep in the bomb-van.

A loud boom rocked the hillside.

"How do you feel?" Hussein asked Mohamud.

"I feel good, Allahu Akbar (praise be to God)," Mohamud said.

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