A Different Nature playlist for 09/24/2012

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A Different Nature
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On this evening's four hour CAGE CENTENARY finale, members of the 'Different Nature' Collective gathered in the KBOO studios and employed Cagean chance  methods in "composing" a four-hour collage.

More than 60 recordings (CDs & LPs) of Cage's music were divided into four random piles: one pile four each of the four suites: spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. Actually, this operation was only semi-random, as it was decided that because phonograph records are played with a diamond stylus, that diamonds would be their suit. The CDs were equally divided among the three remaining suits. We began by drawing a card from the deck. A corresponding recording was selected based on the draw. For example, if the 8 of hearts were drawn, the 8th CD in the 'hearts' pile would picked, and so on.  

Dice rolls then determined which track would be played.  As the selection process continued, we gradually overdubbed additional Cage compositions.  Two turntables and three CD players were utilized, so up to five pieces could be heard, superimposed, throughout the four-hour work.  Dice also determined how long certain tracks would be played. We didn't allow the longest compositions to play all the way through, thus creating more variety in the "composition".

 When jokers were drawn, we agreed that random portions of last week's ADN, hosted by dj What the!@#%*!  would be played.  Dj What the!@#%*!  has championed the music of John Cage here at KBOO for many years. Here again, dice determined how long these excerpts would be played.

We hope that you enjoy this listening experience as much as we enjoyed making it happen. And we hope that Mr. Cage would have approved...  What do you think?


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