The Outside World playlist for 10/27/2012

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The Outside World
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 Another night in TheOutsideWorld -

12:02AM-12:03AM (1:58) Negativland “favorite things” from No Business on Seeland

12:03AM-12:05AM (1:26) Negativland “Over the Hiccups” from Escape from Noise on SST (USA)

12:05AM-12:07AM (2:00) Bill Colvig and Lou Harrison “Jhala 3” from Orbitones on Ellipsis

12:07AM-12:11AM (4:20) Arthea “pentatonic” from orbitones on Ellipsis

12:11AM-12:17AM (5:45) Aphex Twin “Bucephalus Bouncing Ball” from orbitones on Ellipsis

12:17AM-12:18AM (1:25) William S Burroughs “calling all active agents” from breakthrough in grey room on sub rosa

12:17AM-12:21AM (4:12) Les Phones “la dance des fourmis excerpt and megalithe” from orbitones on Ellipsis

12:23AM-12:32AM (9:38) Hunter S. Thompson “on the road to las vegas” from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on Margaritaville

12:32AM-12:48AM (15:48) David Amram “honor song for sitting bull” from 3 concertos on newport classic

12:48AM-12:51AM (3:05) Spike Jones And His City Slickers “hi ho my lady” from strictly for music lovers, volume 2 on Proper

12:51AM-12:53AM (1:23) Wendy Mae Chambers “new york new york” from gravikords on Ellipsis

12:54AM-12:55AM (0:56) Proctor and Bergman “the pills brothers on drugs” from tv or not tv on

12:55AM-12:58AM (2:37) The Firesign Theatre “Devilmaster By Infermco” from Boom Dot Bust on Rhino

12:58AM-01:02AM (4:39) The Firesign Theatre “The Good, the Fatt and the Ugly” from Boom Dot Bust on Rhino

01:02AM-01:05AM (3:02) Slim Gaillard “travelin blues” from pictures from a gone world

01:05AM-01:08AM (2:10) Kenneth Rexroth “state & 32nd” from pictures from a gone world

01:08AM-01:11AM (3:15) Coleman Hawkins “picasso” from pictures from a gone world

01:11AM-01:11AM (0:40) Gregory Corso “bomb” from pictures from a gone world

01:14AM-01:16AM (2:15) The DeZurik Sisters “The Arizona Yodeler” from Oxford American 2005 Southern Music CD

01:16AM-01:21AM (5:18) Pigpen “A Portrait of Hank Williams Jr.” from V as in Victim on avant

01:21AM-01:24AM (3:00) Anita Ellis w/David Amram “Crazy Daisy” from Pictures from a gone world

01:24AM-01:27AM (3:00) Bob Dorough “Dog” from pictures from a gone world

01:27AM-01:30AM (2:56) Clara Rockmore & Nadia Reisenberg “the swan” from gravikords on Ellipsis

01:30AM-01:32AM (2:25) Count Basie And His Orchestra “Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball” from baseball's greatest hits on Rhino

01:32AM-01:39AM (6:28) Steve Goodman “A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request” from Baseball's Greatest Hits on Rhino

01:39AM-01:43AM (4:20) Rachel Taylor Brown “B.S. (Beautiful Savior)” from Half Hours With the Lower Creatures on cutthroat pop

01:43AM-01:46AM (2:18) Tom Waits “babbachichuija” from orbitones on Ellipsis

01:46AM-01:49AM (3:43) Van Morrison “If I Ever Needed Someone” from bootleg

01:49AM-01:52AM (2:34) David Byrne “the accident” from look into the eyeball on Virgin

01:52AM-01:54AM (2:22) William S Burroughs “a thanksgiving prayer” from dead city radio on Island

01:54AM-02:07AM (13:17) John Coltrane Quintet & Eric Dolphy “MY FAVORITE THINGS” from the complete 1962 birdland recordings on gambit

02:07AM-02:24AM (16:23) Andy Hosch “les bicyclettes” from bicycles and birds on epifonium

(Somewhere in here, Daniel reads "The 14th Ward" from Henry Miller's Black Spring)

02:24AM-03:06AM (42:16) Andy Hosch “les grands oiseaux” from bicycles and birds on epifonium

03:06AM-03:10AM (3:36) Smegma “percrash” from 33 1/3 on Important

03:10AM-03:15AM (4:55) Smegma “Glossolalia” from 33 1/3 on Important 

03:15AM-03:22AM (7:00) Rachel Taylor Brown “Hemocult/I Care About You” from Half Hours With the Lower Creatures on cutthroat pop

03:22AM-03:23AM (1:14) Rachel Taylor Brown “You're Alright Sorla One” from Half Hours With the Lower Creatures on cutthroat pop


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