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Wed, 09/19/2012

Strike Farce

In Chicago, the rabble raised its collective rage at lack of childcare - that is afterall whart school has  become in the empty eyes of the isolated consumer - and Rahm Emanuel's haggard army of teachers slogged back to the classroom without the fundamental dignity that they as educators deserve.  Teaching is a thankless task, an underpaid task, a "woman's task" at best.  The Chicago Teachers Union fought the good fight but the massed forces of privatization made it plain: public school treachers are not creatures of substantial value and so are undeserving of decent pay, benefits and the support of the community.

It's the raw materials, stupid....the children are sent to school simply to get them out of the house and off the street. And school is not about education anywayy - under under the shadow of NoChild Left Behind...It's training, that's all.  Not education.  Not inspiring.  Not a playground of possibilities.  It's training because training is what gets a person a job.  and a job begets money and money realizes the True North: consumption.  Neither Republican nor Democratic lawmakers care a whit about educationn - it only serves to make the kids think - unless they can sell it to the highest bidder.


Fierce Stroke

Chris Hedges is the architect of  and 'force majeur' driving a lawsuit against President Obama and his National Defense Authorization Act. Indefinit detention of anyone is bad news for everyone.  Indefinite detention of Americans is a violation of the Consrtitution - not to mention international law.

And as Hedges points out,  from the urgency of the President's response, it would seem that something of the sort has either already happened or is about to happen.  Stack that up beside the targeting of  "anarchists" and the rise of the Grand Jury Jackboot...Let your imagination run with the dogsof Paranoia... The Obama administration says a judge's ruling blocking a statute authorizing the indefinite detention of terrorism suspects has jeopardized its ability to continue detaining certain prisoners captured during the war in Afghanistan, the New York Times reports. In an appeal of the ruling, the government asserted that Judge Katherine Forrest went beyond enjoining the statute - enacted last year as part of the NDAA - and potentially curtailed detention powers it has been exercising for years under its interpretation of the 2001 authorization to use military force.


The motion focused on language used by Judge Forrest that rejected interpreting the original use-of-force authorization as including the ability to detain "substantial supporters" of Al Qaeda and the Taliban, as opposed to people who are actually part of those groups. The judge also called into question the idea that the United States could detain members or supporters of "associated forces" that had no involvement in the Sept. 11 attacks.

 The US is holding about 50 non-Afghan prisoners, most of them Pakistani, at the Parwan detention facility at Bagram

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