Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2012/09/24


September 24, 2012

7:15 p.m. to 9:25 p.m.


Directors in attendance: Paula Small, S.W. Conser (Conch), Kate McCourt, Alicia Olson, Michael Papadapoulos, Lyn Moelich, Marc Brown, Lisa Loving, Judy Fiestal, Ben Hoyne

Directors-elect in attendance: John Mackey, Jeff Kipilman, Damon Isiah Turner

Directors absent: Hadrian Micciche

Staff members in attendance: Lynn Fitch, Ani Haines, Zale Chadwick

Public members in attendance: Yvette Maranowski, Louis Sowa, Rabia Yeaman, Grace Marian, Per Fagerenj, Kurt Lauer


1.      Agenda Approval


Motion to approve the draft agenda.




Motion Carries


2.      August Minutes Approval



Motion to approve the draft August Board of Directors Meeting Minutes.



In Favor: 7

Opposed: 0

Abstain: 2

Motion Carries


3.      FY13 Budget Approval


Background: Each year the board approves an operating budget for the coming fiscal year.  In mid-year, the Finance Committee checks in with the board.  This year the Finance Committee is proposing a balanced budget.  The committee determined that after running a deficit for several years, KBOO needs to become more sustainable.  Significant changes have been made in the past year at KBOO.  There will be no winter pledge drive in FY13.  The development director is working with the underwriting department, the membership coordinator and staff to re-energize KBOO.

Question regarding the $12,000 board led fundraising goal in the budget.  It is not $1,000 per board member but a board led effort.  If the board does not meet that goal then the budget will be a deficit budget.

Lynn discussed the new business partnership program and the Supportlandia card

A suggestion was made that the approval requires a quarterly check-in regarding revenue.


Motion to approve the budget as presented with the addition that the Finance Committee will provide detailed quarterly updates of revenue and expenses.


8 In Favor

0 Opposed

1 Abstain

Motion Carries


4.      Committee Reports


Finance Committee: The committee is pleased to have its proposed balanced budget approved.  The committee is looking for new members.


Programming Committee: There are listener surveys galore.  The programmers’ meeting was a success.  The committee is working on the programmers’ rights and responsibilities.


Personnel and Governance Committee: Many policies and job descriptions have been tabled pending the outcome of the staffing needs assessment and the policy revisions.  The job description of the administrative assistant has been finalized.


Nominating Committee: Elections happened and the committee is now looking forward to the next election cycle.  A suggestion was made to fill the vacant board seat by the October meeting.


Development Committee: No meeting this month but the membership drive is coming.  Andrew and Lynn are partnering on all fundraising matters.  During the coming drive, there will be many remote broadcasts, specials, etc.  There is also a push to increase media partners.  People are beginning to seek out KBOO’s sponsorship.  Collins Grant for archiving is due in October.  The end of the year appeal will go to the printer in October. The Greg Palast event will be held on Wednesday.


Interim Manager’s Report: The interim manager is working closely with the two consultants and supplied them with the information they requested.  The interim manager explained the parameters of the grant to the consultants and got them “into the field” to talk to board members.  The interim manager met with the person who will be doing the staffing assessment.  The goal is to have a report to the board by January or February.


Web Liaison: Lisa will be taking over as web liaison.



5.      New Business



The Board requests that Cindy Cumfer (or other MMT Grant contractor) develop a policy that provides clear guidelines on what constitutes a personal conflict of interest or lack of impartiality on behalf of Board Members with regard to oversight of staff and/or management.



Concern voiced that such a policy should be left to the consultant.


8 In Favor

0 Opposed

1 Abstain

Motion Carries


Motion for the board to enter a closed session.




6 In Favor

3 Opposed

1 Abstain

Motion Carries


(Board entered into a closed session.  The Directors-Elect are asked not to participate.)


(Board ends closed session at 9:20 pm.  No action taken in closed session.)


Adjourn at 9:25 p.m.


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