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Radiozine on 12/21/12

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Fri, 12/21/2012 - 11:00am - 12:00pm
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The Nonpocalypse exposed.

Friday is the 2012 Winter Solstice.  There's been years of sensational hype about the date, much based on the Mayan Long Count Calendar cycle and some supposed apocalypse.

But the claims are based on bad archaeology, bad astronomy and bad geology.

Andrew Geller will speak with Kristine Larsen, professor of physics and astronomy at Central Connecticut State University, to debunk the astronomical and physical sciences claims.

Storyteller, mythologist and author Michael Meade will join in to provide background and context regarding apocalypse, apocalypsis (the original term) and why claims regarding 'the end of the world' hold such sway in certain cultures. Michael latest book is Why the World Doesn't End.

With a little luck we'll hear live from either / both David Stuart, the Linda and David Schele Professor of Mesoamerican Art and Writing at the University of Texas at Austin, and Mark Van Stone, a Maya expert specializing in Maya Hieroglyphs and calligraphy.  They would discuss the complete lack of basis in the Mayan calendar system to support any apocalyptic claims this Friday.  If unable live, we will share some previously recorded talks of theirs.



End of the world per the Mayan erroneous calendar

Thank you Andrew, thank you for bringing some sanity to the world with this show!!!! There will be no end of the world, and I suspect that our government wants us to be afraid,be very afraid of? Whatever they can come up with, to keep the people from coming together. There are some people that are prepared to fight their nieghbors. For? If nieghbors don't stick together , we won't make it, in a real emergency. We've seen how people help people when their is a true emergency. Don't be afraid of anything. Reach out to each other and give love,not fear or war.

Only the Creator is in control, not a Mayan calendar.

Wado, thank you, Etsi Yona Tillicum Wawa Program: Thursdays 6-7 pm 


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