'Moon Blues' or 'Where Would Jesus Poop?'

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Mon, 12/17/2012

Where would Jesus poop?



 America discovered the biggest landfill in the universe long ago…What it has not discovered  - yet – YET – is an ad campaign guaranteed to sell the idea to The People.  Yes, yes, The People will buy just about anything, still it is the moon and Americans are romantics at heart…so hmmmmm….this just might work.

 “I wouldn’t say we’re bombing the Moon,” said Maria Zuber, an MIT geophysics professor and the principal investigator of NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) “They’re not bombs, they’re satellites. Satellites are deorbited from the Earth frequently in controlled deorbits, where they land in the ocean as opposed to on land where they could cause harm to people and structures. We’re taking similar steps.”

As the saying goes, “One small step for …” Well you know how it goes.


The two lunar spacecraft being deorbited in this case are named Ebb and Flow. Launched in September 2011, they’ve been orbiting the Moon since January 2012, in tandem (one following the other), circling in a close, low-altitude trajectory, mapping the Moon’s gravitational field more accurately than ever before. (And taking advantage of that gravitational field!)

 But now their primary mission is complete and they’re running out fuel. NASA doesn’t want to leave them orbiting as space junk around the Moon (Oh no.  MASA would rather turn it into ‘Moon Garbage’), and doesn’t want them to crash uncontrolled onto the Moon either, where they run the (admittedly low) risk of colliding with one of the Moon’s numerous historic landing sites, (Like a plastic baggie full of astronaut poop) including the Apollo manned missions and previous Russian unmanned landers.

 So on Friday morning Eastern time, NASA will performed two controlled burns, one for each spacecraft, that will put them on the right path to collide on Monday evening with an area well away from the historical sites, specifically a large crater rim that forms a lunar mountain.


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